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Adored Vintage Shop Update

I am thoroughly enjoying the change of seasons. The other day I was so excited to go rake leaves! Am I aware the novelty of THAT will wear off…yes, of course! But how fun is it to be excited about doing something so trivial!

To say the adjustment to living in Oregon has been good is the smallest of it. I drive around the city thinking to myself “I can’t believe I GET to live here!” I can honestly say I never felt like that about any other place I’ve lived in. Contrary to my Instagram account, it’s not a perfect city. I have some annoying neighbors that like to yell at each other at 2 in the morning and there’s literally a throng of children who run around shrieking outside across the street. I know, I know… they’re just BEING KIDS but pipe it down you young whipper snappers!

Vintage sweaters at Adored Vintage

Vintage 1950s coat from Adored Vintage

Vintage 1950s dress from Adored Vintage

Vintage hats at Adored Vintage

Anyway… last week/this week’s shop update is a little bit of summer, a little bit of fall, and a wee bit of winter. Oh, by the way, the fur collared 1930s coat caused a lot of heads to boil over on Instagram! I couldn’t believe how much hate I was getting for posting this! It’s VINTAGE. Oh, also, I don’t know if you’re aware, but I didn’t KILL it myself. Also, it’s called recycling. Also, if you have NOTHING NICE to say then don’t say it.

Apparently posting this coat warranted a follower (who I am assuming no longer follows Adored Vintage) to tell me It’s sad/disappointing I posted this and therefore she will no longer follow me. Another person said it was revolting. A few others said they were disgusted I posted it. Someone else said I was disrespecting the environment.

I tried not to take any of this PERSONALLY, but come on… I was really quite hurt by some of the comments. I do take it personally because this is my job. And it’s not just my job. It’s my heart. I LOVE what I do and pour a lot of work, time, effort, and love into what I do. And when people write mean comments, I can’t help but take it personally. Adored Vintage is ME.

I’ll have to write a longer blog post about mean Instagram comments later on (because I get them sometimes…and sometimes people write something nasty then instantly delete it so I just get a glance! WHAT!? That’s just cowardly.) I understand some things get misread so I try to take most things with a grain of salt but hey, I’m a sensitive gal and when my feelings get hurt it’s hard not to get over it.

Oh man, this blog post is turning into a downer. QUICK!! Look at the pretty clothes!! Look at the pretty clothes!

Photo Sep 30, 12 06 01 PM Photo Sep 30, 12 04 59 PM Photo Sep 22, 9 27 04 PM


Photo Sep 17, 8 57 06 AM Photo Sep 17, 9 15 52 AM Photo Sep 17, 10 03 15 AM Photo Sep 17, 11 32 39 AM

Oh, one last little post! Don’t you think these would be so lovely all together?

Outfit Idea from Adored Vintage

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