Vintage Valentine’s Day | Antique Fraktur Love Letters


Do you still give away Valentines? I haven’t in a long time. And mostly because, I haven’t made any since I was little! I typically just give away flowers. I was looking through (trusty ol’) Pinterest for vintage Valentine inspirations and came across these beauties. They’re actually antique Valentines, from the 17th and early to mid 18th century!

These Valentines are Fraktur folk art Valentine love letters created by German-speaking immigrants who lived in Pennsylvania. Hallmark, shmallmark, right? They’re so intricate! All water color painted and written with calligraphy.

They’re folding cards, also “Puzzle Purses”, and typically have words of affection and love written throughout that get discovered with each unfold. There are a bunch of editorials on making these online! Maybe we’ll find one to post on our Facebook before Valentine’s Day. Some even put confetti or little treats inside!


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Engagement Photo Inspiration from the Past

It is the month of L-O-V-E and originally I was going to post several vintage photos of couples being all lovey dovey. And I thought, hey, why not mix in some modern day engagement photos?

Ok, don’t hate me wedding photographers, but most engagement photos nowadays are just so… meh? They look staged, too bright, too forced. So, now this post has become an inspiration source for engagement photos that I hope become the new norm!


And goodness, don’t get me started on the outfits most couples wear for their engagements! LADIES! PLEASE put on a dress! I beseech you to wear a skirt with a blouse! I’ve seen too many engagement sessions where gals wear jeans, a button up shirt, and boots.

I get it, you want to be comfy. I’m sure jeans and boots are your daily mojo. But these are your engagement photos! Don’t you want to be a vision of feminine loveliness?!

I know. Not everyone is into that…although if you’re reading my blog, YOU probably are!

I just think if you’re going to make the effort to schlep your way to a hillside dotted in the most amazing wildflowers nature has to offer and a sunset that makes blind children cry… don’t you think you should wear something other than leggings and a sweater?

We think so! And hope you do too!

All images sourced from Pinterest via our LOVE board

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Vintage Style Notes | Land Girls


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During World War One and Two, as men were sent to war, women were needed to help out in factories and farms. Today’s vintage style notes is inspired by the Land Girls! The ladies who ended up working on farms. Their clothes were often neutrals, browns and greens, colors we at Adored Vintage love!

We put together a little list of things you need to be a Land Girl:

  • overalls or trousers
  • hair twisted up with a scarf
  • waist belts
  • baskets
  • collared shirts underneath sweaters
  • knee high socks
  • brimmed hat
  • leather boots

There you have it! Tag us in your Land Girl photos on Instagram! If you don’t follow us yet, our moniker is @adoredvintage.

source:  1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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Six Flower Instagram Accounts We Adore // Guest post from RUE ANAFEL

Hey everyone!

RUE ANAFEL here! If you don’t know about RUE ANAFEL, we are Adored Vintage’s sister floral company! Since Adored Vintage is, lets be honest, as much about flowers as beautiful old threads, I’m here guest posting about my favorite flower Instagram accounts. I had to pick six (it was really difficult), and I chose them off of the basis that not only do they bring me so much inspiration, but they are not known as well as some of our other favorites, such as Nicamille, Amy Merrick, Putnam Flowers, Yasmine Mei, Erba Floral, Ponderosa and Thyme, Swallows and Damsons… the list can literally go on and on.

Feast your eyes on these not only beautiful blooms and designs but overall ethereal images that are my DREAM LIFE! Seriously. Here they are, in no particular order.


If you follow me already, you know that I’m all about dark, moody photographs of flowers. Vervain Flowers does not fall short of them. They also feature pretty blooms against different fabrics and painted backgrounds, which I really love. / follow @vervainflowers


I recently found From The Ground. They’re a floral studio based in Seoul. Their flower compositions have such beautiful tones and shape. The top left arrangement is one that I constantly think about. It’s that perfect balance between ruffled blooms and movement. / follow @thisisfromtheground


Oh, Tenth Meadow. Tenth Meadow is literally my dream life. Beautiful flower meadows, wild arrangements, antique dresses, and old paintings – all images straight from 18th and 17th paintings perfectly gathered into little squares on Instagram. / follow @tenthmeadow


I’ve been following Reuben Mark Stewart on my personal Instagram for a long time now. I don’t even know how I found him, but I still have to stop and stare every time he comes onto my feed. / follow @reubenmarketstewart


I’m a newer follower for Petrichor, and I’m not completely sure how to pronounce their name. However, I’m already a loyal fan of this Paris and Berlin company’s account. It’s my ideal window for what I wish my life to be, full of flowers in Europe. I love all the soft, not contrasty, muted tones. It reminds me of Sophia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides, which I completely obsessed over in high school. / follow @petrichorblom


Last but not least, Flourish! I actually had the pleasure of meeting Kay recently. She was so sweet and supportive. We met when I had just started RUE (literally it had been a couple weeks). I had been feeling off from a reaction I got about starting from another florist, and her kind words and reassurance took a lot of weight off my heart. I’ll forever be thankful of that coffee date. Her work is wild, yet clean, and romantic. I constantly check her account to see if she’s up to anything new. / follow @flourishbykay

Alright, folks! That’s it. If you don’t follow me on Instagram and follow along my story, just go to @rueanafel!

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Adored Vintage Instagram Recap | Exteriors


We love seeing things in collections. Sometimes I feel like seeing things with other things somehow gives it so much more meaning, it seems a story is created. So, we decided to put together a collection from our Instagram!

This collection is exteriors! Houses from around our beautiful city, Portland, to be exact. Portland is filled with so many charming houses. It’s one of the things I first fell in love with about this town. If you know Adored Vintage, you know that we love old homes as much as old clothes. Just like clothes, they have so much time and history. I always wonder about the secrets an old house holds.

If you don’t follow our Instagram, our account name is @adoredvintage! We post there daily, and there you can see even MORE photographs of beautiful old structures.

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