The Joy of Picking Flowers

I never miss a chance to pick flowers if a field of wildflowers is readily available. How very quickly does a wild bouquet charm?

The Joy of Picking Flowers

There are flower farms here in Portland where one can get some clippers and snip blooms for mere cents! Well, not exactly mere cents… but one can get a single bloom for .25 cents or .50 cents depending on the season. A bouquet of fresh flowers can be yours for less than $10. See…Sometimes happiness CAN be bought.

Of course if you decide to take a walk through some wild place where Sweet Peas and Queen Anne’s Lace grow in abundance, you can’t help it but to make a few selections. Just don’t go picking flowers from your neighbors’ yards/gardens! I’m quite sure that’s trespassing! Haha!

image sources | 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Here I am holding a small bouquet of flowers I gathered in a small field. You can follow more flower picking adventures on instagram, my moniker is @adoredvintage!

Adored Vintage | The Joy of Picking Flowers

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Style Inspiration | Summer Romance in the Garden

Adored Vintage | Romantic Summer Garden Inspiration

As the temperature rises, so do the frequency of our daydreams of lazying about a garden with the peak of summer blooms heavily perfuming the air.

It is no secret that we at Adored Vintage love all things soft, romantic, and just plain lovely so we’ve gathered some romantic summer garden inspired looks for you. When we think of a summer romance that takes place in a garden we envision ourselves dressed pretty lace dresses, delicate blouses, and colors that look like they’ve been faded by the balmy summer sun.

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Image Credits:

1.] vintage 1920s sheer ivory dress with novelty embroidery from Adored Vintage
2.] Among the Lilacs | All This Happiness Blog via Pinterest
3.] Aerin Lauder in White Lace Dress | Habitually Chic via Pinterest
4.] 1930s Colored Photo by Wilhelm Tobien | Tales of a Madcap Heiress via Pinterest
5.] vintage 1950s pink Neiman Marcus floral beaded skirt from Adored Vintage
6.] Guinevere van Seenus photography by Tim Walker | via Pinterest
7.] vintage inspired pale rose bohemian top from Adored Vintage
8.] Conservatory | Anetteshus via Pinterest

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Sunday Vintage Inspiration

It has been an absolutely beautiful weekend in Portland and I have been slowly getting back into the swing of things as the dust settles around me of all the past craziness this Spring.

Does the dust ever settle though? We now live in an age where we are continuously stirring the pot and nothing ever rests.

I thought perhaps Sundays should be a day of reflection and inspiration. I am taking 15 minutes to just share what has been inspiring me lately in the vintage world. So, perhaps, go grab yourself a cup of tea, some biscuits, and just peruse through these lovely images.

Sunday Vintage Inspiration | Christian Dior 1947

The accordion pleat on this black dress is absolutely stunning and of course I just adore that silvery blue grey color on the other dress. source: Christian Dior, 1947

Sunday Vintage Inspiration | Wall of Blooms

In some ways this image reminds me of the Christian Dior image above. Maybe it’s the shape of her dress. Isn’t that orchid covered wall the most amazing thing you’ve seen? source: Wall of Blooms

Sunday Vintage Inspiration | A Simple Life

My heart just alights looking at this image. Did you know I partly grew up on a farm? Granted it looked nothing like this. I spent most of my childhood summers on my grandfather’s farm in Carcar, a small village on the island of Cebu about 2-3 hours from the main city. It was a farm surrounded by rolling hills, rows upon rows upon rows of palm trees and banana trees, and acres of rice fields. source: A Simple Life

Vintage Sunday Inspiration | Kentucky Derby Style

With the Kentucky Derby in our midsts, I had to share this delight photo. Ins’t her 1950s polka dot dress so wonderful? Sometimes I get so nostalgic for the times when women wore hats and gloves. source: Kentucky Derby Style


Vintage Sunday Inspiration | Sit A Spell

I think many of us long and wish for moments such as this. To be somewhere sun dappled, tucked away, and quiet. Across the way having a wonderful conversation with a friend or your loved one. I treasure such times like these so much. Those every day life moments when you are called to pause, reflect, and drink it in slowly. source: Sit A Spell

Vintage Sunday Inspiration | Time Stood Still

This photograph just really touches me. It almost makes me cry. I probably could cry honestly if I didn’t have to be out and about in a few moments. The way the light is shining, all those happy plants, those wonderful textiles. I adore this so very, very much. I would very much like to spend an entire afternoon in this room listening to the birds chirping (because I ASSURE you there are birds chirping), having a nice cup of rose tea, and eating slices of freshly baked sweet bread. source: Time Stood Still

Vintage Sunday Inspiration | Dear Mother

A pure, beautiful, and magical moment between a mother and her wee babe. I don’t share too much personal information on here, but this image is one those that really cuts straight to me. I won’t divulge because this really isn’t the place… but the fibers of my being are bathed equally in happiness, sadness, hope, and longing because of this antique photograph. We all have those fragile tender areas in our hearts, and mine in more ways than I will probably care to admit revolved around the word Mother. source: Dear Mother

Vintage Sunday Inspiration | Clothesline

I truly get so much joy and peace from hand washing vintage clothing and seeing it on the clothesline in our backyard. There is something so lovely about seeing fabric slowly dancing in the breeze with the sun speckled over the grass. source: Vintage Clothesline

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Why Don’t You…an AUTUMN “If you want to” list


Well my darling little muffins, the arrival of Fall seems to be rather official in Portland according to! Apparently it is to be nothing but clouds and rain for the remainder of the week and I could not be HAPPIER. OH, I am QUITE positive in a few weeks I will absolutely HATE the rain.

Well, maybe. I think I have enough YEARS of nothing but sunshine and hot weather stored up in my head to really truly enjoy the rain this season.

So, because I was quite elated by the weather report, I decided to compile this list of 21 THINGS to DO THIS AUTUMN… if you want to that is.

Of course this list came from my own things I would like to do this FALL… but you know, REAL LIFE still has to happen and I can’t just be gallivanting through autumn leaves with a vintage pail of freshly picked apples in hand and my perfect Autumn outfit of tweedy plaids…I mean I CAN do that. But not ALL THE TIME.

Also, my hair is too short to wear in Heidi braids. OH crap, why did I put that one in there?! Ok, just cross out Heidi and wear braids. I always think of Heidi when I think of Fall because I imagine being in a little mountain cabin with a little cozy fire and wearing my 100% virgin Irish wool hand knitted sweater with a full length skirt and knit tights and little boots…and … you get the picture. HEIDI = AUTUMN (in my mind).

So, I hope you will join me in doing SOME if not ALL the things on this list. And if you do, take a photo (on INSTAGRAM…haha even though the list says take OTHER photos not JUST on Instagram…) and use hashtag #21autumnchallenge

If you do everything on this list, then I can only assume you work at KINFOLK or/and you’re Martha Stewart. And we should be friends.

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I have a soft spot

Antique Botanical Print // Adored Vintage

There’s a little piece of me that jumps with glee whenever I come across vintage and antique botanical prints. I wish I had multiples of these beautiful pages to make a wallpaper of them in the new house. Aren’t these just lovely?! And I think I adore them more so because it’s photographed on a dark background and I really love contrast like this.

These botanical prints are from Antique Foliage on Pinterest and originally from this amazing website called Bio Diversity which has a whole lotta of antique botanical and biology books available to peruse online! Which means I’ve been on this site for hours…

Antique Botanical Print // Adored Vintage Antique Botanical Print // Adored Vintage

Antique Botanical Print // Adored Vintage

Antique Botanical Print // Adored Vintage

Antique Botanical Print // Adored Vintage Antique Botanical Print // Adored Vintage

Antique Botanical Print // Adored Vintage

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