I’ve been wanting to learn how to embroider for several months now and I remember before moving to Portland I had promised myself to make time to do all these things I’ve been wanting to do.

Like learn flower arranging (check), learn how to use a pottery wheel (working on this), and learn how to embroider (on it!)

Last week I went to Fabric Depot and picked up several embroidery threads based on a 1940s pressed flower art piece I have. I’ll have to post photos of my progress on my current vintage dress revitalization progress… but for now I wanted to share some really stunning antique and vintage embroidery samples that just have me swooning.

The art of embroidery I feel has long been forgotten by most women. I’ve always thought the idea of it was so romantic and pleasant. I think of being tucked away in a garden cottage with a hot cup of tea nearby and passing a rainy day away with my needle and thread.

Have you ever taken up embroidery? Do you think it’s really old fashioned?


Detail Waistcoat embroidery, suit, 1774-1793, French, silk (source)


Samples of stitches (source)


Antique embroidery from 1797, isn’t this just so exquisite? I adore the colors. (source)

0f771a6672721fa4f9d7e7552586258e 81b029f41982dec75c7020a1f742876cThese two samples are just so amazing! I’ll have to give ribbon work a try eventually! I just think these would be so lovely embroidered along a vintage skirt hem, don’t you think? (source)


Embroidery on a jacket from 1775-1780. Isn’t this just so simple and lovely? I love the touch of the sequins too. (source)



I think my next project will be a monotone embroidery piece. I love how this looks. Would be terrific on a 1920s dress or an Edwardian dress that has a few spots that need to be disguised.

c93de3ef40897c03fb606ac67b0dabacOh my gosh, this is just so gorgeous! Look at the ribbon work, it looks like it’s liquid! (source)


Antique tambour embroidery work on an 18th century satin waistcoat. (source)


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Finally getting back into the swing of regular vintage shop updates and getting into a routine. How long has it been since I’ve moved? (Four months…) And you know, the kind of crazy thing is, as soon as I feel like I’m smooth sailing, things are going to get shaken up again. I just don’t think smooth sailing is in the cards for me.

Anyhow… Lots of new updates in the SHOP this week! And I’ll be adding peeks of what’s coming soon this evening!












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I was trying to come up with a CLEVER title for this blog post and they all sounded equally “not up to par” so I posted all three titles. Any guesses on what this post is all about?

Vintage Plaid and Tartan Inspiration

So once again, Pinterest strikes up inspiration! I came across this Pinterest board all about Plaid + Tartan and thought “Oh, this would be a cool blog post!”

I skeedaddled on over to my vintage webshop and was actually quite surprised how few vintage plaid garments I have considering the shop has been around for a couple of years. I thought about this for a brief moment…why haven’t I been stocking the shop with more plaid? I’m a BIG FAN of this pattern. Then I thought, oh yeah, it’s because I don’t often find plaids I actually like.

And when I do find one I like, I play keepsies. (Bad vintage shop owner, gotta pay them bills!)

Are you a fan of plaid? Are you MAD for PLAID? GLAD in PLAID?

Vintage Plaid and Tartan Inspiration

image credits // all via Pinterest

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