Adored Vintage Friday Favorites! | 01.29.16


It’s been a while! Here are our Friday Favorites for today.

Recipe: Meat and cheese board from Ashley Rodriguez’s Date Night In

While perusing Pinterest, I came across Cannelle et Vanille’s blog post on a dish from Date Night In. It was on a recipe for Lentils with mushroom, kale, and eggs. The photos were so beautiful, and my tummy grumbled as I feasted on them with my eyes! Within them was this beautiful meat and cheese plate. I love meat and cheese boards, because they’re so easy to put together, yet filling and delicious.

Movie: Badlands (1973) by Terrence Malick

Badlands is both Terrence Malick’s and Sissy Spacek’s first feature length film! It also features Martin Sheen. It’s a Bonnie and Clyde type love story that takes place in South Dakota. Malick is such a talented writer and captures the south so beautifully. He only shoots in natural light, and the movie being shot in the 70s was made all on film.

Song: Baby by Os Mutantes

Os Mutantes was a Brazilian psychedelic rock band from the late 60s. They were part of the Tropicália movement of artists, musicians, and poetry in Brazil during that time. Turn up this song next time you’re in the car, or as you make your weekend brunch!

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