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Vintage Inspired Outfits | Speckled Autumn

Vintage Outfit Ideas / Layered Looks

Have you gals noticed I’ve started shooting dresses showing the full dress form again? I used to shoot products like these quite a long time ago when my shop was called something different (when it was Adore Vintage, and not ADORED Vintage)

The wonderful thing about the new way I’m shooting products is I am inspired again to do outfit ideas! I haven’t done these in YEARS!

Speckled Autumn

Coat | Vintage 1950s Balcony Views Jacket / $168
Dress | Vintage 1950s Softly Loving Dress / $168
Necklace | Vintage 1930s Fortune Charms Necklace / $108

See all the other LAYERED LOOKS outfits over on the shop!

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In Which I Confess I’m A Little Nuts

I don’t deny I have a mild case of OCD. The cogs in my brain are constantly turning. Spinning, whirring, overheating a lot of times. When someone suggests to me that I should relax and take it easy my initial reaction is to roll my eyes. Like how could I possibly relax? Don’t you realize how many things there are to be done and how many things I want to do, and of course the have to be done and need to be done?


Ok, I’m going to be candid and honest for a bit. And give me a brief moment to inflate my ego (I very rarely pat myself in the back, so even writing this out is kind of a knee jerk for me)

I KNOW I’m good at what I do. I know my product photography is great and the way I present the vintage wares on my site looks like a professional team did them. I know for a vintage e-commerce shop, Adored Vintage is one of the best.

I say this with pride but also with a funny taste in my mouth. I am my hardest critic. If you find 1 flaw on my website, trust me, I’ve found 50. I don’t know if other people go through my website and grumble about how some photos are better than others.

Or the fact that all the vintage necklaces are photographed so many different ways. (OMG, this drives me nuts!)

Or in some photos the colors are off. Or the dress form is kind of crooked. Or I started cropping product photos at a slightly different dimension so some of them don’t line up. I’m getting all antsy just thinking about it. Arg.

I’ve accepted that I like things to be a certain way and get irritated when they’re not. It’s what makes me good at what I do, but also something that really annoys me about myself because it takes me twice as long to get things done sometimes.

When I was younger I would rewrite my school notes because my handwriting was too terrible in the notes. I mean, what if someone wanted to borrow them and they would think:

Jeez Louise, I can’t even read this! Who wrote this? A caveman?

Sometimes when I’m critical of others I am aware that its stemming from my own self critiques. It’s exhausting to be in a constant state of “Get better, get better, get better.

I am realizing I can’t take on too much. I can’t do it all at once, and it’s always going to be a process. Organizing the vintage studio by decade was a huge undertaking this week and I’m still working on the last bits of it. Now of course I’m working on slowly (but surely) rephotographing the vintage jewelry so it’s all cohesive WHILE ALSO updating the shop with new products.

It thrills me to no end to see everything photographed exactly the same way. I’m literally grinning right now at the thought of them all on the website looking the same way. EEeek… why does that make me so excited? (Because I am a weirdo!)

Oh jeez, I hope you didn’t just waste 10 minutes of your life reading this super boring post. But, you know, if you really wanted to know some of the inner workings of my brain as a vintage seller, then well here it was!

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Vintage Shop Update | Accoutrements

I’ve never been a big fan of shooting vintage accessories for the shop, I think because it requires so many set up changes as opposed to shooting vintage clothing on a dress form.


However, I spent all Saturday gathering some of my favorite springtime accessories and photographing them and prepping them for the shop. And so, today, on the last day of February, I present to you… accoutrements vintage edition!


Vintage Handbags & Purses

vintage 1930s silk rainbow striped pleat purse / vintage 1930s deep orange knitted frame bag / vintage 1950s needlepoint floral frame bag / vintage 1950s cream floral tapestry frame purse

And the vintage hats department got a bit of an update… I’m back to shooting on the hat stand and mannequin head again.


vintage 1920s black velvet embroidered cap


vintage 1930s straw hat with navy blue ribbon


vintage 1930s straw hat with pastel straw flowers


vintage 1980s straw hat with large black bow

And there are a few really beautifully printed silk scarves… I adore scarves! I really hope gals wear them more often. I wear them year around usually around my neck but in the Summer and Fall they are great for wearing as a head cover.


Vintage Scarves

vintage 1960s Vera peach wheat print long scarf / vintage 1940s white silk bright floral print scarf / vintage 1950s silk novelty ballerina print scarf / vintage 1950s yellow silk dandelion print scarf

I also added two beautiful Victorian era beaded reticule bags. I am not as well versed on antique accessories as I am on more modern ones (and even then, accessories in general I’m pretty dusty on as far as knowledge) but jeez louise these beaded beauties take my breath away! The detail work is magnificent and they are in mucho excellente condition!


antique 1800s victorian white cream beaded reticule / antique 1890s-1910s Victorian black beaded reticule

And lastly… a couple pairs of dainty ladies gloves… I know it’s not really the norm to wear gloves these days, but these are really super charming and you can wear them to your next tea party!


vintage 1950s white sheer embroidered ruffle gloves / vintage 1950s white leather eyelet gloves

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Working From Home and The Latest Going Ons

Adored Vintage Atelier Inspiration

As slow as August seemed to past (or did it pass quickly? I don’t even know?) September is chugging through like a mad train. This past year that I have reverted back to working from home and running Adored Vintage from my house has given me newfound knowledge that I simply just cannot work from home.

Adored Vintage Atelier InspirationWhile there are perks of working from home (wearing vintage slips as workwear attire), I found there were more cons. Or actually distractions while working at home.

For one I was always reminded of OTHER things I could/should be doing. Dishes in the sink. Laundry. Work in the yard. Sweep the floor. Vacuum. Watch episode of The Bachelorette… (p.s. this moody image  the dress forms literally makes me want to cry, I wish I knew the original source, someone uploaded it on Pinterest)

Work Life and Home Life have been smashed into one messy circle where there was no clear end for one thing and no clear beginning for the other. As you know I had a separate work studio back in California so I’ve had the experience of having work and personal life be separate. The biggest con I can think of for having a separate work/home environment was I barely left my workspace.

When I’m “IN THE ZONE” I am fully entrenched, elbows deep in whatever project I was wanting to do.

Adored Vintage Atelier Inspiration

Working from home I’ve gotten a little lazier. My productivity levels plummeted. It is difficult to be motivated to photograph pictures of dresses when it is sunny outside and when you know you could be tending to the rosemary and hydrangea in the backyard. Also my house is a wreck of clothes almost all the time. It’s taking over most of the rooms.

And so the decision has been made that I will be getting a new workspace again soon (which I alluded to in THIS POST). Work and Life will be separate again. I tried working from home for a year and my business barely grew. Instead I feel it became stagnant, stale. And who the heck wants stale vintage?!

Not this gal!

I am looking at a couple of spaces on Tuesday and hopefully a few more the rest of the week. Wish me luck ladies (and gents? Do guys even read my girly vintage blog?) I will be sharing the journey of finding a creative studio/atelier for Adored Vintage in the city that I love, Portland here in this blog!

All images in this post are from Pinterest which I’ve gathered into this board: Adored Vintage Atelier Inspiration (lots more ideas there… which will actually come to fruition?)

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Officially 2 Years!

Vintage Dress forms Adored Vintage

The time has gone by so quickly that I just remembered that it’s officially been TWO YEARS since I went FULL TIME with Adored Vintage. And goodness, has it been a journey! 3 studios, 3 apartments, a dog, a fiancé, an out of state move. So much has happened in two years!

When I left my job at a clothing production company in LA I never really thought about where I wanted to go with all of this. I just knew I wanted to do it. (I’m STILL trying to figure it out!) All I know is that it’s MOSTLY all been fun.

There’s been some financial hiccups which I’m pretty sure could have been better worked out IF I had finished getting my degree in business! BUT, the offer to live in Europe was FAR TOO TEMPTING and I chose that instead of finishing college.

Live and learn my friends. Every day.

I think the most exciting thing for me right now is the possibility of evolving. I always want to be growing, to be learning, to be a little bit better today than yesterday.

I get asked sometimes for business advice. Young women ask how to start their own vintage shops. How do I do it. What’s my secret. I don’t have any. Ok, maybe a couple. But mostly…

I’ve learned almost everything on my own through lots of trial and error. I’ve had the support of loved ones. I have a background in web development and graphic design (which has been very handy). I truly believe in the power of Google and Youtube tutorials (it’s pretty much how I learned Photoshop). I sometimes work non stop for days then don’t work for the rest of the week (learn to enjoy days off so you don’t get burn out). I have lots and lots and lots of ideas.

Where will Adored Vintage be in two years. Where will I go, where will I be? It’ll be fun to go back and read this entry when it’s been 4 years and maybe I’ll be sitting in my office about to enjoy a cup of coffee and guess who walks through that office door…

Maybe my vision will be right. I see a glimmer of it. And it makes me so very, very happy.


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