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I just looked and saw that I haven’t written in this blog since August 28th. I realize that is kind of a long time in “ONLINE SHOPKEEPER” world, but well, this is my blog, and I’ll write whenever I want to.

And besides, if I’m not writing anything, it probably means there’s nothing EXCITING going on in my life.

So while there isn’t any exciting SHOP STUFF happening…you know, it’s same old same old…a vintage shop update here, a vintage shop update there, going out on mini buying trips…yadda yadda.

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So lately…nothing exciting or really of note has happened. But, you know what?! I LIKE THAT!

One of the things I really looked forward to about moving to Portland was the sloooowing down of everything in my life.

As Fanny Price from Mansfield Park said “Life seems nothing more than a quick succession of busy nothings.

Adored Vintage | Portland, Oregon

And this very much describes life currently and how I’m very much enjoying this new slowness of busy of nothingness.

I wake up, walk to get coffee or go out and get breakfast with either my fella or my dear friend, Cari. Then I go about the house watering the plants, doing little chores, prepping stuff for work. Weekends and some afternoons have been spent exploring what nature has to offer around Portland or exploring new shops and new restaurants.

My house is still in a state of “I JUST MOVED” and I’ll be honest, the sight of piles of random crap all about does give me small heart palpitations.

In fact, this morning, after breakfast at Sweedeedee, I arrived back home and IMMEDIATELY had to rake all the leaves that started to gather in pockets and corners around the front lawn. Last Thursday we had a rather windy day (which was LOVELY and I opened all the windows in the house and aired the whole place out), and this windy day caused piles upon piles of leaves to drift down from the trees in the front yard.

It really does feel so damn good to do physical work in the gLately | Adored Vintagearden. I have YET to plant anything. CONFESSION. I DID purchase several plants from the Portland Nursery when I first moved being overly ambitious that my green thumb would SURELY start to show itself now that I lived in Oregon…and guess what.

They all DIED. All 12 of them. It’s awful. They’re sitting right below my office window, a row of dead little things. Unfortunately the compost bin is stuffed full with grass clippings and my manic raking of leaves from this morning, but I will get these all thrown out soon. I just KNOW it’s throwing off my feng shui!

Oh, also currently, I’m into feng shui. Last night I spent about an hour researching what different quadrants of my house meant and which walls I need to paint. I have deduced that the chi in my bedroom is COMPLETELY OFF and I must purchase new items AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to fix all that is wrong in the bedroom.

Really, feng shui is my excuse to go buy MORE house stuff. Haha!

I WILL say since moving the full length mirror away from my bed I felt I rested much better last night. You know, mirrors facing you while you’re sleeping DRAW OUT your energy into the mirror. Or is it reflecting the energy so therefore you cannot sleep since energy is constantly being pointed at you. I can’t remember, I’m so new to all this.

So my little chickens, what busy nothingness have you been up to?

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Vintage Lingerie PreviewHere’s a little preview of vintage lingerie and loungewear arriving in the shop soon! There are a few kimonos in this bunch which are so glamorous to lounge around your home in. I’ll be honest, I am no kimono expert. But, I sort of figure you’re probably not either and you just like kimonos because, well, they’re so pretty!

Actually, I was informed by my friend Ashleigh who lived in Japan for a few years, that kimonos are always made of silk and any “kimono” made of cotton is called a YUKATA which is usually worn in the summer and is considered casual wear.


You know, I have to say, I don’t ever consider myself an expert in vintage clothing. I was actually thinking about this while I photographed this rack of vintage this afternoon. I don’t think anyone could be an EXPERT on VINTAGE clothes. There is just SO DAMN MUCH to know!

Every single day I learn something new about vintage and I get so excited about being able to store away that knowledge. Does it always stick, noooo… but then I relearn them. And sometimes relearn AGAIN.





Do I know more about vintage than the average gal, obviously. This IS what I do for a living. Do I know as much as say, Doris Raymond owner of The Way We Wore? No, not at all. Would I like to know how much she knows, HELL TO THE YEAH I do. But, I am also aware she’s been doing this for many decades longer than I have.

I am also quite aware that the best way for me to learn is to TEACH. So, I think I’ll probably start posting some things on this blog all about the things I am learning about vintage so you can learn along with me. Or better yet, TEACH ME something. Also, I am open to being corrected. Just don’t be a dick about it. :)



Which HAS happened and thou shall not be named. But COME ON, we can all learn a little something new everyday and NO ONE knows EVERYTHING, and if you claim you do, then good for you!

OH, and if you are curious: Learn more about the different types of Japanese Kimonos. I know I will be referencing this page when writing my product descriptions for the vintage kimonos available in the shop soon!


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It has been over 3 weeks since I have moved to Portland and it really hasn’t sunk in yet. Perhaps it is because I don’t live right in the thick of things. When we would visit here we always went to the very touristy places off Division, 23rd, Burnside… and now that I am a resident of Portland… I’ve been spending more time at the farmer’s market, Home Depot, and TRYING to navigate WITHOUT my GPS. Without success.

The other day I went downtown and drove by the Portland, Oregon sign. You know the one, the one with the deer on it! The first time I saw it was during November and the city had put a red light on its nose. So, literally, up until…I saw it again, the Summer after, I just thought it was Rudolf.

Ha ha ha. I am easily gullible. And easily amused. Obviously. 

adoredvintage-shopupdate-dresses-01 adoredvintage-shopupdate-dresses-02 adoredvintage-shopupdate-dresses-03 adoredvintage-shopupdate-dresses


I’m waiting for the weather to hurry up and cool down already! And everyone keeps telling me “OH it’s COMING!” But seriouslyyyy… I have not seen an Autumn…like a REAL Autumn in over a decade!!! The anticipation of Fall is making me dislike summer very much.

See, August, this shop update is dedicated to you! An ODE to you, so hurry on up and be over, and let’s get to the pretty changing of leaves already!

By the way, let me just slip on my VINTAGE-PRODUCT-PHOTOGRAPHER hat so I can whine about how annoying it is to redo and get used to a whole new way of shooting product photos when you move somewhere new.

Perhaps it was because last year I moved SO MUCH and had to do this process SO OFTEN, that this time around I was nearly in tears trying to get the lighting right.

The plus side of the new house is that it has lots of beautiful natural light. Unfortunately most of that natural beautiful light is not in the room I had originally dedicated to be the “photo taking” room.

So, in a Tim Gunn “make-it-work” moment, I shuffled off to Ikea to pick up some makeshift studio supplies then drove downtown to a camera supply store to get a couple more supplies.


adoredvintage-vintageshopupdate-aug_02 adoredvintage-vintageshopupdate-aug-01 adoredvintage-vintageshopupdate-aug-03


The truth is, I know most of you wouldn’t even notice the things I get the most antsy about. I’m quite a hard critic on myself and hold myself up to impossible standards on a low budget and without formal training.

I’m a perfectionist to the point where I annoy myself. Well, actually, I’m a perfectionist about CERTAIN things. My desk is never ever tidy. And it will be a cold day in Hell when I can actually keep a manicure for at least 24 hours.



THIS shop update, if you DIDN’T NOTICE, and now I am going to POINT OUT, is shot in two different rooms at different times of the day because I was trying to see which lighting I liked better.

But after redoing several dresses, I finally threw my hands up in the air and possibly yanked some hairs out of my head (just kidding, I’m not CRAZY you guys!) and just posted the shop update with two different tones.

I hope you didn’t notice. But now you will because I TOLD YOU. Le siggghhhh.

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I don’t think you have to be a vintage shopkeeper to relate to this…but I think I have a shopping problem.

There’s just something about that CHANCE of finding a gold mine that keeps me going on to the next, the next, then the next place of looking for vintage for my shop. Well, and lately I’ve been doing a lot of house shopping at estate sales.

I’m not even going to joke you guys, the amount of items I have amassed in the past few weeks makes me kind of sick. Not just in the sense that flies are starting to fly out of my wallet…but the amount of vintage I now have to PROCESS! I have mini knots in my stomach just thinking about it because it’s just so much.

But I frickin LOVE IT so much too!


I was going to photograph the new piles of vintage clothes I have recently acquired, but honestly, I kind of hate pictures like that when other people post it. It’s kind of like “Looook at all the awesomeness that I’ve acquired therefore making me awesome sauce!” (Oh, and yes, I’m aware I’ve been guilty of this on Instagram and I always feel like a jackass after posting it. Which is why I never post photos like that anymore.)

Anyhow, this is suppose to be about my story about my estate sale fail this morning! I arrived with plenty of time and hardly anyone was there! I was on cloud 9, like HAHA SUCKERS I’m gonna get all the loot!!

I was number 6 in line! I was gonna get it all!

BUT NO no noo it was not to be so! I had waltzed into the house thinking there’s hardly anyone here, I’ve got time.

I went to one bedroom and then that’s when I realized…

I MADE THE WRONG CHOICE. It was a dead end.

Since there were not a lot of people there, they just sort of let EVERYONE in at once. The layout of this house was not conducive for this! I got TRAPPED in the room. In the room with bedsheets, tablecloths, and random boxes of fabrics, and clothes I didn’t want. When I finally squeezed my way out, I saw a couple other gals with piles of hat boxes, a huge basket of white cotton and lace blouses, and some purses.

NOoooooo. The walls came in closer. I got short of breath. Little imps circled my head going “Na-na-na-na-nahhhh!”

Well I’ll be damned they had that stuff in the BACKYARD!! Who the heck puts the vintage in the BACKYARD?! That’s where pots, tools, crappy patio furniture, and lawn ornaments go!! Not the VINTAGE!!!

AUGH, and to make matters worse, one of the relatives of the deceased wanted to chat with me about the fur coat I was holding in my arms. (At least I got that!!) And well, yes, any other time, I would have been so glad to have a chat with her about Aunt Dorothy who once owned this coat and how it’s just dyed to look like mink and she adored it so and did I notice the details on the cuffs…



You know lovelies…sometimes you just have to admit defeat. And at this moment, I felt it. In my heart I felt it. Those blouses were not to be mine and too much time had passed that surely they would all be gone. What couple hats were left had mold on them. GROSS.

What clothes were left, literally two pieces, were for babies. Crushed! I was crushed.

On the bright side, I did manage to pick up some new kitchenwares. Oh…side note, seriously, I hardly own anything new in my house. Even my spatulas are second hand!

On another bright side, and this truly did cheer me up, the relative that was talking to me, saw me try on the fur coat later and our conversation went like this:

“Oh, that’s a bit dramatic!”

“Well, sometimes if the occasion calls for it, one should be dramatic!” I remarked snuggling into the coat.

She laughs. “Well, honey, you’re so pretty you can be dramatic whenever you want. When you’re my age, you can’t get away with drama anymore.”

I blushed and said “Oh gee, thanks!” and took the coat off feeling slightly embarrassed.


I headed home, stopped by Heart coffee on Burnside and saw a neon green “Estate Sale” sign. Oh, well I guess I shop stop by this one too!

No clothes were to be had here, but I am starting to notice how SMALL Portland is. I recognized some other dealers/sellers (well, AFTER the fact) at this estate sale. AHh, and I felt like a total crap when one of them said Hello to me after I just met them last weekend at their garage sale. Sorry for seeming so aloof guys, I was so caught up with the craziness of this sale I didn’t even know who I was looking at. AND, arg, that last sentence makes me sound like an ass too.

Ahh, failing all around today! Jeez!

*just a note, the only things in this photo I got from the estate sales this morning are the magazines*

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Oh, please don’t shed a tear when you’ve discovered this ISN’T about the beautiful new set of books I scored called the Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences! I WILL be sharing those little treasure troves of vintage knowledge soon enough!

Those books and a little perusal on Pinterest… OK, I must say something.

I had intended on going on Pinterest to find “closet organization” tips but instead I discovered a board full of absolutely delightful art and many of which depicted women as lovely housekeepers. So, hence this post!


I’m also reading Louisa May Alcott’s “Eight Cousins” and just finished the chapter “Bread N Button Holes” and felt a bit miffed that there are so very, very many things I don’t know how to do. I don’t know how to darn socks! I don’t know how to make button holes! I don’t even know how to bake bread! AND I especially don’t know how to “tend to my linens“! I really like the idea of tending to ones linens…what does that EVEN MEAN!?








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Sense and Sensibility, the 1995 version directed by Ang Lee, is one of my favorites of all the Jane Austen movie adaptations. I just find it all so lovely to look at and the acting is superb and all the characters are likable in their own way. Even that super snotty Mrs. Ferrars!

I know I really quite like a movie when I like everyone in it. I mean honestly, this version is like the crème de la crème of British actors! Well, in my non-movie aficionado opinion. There’s Emma Thompson (adore her), Kate Winslet (before Titanic made her a household name), Alan Rickman (years before he would be Snape), Emma Jones (whom I adore in Bridget Jones’ Diary), and Hugh Grant… just to name a few. It’s also wonderful for me to see all the actors in this setting because I know them from so many other movies. Like Imelda Staunton who plays Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter.


My favorite scenes of course take place in the country cottage where the Dashwood’s must now go live. I ADORE this house. I want to LIVE here. Everything about it. I kept pausing the movie to screencap different scenes. I love how all the colors are muted and faded. But not in a shabby chic sort of way. I love the quaintness of it all, the smallness. Compared to the scenes of the larger estates, I much rather prefer the country settings.





I love the mix of textiles and mostly the lack of color. As you probably have guessed, I love neutrals and soft hues. Their blue and white gingham couch in their living room I adore so much but doubt I could ever go that “country” in my own home. But if I had a room just like this one, then it wouldn’t look so country. I mean, American country, like “shabby chic” country which in my opinion when taken to a certain extent looks really terrible and gaudy.

I always find it funny when I see overly done country interiors. The whole point of country living is that everything is more simple. More sparse. And I think that’s why I adore the settings of Sense and Sensibility so much. It seems quite realistic. But, what do I know. I’m not an expert on period piece movies! Simply, a girl that loves pretty simple things.





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On Sunday I had gone to an estate sale in SW Portland, way up in the hills. I had gone on the last day of the estate sale knowing that most of the really amazing things would be gone, but I just wasn’t in the mood to get up really early and hoist myself up to the sale at 8 in the morning on Friday.

And besides, I decided to go on a wee little vintage hunting expedition on Friday instead!

Which was WONDERFUL.

antique1910sedwardiancreamlaceblouse_etsyantique 1910s Edwardian cream silk crepe lace blouse

The vintage finds on this trip… pretty great although slim pickings, not gonna lie. (If you follow Adored Vintage on Instagram, there are some peeks there!) I drove many, many hours to net the catch I got and every piece was worth it!

vintage1930sblacksilkvelveteveningdress_etsyvintage 1930s black silk velvet ruched evening dress

vintage1930smintgreenblackprintdaydress_etsyvintage 1930s mint green black print day dress

vintage1930syellowrayondresswithleaves_etsyvintage 1930s yellow rayon belted dress with leaves

The drive…oh I felt as if I were driving through a picture book of some sort! To me there is something so exciting about exploring new territories on your own accord. To just have a general idea of where you’re going to go then just drive and go with the flow. I re-listened to some of my favorite The History Chicks podcasts, sang along to my “Sing IT Girl” playlist (catchy pop songs up the wazoo!), and drove like a grandma so I could enjoy the green green green all around me.

One of the shops I stopped I remember walking in and feeling a sense of magic all around. Have you ever done that? You walk in somewhere and just inherently know “Yes…yessss. You GET me.” It was in an old building with large front windows and an arched window above the doors. And all the walls were painted white even the brick. And large pieces of antique dark wood furniture about and marble top tables and perfectly worn in velvet chairs. And this ONE tufted floral chair that I would have happily paid top dollar for but the shop owner gave me that little smile and I knew what that smile said.

Isn’t it lovely? And she’s miiiine. Not for sale dearie.

vintage1940sblacksheersilkchiffondress_etsyvintage 1940s black sheer silk chiffon dress

vintage1940shuntergreensheerbeadeddress_etsyvintage 1940s hunter green sheer beaded party dress

I remember being in this shop and just feeling like it was MY shop. I mean, I KNOW it wasn’t MINE, but that someday I would have a shop just like it. Lots and lots of light, a beautiful sparseness about it, antiques and vintage paired off together that looks inviting and beckons you to “come, sit a spell, try me on, let’s talk awhile.” There was a messiness and a neatness I liked about it. It just felt like home.

I had every intention of stopping at one of the local small town eateries. There definitely were plenty of mom and pop cafes I encountered, but I kept thinking… there IS treasure out there and I MUST get to it before someone else does!

So I shushed my hungry stomach, drank more coffee, and forged on. It wasn’t until 6:30 PM that I realized I hadn’t had anything to eat but toast and two cups of coffee so I was famished and well, I succumbed to eating McDonalds because it was convenient and I was starting to get lightheaded.

vintage1960spastellaceminidress_etsyvintage 1960s pastel lace mini dress

vintage1970svividfloralcottonsummerskirt_etsyvintage 1970s vivid floral cotton summer skirt

vintage1980screamcardiganwithtulips_etsyvintage 1980s cream cardigan with tulip detail

Dammit! When I think of those pressed paninis and fresh baked pies I passed up! I’m stuffing my face with salty french fries (oh WHY Whyyy do you have to be so good french fries?) and head on back to Portland, the trunk of my car happily filled with lots of antique and vintage goodies which will be unveiled to all soon enough!

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Antique Botanical Print // Adored Vintage

There’s a little piece of me that jumps with glee whenever I come across vintage and antique botanical prints. I wish I had multiples of these beautiful pages to make a wallpaper of them in the new house. Aren’t these just lovely?! And I think I adore them more so because it’s photographed on a dark background and I really love contrast like this.

These botanical prints are from Antique Foliage on Pinterest and originally from this amazing website called Bio Diversity which has a whole lotta of antique botanical and biology books available to peruse online! Which means I’ve been on this site for hours…

Antique Botanical Print // Adored Vintage Antique Botanical Print // Adored Vintage

Antique Botanical Print // Adored Vintage

Antique Botanical Print // Adored Vintage

Antique Botanical Print // Adored Vintage Antique Botanical Print // Adored Vintage

Antique Botanical Print // Adored Vintage

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It has almost been TWO full weeks of living in Portland and guess how many people I have visited/met up with?!

Did you guess ZERO?

Then cookies for you because you’re right!

I’m not exactly “shy” nor am I really the “quiet” sort. However, when I meet new people I get really nervous and anxious therefore I end up chattering about a whole lot of nonsense giving off the impression that I am extroverted and enjoy being around people.

Ahh sorry that makes me sound kind of rude. It’s not that I don’t ENJOY being around people. It’s just being around people (especially new people) makes me kind of fret and I overcompensate with really stupid jokes (THANK YOU in advance for laughing at them when we DO meet up by the way), asking you banal things like “Did you enjoy yesterday’s weather?” and goodness knows what else.

Any of you other gals like me? Talkative introverted types? The sort that once you DO get me in my comfy zone (you’ll know I’m in “comfy mode” because I sit indian style in public *gasp*) I just DON’T SHUT UP.


Anyhow, I don’t know where ALL THAT came from, I was going to focus this post mostly on my beautiful new Chippewa boots! Aren’t they just the most gorgeous pair of boots you have ever seen?!

OK, back story.

I have been in search for a pair of vintage lace up leather boots from the 1900s, maybe late 1800s for FOREVER and a day. Do you know how often I go to flea markets? How often I go to antique shops? How often I troll Etsy and Ebay for these magnificent boots?

I haven’t been able to find them! And if I do find a pair they are either WAY too narrow (seriously, what kind of feet did women at the turn of the century have?! So skinny!) or the leather is cracked, or they’re super gorgeous but also super expensive. Or, the boots are so damn skinny I can’t fit my calves into them and I don’t even have FAT calves! They’re quite normal sized!




So when we (my fiancé and I) found out Chippewa was releasing a women’s line of boots based on antique and vintage ropers I about peed my pants when I saw the line up. This was LAST WINTER you guys! I’ve been waiting for these damn boots for almost 3 THREE seasons!!!

Now these babies are all mine. If you want to get yourself a pair, my fiancé’s shop ORN HANSEN has a few pairs left! Isn’t it snazzy that his shop is the only retail shop in America to carry these!? That’s like VIP STATUS, right? Or VIB…Very Important Boots. The only other place you can get them is a few retail shops in Japan. So… 



OOO GAaahhh…isn’t the color just so gorgeous? And these are going to break in so so so beautifully! I’ve actually been wearing them around the house and around the yard to break em in a bit more before it’s really boot season in Portland. They’re sitting right next to me. I keep looking at them.


Hello boots. Yes, yes, you’re very pretty. Yes, of course, of course… you’re my favorite.

| outfit details |

Vintage 90s Button up knit top | Thrifted
Vintage 90s Skirt | Consignment Shop
Vintage 1930s Necklace | Antique Shop
Socks | Richer Poorer from Orn Hansen
Chippewa 8″ Lace Up Roper Boots | Orn Hansen

*** I kept thinking this outfit was missing something… a HAT! But since I wear hats in nearly every outfit photo, I went without and just added it in my snazzy still life shot.

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As a gal who operates an online vintage shop, work never really stops. Take today for example. I woke up around 7:30 (that’s PRACTICALLY sleeping in you guys!) and laid in bed thinking what I should do today. It’s Monday, it IS a work day.

There is this past week’s vintage finds and Saturday’s estate sale to launder. Oh but before I do that I HAVE to go get a clothesline! But before I do that I HAVE to go get coffee! And before I do that I HAVE to take Redford out for a walk. And then water the plants. It’s going to be hot as heck today!

After I run morning errands I get to laundering! Now, I have to tell you, I really quite enjoy hand laundering vintage. It’s like the grosser the water gets the more gleeful I am about it! I swear it’s only a feeling vintage sellers get! It’s an odd HIGH that just rushes to your brain…like “Ooooo my Gawwwwwd look how nasty the water is!!!” And it makes you feel totally triumphant! Huzzah! I am amazzzing at laundry!


By the way, these outfit pics are from yesterday. I wanted to dress up because it was Sunday and I was going to the Montavilla Farmers Market for the first time. I don’t know WHY I wanted to dress up for my first farmers market in the neighborhood, but hey, sometimes I invent special occasions to wear kinda dressy 1930s dresses. I can’t just wait for people to have parties, and I never get invited to parties anyway!

That evening I treated myself to a dinner at Tasty & Alder in downtown Portland. BTW. Are you the kind of gal that will go out to a super popular restaurant and dine by yourself? (If so, join the club!) And people kind of just look at you and wonder why you’re all alone. During solo dinner time my iPhone is my best friend and everything on it is VERY fascinating (like level 63 in Candy Crush!)


I think the gal next to me pitied me a bit. She kept offering her and her boyfriend’s food for me to try. Which was very kind of her and it’s also something I would totally do if a lonely looking gal was sitting right next to me and my fiancé. But, really, I don’t want to try the green beans. Thank you!

She also tried to start a conversation a couple of times. Which is finnne but I kind of just wanted to play Candy Crush and also eavesdrop on their conversation because it was VERY entertaining.



Remember that Dane Cook bit about the couples “nothing fight” Well this couple was having a “nothing passive aggressive fight” and I was trying NOT to grin about it! It was just so silly and funny! Something about the red wine and then the bill and dessert and who got to pick the movie last time.

And then the table next to me was a group of two couples visiting Portland and they were chattering on about how rad Portland is. And I wanted to lean in and slip in something like “Oh yes yes isn’t it great…AND also I live here.”

If you ever see a gal (or a guy) dining out by himself, she/he is probably making up all sorts of things about you and trying to listen in on your conversation. Because when you solo dine there’s no one to entertain you or converse with you, so one must entertain oneself!

| outfit details |

Vintage 1930s polka dot dress | antique shop
Vintage Stetson hat | can’t remember, probably from a thrift store in Arizona
Vintage bag | Buffalo Exchange (I think)
Vintage locket | antique shop
Vintage 1930s silk slip | buying appointment
Vintage Salvatore Ferregamo shoes | my friend’s airstream vintage shop, Blossom Vintage

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