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antique Victorian white lace high collar blouse


vintage 1920s yellow sheer crepe lace flapper dress

I’ve been in Portland for almost a whole week! And may I just say, I am in LOVE with her. This morning I walked to Bipartisan Cafe and spent a good long while admiring the tree lined streets, the abundance and variety of flowers in my neighbors’ yards, how blue the sky was. I snapped photos to send to some of my friends back in California and I really wanted to write “Aren’t you so super jealous that I am walking around here?!”

Last night I tried to go see Mood Indigo in downtown Portland. I am talented at very many things, but using my iPhone to navigate is not one of my best skills. In fact I’m still old school and look up directions to places before I go so I have some sort of idea as to where I am going. I don’t know WHAT was happening downtown, but it was MADNESS and I missed the movie because I spent 25 minutes driving around trying to find a parking spot.

But I didn’t even get annoyed! I was just like OH WELL, I guess I’ll drive around and get lost a bit and maybe will discover new places to try. See what I mean? I wasn’t even mad at Portland for not having any parking to go see a movie at the dinner theater. If this were in Los Angeles a stream of obscenities would have flowed out of my mouth as I shook my fist at the sky shrieking “DAMN YOU LA! Damn you!!”

I warmed myself up a biscuit from Bob’s Red Mill, set out some butter and honey, and read a couple chapters of Louisa May Alcott’s “Eight Cousins.” The curtains were lightly dancing with the morning breeze, Redford was curled up by my feet…life is good.

This is one of the things I absolutely looked forward to the most about getting out of California… a slower paced life, taking time to enjoy the little things. After breakfast I did a bit of unpacking then started the work day. Then did more unpacking… this will probably be what my days will be like for the next few weeks.


antique 1910s white cotton lace over jacket


vintage 1920s yellow green celluloid deco necklace


vintage 1930s celluloid yellow bow brooch


vintage 1930s cream plastic floral cluster brooch


vintage 1950s blue blossoms pleat sundress


vintage 1970s lace crochet button up blouse


vintage 1970s muted pastel floral wrap dress


vintage 1970s yellow indian cotton boho blouse


vintage 1980s silk dolman sleeve lingerie robe

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