Vintage Valentine’s Day | Antique Fraktur Love Letters


Do you still give away Valentines? I haven’t in a long time. And mostly because, I haven’t made any since I was little! I typically just give away flowers. I was looking through (trusty ol’) Pinterest for vintage Valentine inspirations and came across these beauties. They’re actually antique Valentines, from the 17th and early to mid 18th century!

These Valentines are Fraktur folk art Valentine love letters created by German-speaking immigrants who lived in Pennsylvania. Hallmark, shmallmark, right? They’re so intricate! All water color painted and written with calligraphy.

They’re folding cards, also “Puzzle Purses”, and typically have words of affection and love written throughout that get discovered with each unfold. There are a bunch of editorials on making these online! Maybe we’ll find one to post on our Facebook before Valentine’s Day. Some even put confetti or little treats inside!


source: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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Fields and Meadows

It is of course no secret how much I adore flowers. I daydream about having an English countryside garden or frolicking through a meadow of wildflowers. I have (very unsuccessfully) tried to talk my husband into buying a farmhouse out in the country so I can live out my pastoral dreams.

He is NOT into it.

I know. I know! So selfish! Doesn’t he know the EPICNESS that will be of living in a white farmhouse surrounded by a field of Queen Anne’s lace and ruffly pale blue cosmos, and purple headed thistles, and deep pink clovers?

backyardmeadowflowersAnd I, of course, will wear only linen and cotton, and antique blue pinstriped aprons and will probably take to wearing Heidi braids all the time.

Since I know we won’t be living in my dream 1800s farmhouse anytime soon, I started researching how to grow my own wildflower field in the backyard. Growing a wildflower garden seems pretty low maintenance.

I mean I ASSUME it will be low maintenance. You throw some seeds here, some seeds there…and VIOLA! Instant Meadow for Frolicking!

Well, as much as you can frolic in a backyard anyway…

image credits | (from top left) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 /


I’m looking to order some flower seeds from Johnny’s Flower Seeds. I’ve never planted flowers from a seed before, so we’ll see how this goes! Also, this image above, I’m pretty sure this is one version of Heaven. // image source

If you’re curious which flower seeds I am ordering for our backyard… I’m starting with a modest 1 packet of each of these…

Nigella, Scabiosa, Larkspur, Lupine, Snapdragon, and Delphinium. So, not exactly meadow flowers, but I’ll just random plant them around the yard as if it were a meadow. More wild, more organic. Probably going to pass on Delphinium though since it’s really toxic for pets…and our dog eats random plants outside all the time…

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Maison Inspiration for the Weekend

Home has been on my mind a lot lately, making a home, curating a home, cleaning a home. And of course (very obvious) the newly added category of Vintage Home Goods in my shop!


So to kick off the weekend, I wanted to share some home interior inspirations from Pinterest to inspired the couple house projects I will be doing this weekend.

  1. Painting the (dreaded) yellow hallway between the bedrooms. It is a very odd pale egg yolk yellow. Soon it will be a warm white.
  2. Purging/Minimizing/Cleaning the Guest Room. Usually the guest room is quite nice, but lately it’s become more of our catch all room.

image credits / all images from our Home, Bedroom, and Kitchen board on Pinterest

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Snowed In, In Which I Clean Everything


Today is the THIRD day of being snowed/iced in. While parts of Portland are functioning, our part of town is still dangerously icy. I attempted to leave the house this morning, just to take the trash and recycling out, and slipped not once but TWICE on the steps.

I have a somewhat irrational fear of slipping and breaking numerous bones in my body and being handicapped for the rest of my life. It’s weird, I know. I also hate escalators. Mainly for the same reason. Slipping (missing a step) and then falling to my demise. *shudders*


So, the past few days I have been organizing, cleaning, purging, and catching up on my business accounting. VERY exciting stuff, I know! Try not to get jealous!

Admittedly, since I have started purging small areas of my home, other things have surfaced that I have been putting off and they are much easier for me to tackle.

In no sequential order…

+ Finally painted that ONE wall in the dining/living room to match the rest of the walls. It was painted a slightly different shade of grey for product photography and always annoyed me. But now, since I have a separate work studio, all the walls now match.

+ Purged through 3 months worth of SNAIL MAIL. Our paper shredder is rightfully exhausted.

+ Organized and purged sock/undergarments drawer. If it was uncomfortable and not in a neutral color… to the trash bin it went!

+ Trimmed the house plants and composted dead house plants

+ Organized and purged mugs and glassware

+ Tracked mileage for an entire year (accounting stuff). This was a good one to do because it made me realize I had an entire month’s worth of expenses I didn’t account for!


+ Cleaned out the foyer cabinet. This was ridiculous! I had NO IDEA how much a small hallway cabinet could be crammed with random paper, old greeting cards, packs of gum, little gizmos…I seriously was like “Is this a never-ending stream of useless crap?!” Then I remembered, whenever we have company over I would stuff whatever things were on the coffee table to “instantly clean it” into the cabinet and forget about it.

+ Took everything off the dressers in the bedroom. Stored away what was necessary and said Adios to the tchotchkes!

+ Purged and cleaned the bathroom cabinet. You guys, I threw away an entire paper bag of beauty products! A bunch of them unused. So much random crap! I mean I had stuff in there I bought over a year ago and used once or twice. Now our bathroom cabinet is closer to minimalist nirvana! Nah, not really. But it’s so close to it!


While it has been nice to tackle these projects, I do hope this ice begins to melt! My business cannot run by itself (though I wish it could! I wish I had work fairies that just did stuff for me!). So tomorrow, it is suppose to reach in the low 40s in Portland, so this dang ice better start melting!

Oh, I feel like noting that the exterior house shot above isn’t our house, it’s my neighbors. I love their railing and patio and wish they would fix it up and paint it! Our house is a bit newer (early 1920s).

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A Distracting Game of Vintage Dream Homes


Well friends, this has been one of the craziest and hardest weeks I’ve had in quite a long, long time. I have been unwrapped and untangled in the most unwanted way. It has sucked.

And yet, still, I can smile right now because I have just spent a most wonderful afternoon on Sauvie Island. Oh, my beloved Sauvie Island. How could one bear to be sad when one is wrapped in the essence of you? You with your gentle rolling hills, your sun dappled farms, your air heavy with the scent of ripened peaches on a late summer afternoon?

As a distraction I look at beautiful homes on Pinterest, dream about far off lands I will someday visit, and now will share homes I wish to own from one of my favorites websites,

To begin our vintage dream homes tour let’s look at the farm inspired Victorian in New York pictured above! I am such a sucker for white houses with black shutters. The windowed porch is just divine, can’t you picture sitting on a rocker with hot cocoa in winter watching the world blanketed in snow? I can hear the faint sound of fire crackling from the living room… (source)


I love symmetry when it comes to homes. Isn’t this pre Civil War era estate in Ohio just so grand? I adore the trees and the little arched entrance. Oh so much to love about this vintage home! And it’s on 7 acres. I could absolutely live on a house with lots of land around. (source)


See that curved windowed room on the side? That is where I would spend most of my time I bet. It’s probably where I would set up my little desk and putter around on Pinterest looking up ideas on how to make my house even cuter than it already is. (source)


I love Colonial style houses (and Georgian, Victorian, Plantation… basically anything built before the 1940s.) Isn’t this one so lovely? I love the hunter green door. I love the simple and lovely landscaping. I am partly tempted to photoshop myself in this photo wearing a straw sunhat holding a basket of flowers. (source)


Do you SEE that ivy covered chimney?! That’s all you really need to see. If this were our house I would change that front door first thing. Get a beautiful antique wood door or get one painted hunter green, black, or red. (source) Bonus, this house comes with a garden/pasture and an adorable red and white barn. I can’t even you guys.

And last but certainly not least…


This colonial farmhouse in Maryland is what dreams are made of, I’m pretty sure of it. Can you picture the lawn covered in snow? I sigh a thousand times over. (source)

If you would like to see more dreamy vintage houses (if you like the same style houses I do anyway) please visit my Dream Homes board on Pinterest. If you would like your pictures to look more antique-y and cool with a vintage frame, you can get the ones I used from The Coffeeshop Blog. These vintage scrapbook frames are here.

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