1940s Vintage Hats from Women’s Weekly Australia

Today’s feature from the wonderful Women’s Weekly Australia archives are all focused on hats! Oh, how I do wish women still wore hats! These Autumn hats are all so so wonderful!

Vintage 1940s Hats

Vintage magazines and catalogs are a wonderful resource for learning more about vintage! I love that these have descriptions of each hat and the name of the style of hat.

Pancake Beret (purple with green bows and flowers), Pillbox with “Snood” of Velvet Ribbons, A Double Beret…

Oh, I just realized the last picture is actually for summer hats. Australia is in the other hemisphere and these are from a November issue. Oops! Although, I do think these felt/wool hats would have been quite all right to wear in the Fall.

Vintage 1944 Autumn Hats

Vintage 1944 Autumn Hats

Image Credits: Women’s Weekly Australia

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