In Which We Begin Life at “Hamilton Hill”

I am the sort of person that doesn’t really ask for help. I also don’t tell strangers or even friends about troubles I may be having. Very select close friends, they know. Call it stubbornness, call it pride, call it whatever you want. What I will say is 2016 has been a very difficult year. Personally, it has been challenging. Career wise, also challenging. Globally, extremely. My heart has been saddened so much with all the havoc happening around our country and the world. My faith in humanity nearly dismantled. Anyhow, I don’t want to dwell on negativity. I have done enough of this for most of this year.

Now, I must believe in hope again. In new beginnings.

And how fitting…so very fitting, that at the very end of this very challenging year (Aside from going to France! My one and only beacon of light!) we move into a new house that overlooks the river, has views of Mt. Hood, and is perched upon a terraced green hill.

Hamilton Hill is the name I have dubbed our new home. It instantly felt like home as soon as we stepped into it. I’m also a little convince there’s a good spirit in the house.

I’ve done my fair share of moving. You already know this if you’ve been following me and my shop for awhile. You also know when I move into a new place, I like to set intentions… like when we first moved.

And so… in the new house I will…

Have a breakfast nook with a view,


Hang old portraits in the kitchen,


Hang things on pegs,


Recreate this minimal bathroom (except we no longer have a claw foot tub),


Plant lupins, delphiniums, and foxgloves,


Use lots of linen tablecloths,


Try white and brown bed linens,


Find cafe curtains like these for the kitchen,


Pickle things,


Dine by candlelight,


And also do this as a window treatment.


All images from Pinterest.

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Can I Just Move In Already?!

I get cabin fever in the winter time and because it’s December and we’re so close to A BRAND SPANKIN NEW YEAR (seriously 2016 has been the longest frickin year ever, I am so ready for it to be over) I start daydreaming about houses and what I want my future house to look like.

And LA-TI-DAH I came across this 18th Century Georgian home in England and I’m practically foaming at the mouth. OK, to be fair, I don’t LOVE everything about this house. But will you look at that outside space? Forget the inside, I’ll go live in the crumbling bits with the overgrown vines and giant old wood doors just leaning RIGHT THERE looking all perfectly askew.

18th Century Georgian Home in Norfolk, England

18th Century Georgian Home in Norfolk, England

Gotta love all that muted pattern on pattern on pattern!

18th Century Georgian Home in Norfolk, England

Doesn’t this house just make you think of where the Dashwoods had to go move into? Well, actually, it’s a little fancier than what the Dashwoods Country Cottage… but it has that genteel “down and out” semi-nobility air to it, no?

French Country Manor, Living Room

I had a little brass table like this once upon a time. From Pier 1. Not from some obscure antique shop in the South of France (oh, but if only!) for French House in the Country. I don’t remember what I did with that table. Probably sold it on Craigslist when we moved to Portland…le sigh. So the living room above is from a French 14th/15th century Manoir with it’s own CHAPEL. You guys, who LIVES in these? Or rather, who OWNS these? Who gets to buy breathtaking properties, decorates them, and rents them out for photoshoots for bajillions of dollars?! I want THAT GIG.

French Country Manor, Living Room

French Country Manor, Living Room

Oh, hey, this is my backhouse. No big deal. And this perfectly peach plaster paint walls in this eclectic antique apartment in London… although truth be told, I could never actually LIVE with peach walls. The color would start to drive me crazy. Too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing.

Peach Plaster Paint Walls

Peach Plaster Paint Walls

Well…now I’m going to dive deeper into Winter induced Pinterest Cabin Fever by adding more pins to my HOME board and MAISON board. And also, I’m thinking about selling all my things so I can go buy a house in the South of France. Le sigh.

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Vintage Inspired Home: A Bit of Blush

This morning I asked my husband what he thinks about pale pink bedding. Thankfully his immediate response wasn’t to recoil and go “AUGH, Pink! I am a M-A-N (rawwwrr) I will not have pink in my bedroom!” Instead he responded with “Well, what do you mean…”, which I then proceeded to show him some pale (pale) pink linen bedding to go with our grey and cream bedding. He wasn’t crazy about the idea, but didn’t say no either.

Home Inspiration: Blush Pink

So, basically since the husband said he wouldn’t mind pale pink bedding, I’m assuming he’s going to be A-OK with me getting a pink velvet couch! Just kidding, I HAD a pink velvet couch and I sold it. Sometimes I regret that decision… but actually, it wasn’t the right shade of pink I wanted.

I am wondering how pale pink walls in a bathroom would be…. I’ve had dark navy walls in our bathroom before and then a sort of minty pale green and cream combo. I think a pink bathroom would be rather nice. A nice faded shade of pink with warm undertones, like sand. Pink is a very feminine color and I think it can get a bad rep for being fussy. Here are some pale pink colors I would consider for a bathroom or even for a bedroom.

Home Inspiration: Blush Pink

Image Credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

The images below are the ones I showed the husband. Of course the one on the left was a little TOO MUCH, but he was ok with the one on the right. Although, truth be told, the one on the left is a bit too much even for my blush loving heart. So, now I have a new mission… find pale pink bed linens!

And if you are in search of a bit of blush for your bed, Hale Mercantile Co. has some really beautiful bedding (about $59 AUD for a pillowcase))

Home Inspiration: Blush Pink

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Vintage Victoria Magazine | On A Gilded Afternoon

Vintage Victoria Magazine | July 1990 and July 1993

If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit now, it will not be new news to you that I adore Victoria magazine. Vintage Victoria magazine when the magazine was under the leadership of Nancy Lindemeyer. The two issues I am featuring are two vintage July issues.

Vintage Victoria Magazine | July 1990 and July 1993

Vintage Victoria Magazine | July 1990 and July 1993

Vintage Victoria Magazine | July 1990 and July 1993

The July 1990 Victoria issue is one of my favorites! This issue has so many beautiful things to look at and it features an editorial about the Art Deco Society in California hosting their 1920s event, “A Gatsby Summer Affair” which is still running! Gatsby Summer Afternoon is hosted every year, and this year is the 32nd year the party has been raging on.

Vintage Victoria Magazine | July 1990 and July 1993

Vintage Victoria Magazine | July 1990 and July 1993

Last year, my friends and I attended the New Deal Weekend hosted by Julie of Fab Gabs Vintage and we had such enormous fun! This year the party is being hosted in Seattle which I am so sad to be missing. Perhaps next year! You can see our photos from last year’s event in this blog post: 1920s & 1930s Prohibition Picnic at Historic Overlook House

Vintage Victoria Magazine | July 1990 and July 1993

Vintage Victoria Magazine | July 1990 and July 1993

Vintage Victoria Magazine | July 1990 and July 1993

The other July issue featured is July 1993. I’ll say it isn’t one of my favorite issues since there aren’t a lot of fashions in it. But there is a wonderful feature on Margaret Howell (photo above) and the style and branding looks slightly different than the current look. I love seeing how brands grow and change.

Now, I know it’s from the 1990s… but you cannot deny how absolutely beautiful this magazine is!

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Vintage Shop Update | Home Goods

Spring cleaning often starts as attempting to purge and get rid of things I’m not in love with, but ends up turning into an excuse to find more beautiful things to fill my home with. You may be the same. If you haven’t seen, we have been busy bees here at the studio photographing and posting home goods onto the website. If you haven’t seen yet, hop over and take a look!

IMG_6934Crossed T’s And Dotted I’s Book | Malmaison Souvenir Book | Soupe Aux Chataignes Spoons

One of my favorite things we’ve posted is this flower guide from the 1920s. The illustrations are all so beautiful. It could be a coffee table book, or would even perfect for cutting out the pages and hanging them on the wall or mailing certain flowers to friends.

IMG_6942Pages Of Posies Book

IMG_6933Golden Arrow Bottles | Window Songs Pot | Babette Candlesticks

Another one of my favorite new listings is these copper bundt pan. It’s a nice, small size. I love how copper looks in my kitchen mixed with wood and cast iron.

IMG_6943Warm Wishes Pan


Golden Rod RackTopanga Canyon Blanket | Feathered Pages Picture

To shop more of our Home Goods, visit our website!

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