A Vintage Winter Tale


We’re dreaming of a white christmas here at AV. It typically snows in portland once a year. And, the times it has, it is usually just a thin white layer on the ground. When it does snow, the entire city shuts down. We don’t have snow plows in this city! It’s an amazing feeling, being in a shut down city. No one drives anywhere, the busses barely run, and everything is just silent. There’s no mail for a few days, people cross-country ski to the grocery store, and everyone pulls out everything they have to use as a sled. I’ve seen trash can lids, water tubes, and skateboards. All the hustling and bustling stops. Although it’s frustrating and makes going to work difficult, it’s truly is a nice moment of getting to actually stop and enjoy the winter.

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  1. Here where I live it’s most probably going to be the warmest December since ever. That means 17 degrees or something IN DECEMBER. A white Christmas would be phenomenal (especially as how you describe it) but I don’t think this year there’s going to be snow…

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