It has been an absolutely beautiful weekend in Portland and I have been slowly getting back into the swing of things as the dust settles around me of all the past craziness this Spring.

Does the dust ever settle though? We now live in an age where we are continuously stirring the pot and nothing ever rests.

I thought perhaps Sundays should be a day of reflection and inspiration. I am taking 15 minutes to just share what has been inspiring me lately in the vintage world. So, perhaps, go grab yourself a cup of tea, some biscuits, and just peruse through these lovely images.

Sunday Vintage Inspiration | Christian Dior 1947

The accordion pleat on this black dress is absolutely stunning and of course I just adore that silvery blue grey color on the other dress. source: Christian Dior, 1947

Sunday Vintage Inspiration | Wall of Blooms

In some ways this image reminds me of the Christian Dior image above. Maybe it’s the shape of her dress. Isn’t that orchid covered wall the most amazing thing you’ve seen? source: Wall of Blooms

Sunday Vintage Inspiration | A Simple Life

My heart just alights looking at this image. Did you know I partly grew up on a farm? Granted it looked nothing like this. I spent most of my childhood summers on my grandfather’s farm in Carcar, a small village on the island of Cebu about 2-3 hours from the main city. It was a farm surrounded by rolling hills, rows upon rows upon rows of palm trees and banana trees, and acres of rice fields. source: A Simple Life

Vintage Sunday Inspiration | Kentucky Derby Style

With the Kentucky Derby in our midsts, I had to share this delight photo. Ins’t her 1950s polka dot dress so wonderful? Sometimes I get so nostalgic for the times when women wore hats and gloves. source: Kentucky Derby Style


Vintage Sunday Inspiration | Sit A Spell

I think many of us long and wish for moments such as this. To be somewhere sun dappled, tucked away, and quiet. Across the way having a wonderful conversation with a friend or your loved one. I treasure such times like these so much. Those every day life moments when you are called to pause, reflect, and drink it in slowly. source: Sit A Spell

Vintage Sunday Inspiration | Time Stood Still

This photograph just really touches me. It almost makes me cry. I probably could cry honestly if I didn’t have to be out and about in a few moments. The way the light is shining, all those happy plants, those wonderful textiles. I adore this so very, very much. I would very much like to spend an entire afternoon in this room listening to the birds chirping (because I ASSURE you there are birds chirping), having a nice cup of rose tea, and eating slices of freshly baked sweet bread. source: Time Stood Still

Vintage Sunday Inspiration | Dear Mother

A pure, beautiful, and magical moment between a mother and her wee babe. I don’t share too much personal information on here, but this image is one those that really cuts straight to me. I won’t divulge because this really isn’t the place… but the fibers of my being are bathed equally in happiness, sadness, hope, and longing because of this antique photograph. We all have those fragile tender areas in our hearts, and mine in more ways than I will probably care to admit revolved around the word Mother. source: Dear Mother

Vintage Sunday Inspiration | Clothesline

I truly get so much joy and peace from hand washing vintage clothing and seeing it on the clothesline in our backyard. There is something so lovely about seeing fabric slowly dancing in the breeze with the sun speckled over the grass. source: Vintage Clothesline

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Well, I’m not quite sure if anyone actually reads my little ole vintage blog.

*knock knock*

Hmmm…you could hear a pin drop.

Well, anyhow, I’ll just pretend that loads of you care about this blog and all the dandy fanciful things I have to say. Or perhaps not, oh well, what does it really matter.

I rarely read blogs these days anymore as I feel instagram has taken over any semblance of journal writing. I have tried to write in an *ACTUAL journal and so far have written a few times this month.

DAHHHHLING I have been B U S Y.

Of course if you follow me on Instagram you will now know I am now officially a MRS. Have I the energy to tell all about the wedding? The planning or lack thereof. The stress. Real or imagined. The family politics.

I’m never one for getting my panties in a bunch, so when the going gets tough I usually ask myself “Is all this STRESS and DRAMA really WORTH it?”

Goodness, I can’t stand fidgety buggers. Stress drones. Whatever you want to call them. Anytime I’m around anyone of this sort I instantly begin to build mental walls up around me and strategically map out my exit plan.

And when I MYSELF start to morph into these vile creatures I have nearly mastered the art of putting a mirror up to oneself and saying “GIRL. GET. IT. TOGETHER.”

At some point I shall divulge in the lovely details of our wedding. Because, at the end of the day, it went exactly as we wanted (or the closest to it) and I was one very happy, very much in love bride.

I will of course share in all of the wonderful tales of restoring my antique wedding gown and reconstructing my wedding veil from a 1920s bridal veil. I so badly wanted to share in all of this much sooner than now, but my now husband was absolutely adamant about not seeing ANYTHING about my bridal wardrobe.

More on that later.

And since we’re on a quick pace recap of everything else…

Our brother shop (my other shop) Orn Hansen, is now up and open in Portland, Oregon. I work there most days of the week (for now anyway) so if you’re in the beautiful city of Portland that I am so happy and proud to call my home, please come by and visit! Bring me pastries. I will love you forever and give you a discount.

I really ought to tell you more about the joys and agonies of opening up a brick & mortar store. I’ve always loved those TELL ALL books/documentaries. Everyone should air out some of their dirty laundry once in awhile.

Just don’t air out other peoples dirty laundry. It’s not your place to tell. And it makes you a jerk.

Sometimes gals and guys come into the shop and they ask “How’d you do it?” with a glazed look on their face. And I’m like “What do you mean HOW. I just damn did.”

I’m kidding. There is actually a really long list of HOWS and probably an even longer list of SHOULD HAVES that we haven’t gotten to yet or don’t know we’re suppose to do.

Well my adorable little chickens, I am nearly at the point of collapse (just kidding, I just don’t feel like blabbing on anymore and would rather waste an hour of this evening on Pinterest), and must sign off.

Thanks for reading!

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After months of waiting, we finally got to move into our new shop space in Portland! It’s been a long time since I’ve really digged into what our shop will be all about. I think last time I wrote about it we didn’t even have a shop name.

So, let’s get through the first round of basics.

The name of the new shop: Ro & Ro General Merchants

Now, perhaps you are wondering where the name stems from. Oh wait, you weren’t? Too bad, I’m telling ya anyway!

My name is Rodellee, my fiancé is Robby. Ro and Ro. I know. SO clever. 

The shop is located in: SE Portland in the Clinton neighborhood. We love this area. Our favorite breakfast place (Cafe Broder) is just across the street!

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Merchants

As you may have read in this post that I am not opening up a vintage shop. I adore vintage (duh, it’s kind of the name I chose for my shop) but I love so much more than just vintage. I love clothes in general, products that make me feel pretty and wares that make my home more cozy and beautiful. I’m not exactly sure what shop to compare Ro & Ro to because I’ve never come across it yet. Similar things yes, I’ve seen plenty of general type stores that also sell vintage. But where’s the bit of fantasy, the whimsy, the bit of dreaminess?

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

We just started moving a few pieces into the shop, so it’s very sparse at the moment. There are some simple build outs to do and then we need to build a dressing room. After that we will just be decorating. My favorite part!

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

I always love before and after photos, so this is why I am sharing so many before pictures! It’s nice to look back and think “My, how far we’ve come, look how we’ve changed!”

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

Holding “Clemence”. I’m hoping a year from now Clemence is thriving and still alive. If not, at least we got a cool picture together.

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

Ta-dah! JAZZ HANDSSSS. Me and my love (aka Ro & Ro) I’m really looking forward to showing this photo to our kids someday and saying “Look, this is when Mom and Dad opened up their dream shop and soon after became bajillionares.

Just kidding.

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

A fresh start. A blank slate. And those gorgeous vintage shop windows and the original exposed wood ceiling. Simple concrete floors. Lots of natural light (there is a skylight on the other side of the shop) And the shop has stairs that lead up to my office. I really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect shop space! I love it so very very much!

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