A Brief Stroll Through Laurelhurst


After working at the shop today (the other shop) I quickly grabbed a bite for dinner and decided to go for a walk in Laurelhurst. When I first moved to Portland I spent several mornings at Laurelhurst Park with a white paper bag containing a pastry and a small cup of coffee to go. I would sit at this bench right by the lake and watch the ducks swim around and listen to the breeze rustling through the trees. I absolutely treasured those moments of solitude and this evening I wanted a piece of that back.

portland-laurelhurst-1 portland-laurelhurst-2

Since I’ve decided to start blogging more regularly again (as of yesterday), that means I’m toting my camera around a lot more. People sometimes give you funny looks when you carry around an SLR camera. Maybe they’re thinking “Jeez, why doesn’t she just use an IPHONE? Get with the times lady!


Portland has some absolutely beautiful homes! I’ll often drive around and nearly clip parked cars as I crane my neck to I admire paint colors, gardens, or even the way the light is playing across someone’s lawn. So this evening, instead of walking through the park, I walked through the neighborhood of Laurelhurst and sighed several times over.

portland-laurelhurst-5 portland-laurelhurst-6

This brick house I am especially fond of. My heart pangs a little, I get a bit short of breath, and I’m quite sure drool is escaping my lips. I just imagine only wearing floral 1930s dresses and straw hats, waving hello to our neighbors (who honestly do not have a house as grand!)

 “Hello! Oh hello, there! Oh yes,  why yes, THIS is my house! Won’t you pay me a visit?”


As much as I adore grand old homes, I also love the creaky falling apart looking ones too. I’m such a sucker for any house that has wisteria growing on it. I love how this had one growing on to the second floor terrace. I mean, for the house’s sake they should really cut that back so it doesn’t start to tear down the patio…but it sure looks pretty.


portland-laurelhurst-7 portland-laurelhurst-8

Another reason to love Portland? There’s grapes that just grow off someone’s yard into the sidewalk. GRAPES you guys. Just on their front lawn! Well, honestly seeing food growing in someone’s yard isn’t that uncommon. I passed several yards with squash, onions, kale… people in Portland really love to garden!

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