Bianca Jagger | Vintage Style Muse

Bianca Jagger / Vintage Style Muse

I don’t really think Bianca Jagger needs any sort of introduction or explanation as to why she would be a style icon. It’s pretty OBVIOUS isn’t it?

Out of any vintage celebrity style icons, Bianca’s style is probably the closest to how I want my personal style to be. A mix of feminine, classic, ultra girlie, menswear, and wearer of hats! I do appreciate Bianca’s glamour. I sometimes think I could be more vintage glam, but I usually save my more glamorous looks for fashion related events in Portland.

Also, I’ve been told I resemble Bianca (on really good days I guess, haha!) and that’s A-OK by me because I think she is super gorgeous. My mom and her actually look more alike I think!

image credits: // All photos are from PINTEREST (search Bianca Jagger to see lots more photos I didn’t share here)!


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