Amid the Gusts | A Shop Update

We have more autumn pieces for you gals (including some that would be great staples) and a bit of jewelry! Often times when I sift through outfits, I like to imagine where I would go in them, and the things I would do. These definitely have a strolling by the river on a cloudy day while drinking pumpkin lattes feel. What do you see yourself doing in this collection?


vintage 1950s red grey plaid strapless dress | vintage 1950s brown orange plaid schoolgirl dress | vintage inspired navy plaid belted jacket 


vintage inspired navy plaid belted jacket


vintage inspired grey wool floppy hat with feathers


vintage inspired cranberry a-line skirt


vintage inspired black print peplum blouse


vintage 1950s red grey plaid strapless dress


vintage 1950s brown orange plaid schoolgirl dress


vintage 1930s citrine art deco necklace


vintage 1940s white carved floral brooch pin


vintage 1940s wooden button autumn brooch


vintage 1950s dusty pink veil hat with mink


vintage 1970s reddish brown leather heels


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  1. I don’t usually comment on blogpost, or YouTube videos or anything to be honest, but I recently stumbled across your blog recently and I’m sure I’ll have read every single blog post soon! I love your style, clothing and you seem like a lovely person! Just wanted to say think your doing awesome!
    Also I really wanted to see how your wedding was I looked for a blog post and saw one about the chapel, do you have a post on your wedding day? Looking forawrd to see what you wore!

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