Back to the Drawing Board | A Brick + Mortar Update

Retail Space Inspiration

Hello muffins. I wanted to share a bit of brick + mortar shop news with you. It’s back to the drawing board. Or so it seems. One of the lessons I have learned in operating an online vintage shop then trying to expand into an actual retail location is that until papers are signed NOTHING is final.

We had high hopes for a certain location in Portland for mine and my fiancé’s combined retail store, but our recent meeting last weekend didn’t pan out too well for us. Things could still shift and turn out differently, but right now, it’s back to the drawing board.

Retail Space Inspiration for Adored Vintage Brick + Mortar

Sometimes getting into commercial real estate is simple. But then you get into bigger corporate sort of places and locations still in development and it starts to get complicated. And SUDDENLY numbers and figures are laser shooting holes through your money bag at a dangerously quick pace.

So, you take a step back. Gather your wits about you, and just start the process over.

That’s where we’re at right now. And frankly, I’m quite exhausted about it. It’s a minor hiccup in the big scheme of things, but I can’t help but feel anxious that plans are just taking too long to be set into action.

I want to be picking out PAINT colors already. And buy STORE FIXTURES. And hang plants from the ceilings. I’ve been saving dozens of shop inspiration images to my (secret, hehe) Pinterest boards and taking screencaps on Instagram of beautiful shops from around the world. I just want to GET STARTED already.

Retail Space Inspiration for Adored Vintage Brick + Mortar

We looked at another space this morning and then looking at a couple others early next week. I am not pinning to many of my hopes on these too much. We’ll just see what happens. We’re still set to open a brick + mortar in Spring 2015. Just perhaps not in the location we have been planning on for the past few months.

So, to pick up my spirits, I’m posting a bunch of my shop inspiration photos.

Retail Shop Inspiration

I have always adored this old fashioned looking shop sign.

Retail Shop Inspiration

Rob and I love the idea of old shop lettering on the exterior and dark paint on the exterior too. Not quite as ink black as this, more of a dark navy or hunter green.

Retail shop exterior

This is closer to the color we would paint the exterior. It would be a beautiful contrast with white, pale grey, cream, and industrial accents.

Retail Shop Inspiration

The challenge of course is seamlessly blending the aesthetic of Orn Hansen and Adored Vintage in one space. We have some ideas on how to do it… but until we can try them out, it’s just floating around in our minds.

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