Begin, Summer

Summer arrived swift, hot, and absolutely hell bent on making sure it doesn’t go unnoticed. The past couple of weeks in Portland have been absolute misery for me. I absolutely detest hot weather and even more so when most of my time is spent cooped up where there is no air conditioning.

Begin, Summer Adored VintageThankfully, it seems the heat wave in Portland is over and now our regularly scheduled weather of 75-85F is back on track.

Life shifts, yet again! I suppose I ought to get used to it. But you see, I’m kind of a curmudgeon about schedules and such and I hate when things just get added on to my life to-do list that I wasn’t planning for. It seems once I get into a smooth groove, life is all “HAHA, relaxation is OVER!”

I digress, it HAS been a pretty wonderful summer so far, although I am looking forward to Autumn already…

Begin, Summer Adored Vintage

Al these photos are from the Adored Vintage Instagram, so you can follow me over there for more summer-centric photos!

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