On the Set: Home Fires 1940s Fashion Inspiration

While I am working (especially when editing vintage product photos) I like to watch a lot of movies and tv shows. I have a particular fondness for British period shows because I like the story lines and the vintage clothes and period costumes. I was quite delighted when I came across Home Fires, a pre World War 2 period drama set in the English countryside.  This period of clothing is one of my favorites and this show has so many ensembles that cause me to salivate.


There are so many beautiful late 30s jersey rayon floral prints, knits and cardigans in muted tones, smart little tweedy jackets and suits… oh I adore it all so much!

I also really love the theme song composed by Samuel Sim! Have a listen here: Home Fires Theme Song









Not only do I love the clothing (and the hairstyles), there are so many scenes I wish I could jump into! Also, this show has me craving to visit the English countryside something awful… maybe in a couple of years… or next Spring? Hmmm…

These screencaptures are from Season 1, Episode 1 which is the year 1939.

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Vintage Shop Update | Romance of Glenrothes

This week’s vintage shop update reminds me of late summer and early autumn. Which is a bit interesting since the summer season just began! Anyhow, I thought there are people in the Southern Hemisphere who are experiencing Fall and Winter so why not cater to their seasons as much as my current season…


  1. vintage 1960s camel tan margay fur trimmed coat | The Otherwyld Coat
  2. vintage 1970s brown knit I. Magnin dress | Turkish Coffee Dress
  3. vintage 1940s buttercream rayon lace insert blouse | Les Marguerites Blouse
  4. vintage 1930s rose pink knit ensemble set | Romance of Glenrothes Set
  5. vintage 1960s brown orange leaf print cotton skirt | Hemlock and Laurel Skirt
  6. vintage 1960s Vera orange novelty animal print scarf | Autumn Menagerie Scarf
  7. vintage 1930s molded celluloid cameos necklace | Fortune Charms Necklace
  8. vintage 1960s Henry Pollack ribboned cloche hat | Popular Opinion Cloche
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La Vie Adored | The Loveliest Instagrams This Week…

The wonderful world of social media has us (at times) believing that peoples’ lives are always so picture perfect. Of course we know this is far from the truth, however, instead of spreading haterade, let us appreciate the great lengths to which some people go to create their own piece of Heaven. And I mean this in a very loving way. I love seeing the beautiful worlds people make for themselves. It is in some small way getting a peek into their hearts true desires.


Not to say there aren’t Instagram accounts that are nothing but smoke and mirrors and peppered with fluffy words. Those exist too. What is quite wonderful about my own Instagram (@adoredvintage if you care to follow me) is that it isn’t a far stretch from the truth. Of course there is sometimes a mess just off to the side.

But…”Who wants to look at something ugly and mundane when you can instead linger upon something beautiful?”

Ahh.. yes, I know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder… but this is my blog, so obviously my definition is beauty is what will be shown here. And my definition of beauty and loveliness this week are from these accounts…

Top Row: RueAnafel, JennChezDesign, JasmineTartine

Middle Row: TheBurntToastMademoisellePoirot

Bottom Row: Mari_Strenghielm, EstherJeanDesigns, Glebovaanastasia


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In Which Some Truths Are Realized

June so far seems to be rumbling steadily along. The past week has kind of been a blur, I’ve partly been in a daze and have been working longer hours than usual. A few truths about myself have been realized and more deeply seeded. I don’t know if you will view these realizations as negative, but as I get older (my birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks!) I’ve grown to accept certain truths about myself, whether they’re good or not. As Popeye would say “I yam what I yam, and dats what I yam.

Adored Vintage | Vintage Floral Dress

Truth No. 1: I don’t like groups of children together. Call me old fashioned, but I believe children should be respectful towards their elders, strangers, and people in general. Unfortunately I witnessed one too many cases this week of unruly children. And what is even worse is the behavior of the adult in these situations. To respond either by yelling or ignoring the child! It’s awful! Parents that do not control their children in public settings irks me beyond belief! A crying infant on a plane, well there’s not much you can do. But allowing your children to play tag in a grocery store or not tell them to be mindful of other people when they’re holding melting ice cream cones so close to your Edwardian dress…

You know once I told a child “Can you say PLEASE, please?” and he looked at me like I had grown horns and a tail. Manners people! Teach your kids some damn manners!

Perhaps it is because I was raised in a different way. In the Philippines we have titles for those older than us. And if you are introduced to someone older than you, you “bless” them by taking their hand and lightly touching it on your forehead. Similar to kissing the top of their hand, except you just do it on your head.

Truth No. 2: I really like my alone time. And if you interrupt it, I am irked for hours or even the whole day! It might be I am just starting my slow metamorphosis into a grouchy old grandma. I don’t know. For instance, I had plans this week to take a nice little drive through the country for a bit of solitary wandering, listen to birds, lay in a field to watch clouds, and then pick flowers. And every single time I pulled off somewhere, there were already people there! I don’t know why this annoyed me so much. At one point in the car I just cried out with exasperation “Why can’t you all just leave me alone! Go home!

Truth No. 3: I hate being inconvenienced by things that really shouldn’t be inconvenient. I won’t express further because I’m already starting to get a little annoyed just recounting all the irritable things that happened this week.

Truth No. 4: I strongly dislike talking on the phone. Unless I call you (which will be almost never). This isn’t a new truth though. My husband, who is a chatter and without fail calls me every day just to see how my day is. Yes, YES. This is very, very sweet. However, when I am in the middle of writing product descriptions and my brain is elsewhere, chatting on the phone is such a hard yank into another reality. My brain just doesn’t switch that quickly. So, my first reaction is of annoyance (that is, if I do answer the phone.)

All, right… that’s enough realized truths for now because this has become a very WHINY post. Let’s end on a positive note shall we?


I stopped by a new little shop this week and found new additions for my wardrobe. Cream, crochet, and Edwardian. The perfect trio.

I also got two new vintage floral dresses that I adore and will probably wear all summer. I’m wearing one right now (it’s the one I’m pictured in)

I found this missing piece to my sewing machine I’ve been looking for. Huzzah! Let the projets d’ete begin!

My French is improving!

I started to germinate some of my seeds! I started with some Bachelor Buttons. They’re so cute!

My hair is long enough to curl. I’m done cutting it for awhile. I miss my Mermaid locks.

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Vintage Shop Update | Step to It!

It has been quite a long time since I have added new shoes to the shop. Do you care to know why? Well, wether you care or not I will tell you! It is because photographing shoes has always been something I hated doing. However, I have finally found a way of photographing shoes that works for me. VOILA!

Adored Vintage | Vintage Shoes

After trying several different ways of photographing the vintage shoes in the shop, I have settled on this style. While it’s not all together special, it’s quicker than shooting them on my feet or against multiple different backdrops. And so, long live the white backdrop!


The one thing I do like about photographing vintage shoes this way is that it looks entirely my own. I mean, I know other online stores shoot shoes in a similar fashion, but I don’t know of any other online vintage shops! So, a project for Adored Vintage will be to eventually rephotographing all the shoes in the shop so they all look the same. I adore consistency!

Adored Vintage | Vintage Shop Update | Step to It!

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