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Adored Vintage moved into the new work studio back in mid October and it feels both like yesterday and also years ago. At first I wanted everything to be quite minimal… However, the truth eventually surfaced. (That I’m a HOARDER!!)


I have way too much vintage inventory to ever truly be a minimalist. Unless I had a really giant warehouse, but it would prove most inconvenient to go from one end to the other. I just can’t do it for the sake of cool minimalist interior posts on Instagram!


Honestly, it is MUCH easier to fake minimalism than it is to actually be a minimalist. As my friend Chris would say “GIRL, T–r-u-s-t!

This week we started to bring the remaining (i.e. MOST) of the inventory from my house to the studio. And as much as I have loved a somewhat minimalist office, the time has come… to just let it be. Let it be pretty. Let it be messy. Let it be bursting with antique and vintage clothing!

adoredvintage-studiotour-5 adoredvintage-studiotour-4



And so…I welcome you to give the studio a little glance…

This is the for reals reals studio tour where I didn’t clean a damn thing. Style a tabletop photo. Or sort clothes in eye soothing color schemes.

Ignore the small piles of messy. It’s all pretty anyway. Pretend like you don’t see the ugly electric wires and the mismatched hangers… because despite my attempts at buying out IKEA of all of their wooden hangers, I just never seem to have enough.





And now you see, what most of the studio looks like MOST of the time. I know I will share more photos later! I hope you enjoyed the quick little visit to Adored Vintage HQ in Portland!


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  1. Well I have to say, I kept waiting for the clutter and the chaos…and I didn’t see it! I agree with your friend Chris – trust! What you’ve shown here and what you’re talking about is all wonderful and interesting and can be part of a perfectly ‘you’ brand. Authenticity is everything in business these days, so I think you can leave the cool minimal curated to other vintage girls and revel in your love of shambolic antique mess. 🙂

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