Wanderlust: Autochrome Photos of the French Countryside

This time of year is always a bit difficult for me. It’s the last stretch of Winter and yet Spring seems so far away. Naturally I start daydreaming about traveling to some lovely far off place. This time last year I was counting down the weeks until we left for our trip to France, so the French countryside is on my mind.

These antique autochrome photos of the French countryside are warming my heart a bit on this dreary February day as they remind me so much of the sights and scenes we say when we traveled through Aveyron. / (photo above) St. Marie bridge, Chamonix Valley, France

Le Cantal, St. Jacques and the Puy-Griou, Auvergne Mountains, France

Le Cantal, Chateau Anteroche, near Murat, Auvergne Mountains, France

Talloires, Annecy, France

images sourced from: Library of Congress, Autochrom Collection

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Antique dresses and flowers, a match made in heaven.

Ah, antique dresses and flowers. A match made in heaven. There are some really lovely antique pieces in the shop right now, and we really feel that nothing brings an antique dress to life more than flowers. With spring and summer coming, that means that flower picking, wedding, and all things flower season are coming up. So, we paired together five dresses from our shop and some flower arrangements from florists we adore.

Our Hearken to Elegance Gown, in its rich, burgundy looks perfect with this moody, sculptural flower arrangement from Putnam & Putnam. We love how the color of this dress looks with these deep purples and hints of yellow.

The sweet Gentle Motion Dress  is made of the softest pink and softest silk. They’re actually separates, so the top can be worn separately from the bottom. We thought the sweetness of this pair looked perfect with this ruffly cream and pink RUE ANAFEL arrangement. It has a bit of whimsy, like it was plucked straight from an english garden.

Our Modern Enchantments Dress is an Edwardian lawn dress. Its soft cotton is perfect for wearing on a warm day either lounging around the house or taking walks through nature. We paired it with this Sarah Winward arrangement, a bit wild and unruly which looks like it was foraged from a meadow in the mountains.

Our romantic Bronte Parsonage Dress is made of beautiful antique lace. This would be a perfect wedding dress, so refined with its high neckline and fitted waist. We paired it with this arrangement by Amy Merrick. The pair both look straight out of a classic painting of a girl with flowers.

We imagine a girl who lives in the country and love going on walks along the stream owning our Gossamer Whisper Dress. Her perfect day would be clipping flora sand foliage from around her home all day to come home right as the sun sets and place them in an antique vase she found at a local antique shop. We paired this dress with an arrangement from Foxglove Botanicals, because its the exact arrangement we’d imagine her making.

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Staying In | A Winter Herbal Bath

There is something so comforting and luxurious about taking a bath. You really have to take time out for a bath, to prepare it, and then linger and soak in it. Taking a bath is one of those things I do for myself and think “Wow, I really deserve this.” I truly enjoy the ritual of taking a bath.

Woodland Fairy Herbal Bath for Winter

It’s such a simple thing, but really it’s so much more. When I lived in a small 1920s studio apartment in L.A. I took weekly baths, sometimes multiple times a week. A true poor man’s luxury if you ask me. Baths don’t have to be expensive, you don’t have to spend a lot of money getting bath bombs and oils… in fact, I found a great herbal bath recipe from an old issue of Victoria magazine that sounded so delightful, that I had to share it with you guys!

You can get dried herbs online at Mountain Rose Herbs or better yet, see if there is a local shop that carries these herbs. Sassafras root and strawberry leaves may be harder to find, so get those online. I think you could wrap all these items in a cheesecloth, tie it with twine, boil it for 2-3 minutes…then add the water AND the herbal bath bundle into your bath. Doesn’t this just sound so lovely?

Woodland Fairy Herbal Bath for Winter / the Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but when I take a bath, I like to light candles and put together a little playlist. I used to have two bathtime playlists. “Weekday Bath” and “Weekend Bath” (I know, very creative names…)

For a Fairy Woodland Bath I think “May It Be” by Enya would be a wonderful song to start letting your mind wander and relax and then listen to “The Grace of Undómiel” (another song from Lord of the Rings that connects with Arwen’s story line).  If you have a Spotify account, you can find both of these songs on there to add to your playlist!

And when you’re all done with your bath, why not wrap up in this ultra feminine and romantic vintage inspired robe from Adored Vintage? It features bell sleeves, lace details, and a drawstring waist. Very Elven if you ask me!

credits + sources / 1.] Vintage Bathroom 2.] Rose Dawn Robe 3.] May It Be by Enya (Youtube link) / Recipe for Woodland Fairy Bath from Victoria Magazine, November 1995 featuring perfumer Sharon Ackland

*** disclaimer *** I read Sassafras Root should not be used for pregnant women. Please do your research on each of these herbs and plant properties before trying this bath recipe out especially if you have allergies to anything!

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