Nestled Cottage | A Shop Update

Our open house is quickly approaching and we’re steadily preparing the studio (and ourselves) for it! “To Dos” are getting checked off the list, and today we brainstormed another list of different Portland florists, photographers, makers, artists, calligraphers, shop owners, etc. etc. to send an invitation to. You’re invited! Don’t be shy. Come see where we sit and write these blog posts, meet Rodellee, and take photos in our atelier garden. We may even have a swing! If everything goes according to plan.

Anyway, there are lots of great new things in the shop! Black, blues, or neutrals – the palette that has taken over both of our personal closets. Seriously! When the both of us come to work, we typically match because all our clothes are such similar colors!

TWEET_shopupdatevintage 1950s black tulle glitter skirt | vintage 1950s black ivory lace peggy hunt dress | vintage 1970s cream knit cozy cardigan coat

antique1880swoolplaidcapeantique 1880s victorian blue cream wool plaid cape

TWEET_vintage1950sblackivorylacepeggyhuntdressvintage 1950s black ivory lace peggy hunt dress

vintage1930sblackvelvetmauveappliquedressvintage 1930s black velvet mauve applique dress

vintage1940sbrownsuedepeeptoeheelsvintage 1940s brown suede peep toe heels

vintage1950sblacktulleglitterskirtvintage 1950s black tulle glitter skirt

vintage1950sbluepolkadotataffetadressvintage 1950s blue polka dot taffeta dress

vintage1950ssheerrufflebeadedblousevintage 1950s sheer ruffle beaded blouse

vintage1960sfrenchbluewoolcoatvintage 1960s french blue wool coat

vintage1970screamknitcozycardigancoatvintage 1970s cream knit cozy cardigan coat

vintage1990sblackplaidbiasmaxiskirtvintage 1990s black plaid bias maxi skirt

vintageinspiredlightcamelfeltfloppyhatvintage inspired light camel felt floppy hat

vintage1960sblackplaidwoolpendleskirtvintage 1960s black plaid wool pendleton skirt

vintage1960slightcreamgreyplaidcoatvintage 1960s light cream grey plaid coat

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Friday Favorites

fridayfavoritesRecipe: Bundt Cake de Calabaza from La Cocina de Carolina.

‘Tis the season of bundt cakes, and we’ve been really loving them, each molding being so intricate and an art piece within itself. It’s so much fun seeing all the different designs of vintage bundt cake moldings, and their curves and dips being brought out by silky glaze.

Movie: Funny Face (1957) by Stanley Doden

A film featuring Audrey Hepburn (an AV muse) who is discovered as a bookshop employee to then go to France and be a fashion model, all in the 1960s. There is hardly anything more perfect! So many great outfits, and it features an incredible dance scene.

Song: Little Weaver Bird by Molly Drake

Oh, the lovely Molly Drake. If you’ve never heard of Molly Drake, she’s the mother of Nick Drake and never released any of her songs during her lifetime. It wasn’t until the death of Nick Drake that her music was then released and started gaining recognition! Which, is pretty unbelievable from how talented of a songwriter she was. Put on this tune and get lost in her sweet melody Sunday night as you relax and finish up your week.


This week we’ve been really liking romantic hues, lace and embroidered details, and comfortable yet girly fits with a nice flow.

vintage 1950s dusty rose tiered lace cocktail dress | antique 1910s cream silk embroidered camisole | vintage 1950s cream gold beaded cardigan sweater | vintage 1990s carnation print silk floral skirt | vintage 1920s black silk folk embroidered dress | vintage 1930s eyelet lace cream rayon blouse

source: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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The Maiden Florist


A couple weeks ago we got together with our friend Megan Jacob, owner and designer of Wildwood Floral Studio, and photographed her wearing some of our edwardian style pieces and a floral arrangement she designed. Collaborating with friends is always such a treat. We get to catch up amongst doing work we love to do. There is truly nothing better.

Inspired by Dutch still life paintings, it was so serendipitous that the day we decided on, Portland delivered the soft and moody light we love so much. It brings the exact lighting and rich color that is so perfect in Dutch paintings. The prior few days we kept having clear skied, sunny days. I know I can’t complain about a beautiful blue sky, but it doesn’t translate the same as an overcast day.

We did get a late start, and as we raced the sunset, buttoning the millions of buttons and clasping the millions of clasps on a couple of these beautiful Edwardian pieces, we found that the light just got better and better. Did you know that the more difficult it is to get in a dress, the more wealthier the gal who originally owned it was? It means she had to be wealthy enough to have help in order to get dressed in the morning. Can you imagine that? However, although difficult to get on, the look of clasps and buttons are so much more elegant than a zipper.

greysocksgreysocks-3greysocks-18greysocks-11greysocks-21antique 1910s edwardian cream striped sheer gown

greysocks-38greysocks-34vintage 1970s light cream knit shawl with fringe

greysocks-28vintage 1930s dark orange silk velvet gown


Floral by Wildwood Floral Studio

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