In Which One Says “à bientôt ma amie”

Tomorrow my assistant, Saria, leaves for Europe for ALL of summer. I will miss her so! Since we’ve started working together, Saria has become more of a friend and sometimes I think of her as another little sister. (Saria and my little sister are a year apart in age. I think. I’m so terrible with numbers, dates, punctuality and things relating to time in general)


Anyhow, at the risk of coming off like an absolute sap (I really dislike people seeing me cry, partially because I have probably THE ugliest cry face in the world) I’ll keep this short and sweet and not too sappy. It does not help that I am listening to Yiruma.

Back in October, Saria shared that she wanted to someday open up a floral design company. I think she had said she wanted to do it in a couple of years. At which of course I nonchalantly asked “Why then, and not now?” Meanwhile visions of a flower shop with baskets of lavender, weathered metal pails of pale pink roses, and garlands of dried flowers dance to and fro across my eyes.

Fast forward to perhaps a week later and little baby floral company Rue Anafel was born. And so began a journey of vintage and flowers. Two of my absolute favorite things.

You know, my mother was a florist? As well as a seamstress. I however did not really acquire the trait of becoming une artiste when it comes to floral arranging. I know what I like and what I don’t like. I know what colors go well together, which shapes and silhouttes pair nicely. But if you gave me a vessel, some foam, some florist tape, and a bunch of flowers… my brain would not quite know how to put it all together.

On the other hand, Saria creates the most beautiful arrangements in a matter of minutes. It is quite a wonder to see her put together an arrangement in front of you! We will go forage for flowers near our atelier and I of course will throw flowers into a haphazard arrangement. And it is lovely because flowers themselves are lovely. But a true florist will arrange it in a way that you will just want to keep looking at it. Study it. Touch it. Smell it. Be one with it.

No gross, that’s creepy. Did we cross the line?

Yes, yes perhaps we have.

Anyhow, my little florist friend who shares my abiding love for neutral colored clothing and woven baskets is off to Europe and I am sad her sunny spirit won’t be around the studio this summer. But goodness, I am so very happy for her and all the wonderful life adventures she is going to experience! Also, I’m a bit jealous. Even though I was just in Europe myself…le sigh. Why can’t I own a vacation home in the South of France already?! Why did life deal me out such an unfair hand of cards?!

I jest! I jest! I know full well how lucky I am!

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In Which Attempts Are Made to Keep From Melting

Currently, I am sprawled on the floor with a fan blowing directly at me as the heat wave that has come to torment the Northwest region of Oregon continues to rage on. (And for the next 2 days it continues, AUGH!)


The past couple of days it has taken much effort on my part to peel myself off furniture and attempt some semblance of a social life. I can’t even think about work. A warehouse with no AC in continuous 100F weather is no place to be when one has the capacity of movement as a snail. I’ve pondered in my heat induced stupor if it’s possible for me to spontaneously combust.

The other day, we ventured out places unknown and discovered this Korean restaurant inside of a nondescript grocery store. After a delicious meal of Bibimbap (always a favorite, and perfect for a sweltering hot day) we stopped into an antique mall I haven’t ventured into for awhile. A good long while, perhaps 6 months.

Hurrah! A bit of good luck! I found several floral gauzy bohemian dresses (coming soon to the shop as they’re not quite my size, lucky you!), a couple of antique tops, a beautiful rose peach knitted 40s set (will be wonderful for an Autumnal shop update), and the creme de la creme of vintage finds… a nearly complete collection of Victoria Magazine from the late 80s to the late 90s. All for a song! (You can read my ode to Victoria Magazine in this post)

Oh happy day! Happy day! I was beaming from ear to ear! $3 for sets of 6!

I will be honest, since we have left France I’ve been feeling a little depressed. Well not quite depressed, but other things are going on in my life and so I am wistfully thinking of the beautiful mornings I woke up in Trebosc to escape a little.

Our little window in our bedroom looking out over 15th century rooftops, farm lands and fields. A misty fog cloaking the early morning sun. The light crowing of a rooster. The happy twittering of birds tucked into the trees below. Somewhere a light yelp of a farm dog. Downstairs the smell of hot coffee and fresh bread, a promise of a wonderful day about to begin.

I miss these simple things so very much.

Tomorrow it is back to work. (Actually VERY MUCH looking forward to being back in my home away from home) and time to sow some seeds of inspiration I’ve had tucked away for the past few weeks.

Despite my constant complaint of the heat and swearing I will melt at any given moment, dare I say I am a little thankful for it? It has forced me to slow down, way down. And actually rest. I didn’t realize how much and how fast I’ve been going for so long.

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In Which Life Shifts Again

It is a wonder how much one can THINK and DO when one decides to forego the pressure of posting at multiple intervals in a day the going on in one’s life in a square photo for an invisible audience.


I am talking of course about Instagram. And the internet in general.

For nearly a week now I’ve rarely been active. Coming from someone that normally posts 3-5 times a day on Instagram, 4 days without posting anything new on Instagram is like 1 month in internet time.

Life has taken a shift. Oh those wonderful shifts in life, aren’t they bittersweet? I have this uncanny ability to look for the silver lining in every situation and the current state of things has me all wonder eyed about the possibilities of the future.

I’ve also been thinking a lot. Good things. I’ve been in my own head, musing about life, work, travels. I’ve also been reading again. And doing yoga. And journaling. ACTUAL ink to paper you guys.

It’s been marvelous.

Also, I forgot how wonderful reading was. Depending on the book you’re reading, it’s like taking a vacation or time traveling. Or both. Currently, I am reading “A Year in Provence” by Peter Mayle. I started reading it at a Bed & Breakfast we went to a little over a month ago in Astoria, and just 2 days ago found a copy at the thrift store. I picked up a couple of other books for summer reading. My brain cells are being dusted off, getting a bit of air, getting a bit of exercise. They’re all thinking “What the devil is this? Words on paper?! Not on a tiny glowing screen?” And then they settle in and we board the train to wherever we’re going to go in the story and it’s a pretty happy little ride.

*side note* Reading Peter Mayle’s novel has me missing our time in Aveyron something fierce.

Amongst my summer reading list is the final book in the Harry Potter series. I have been putting it off for so very, very long. I actually feel like I have to reread all the other books (or just have a movie marathon) because I am sure I am forgetting so many details. Where’s a remembrall when you need one?

I’m feeling quite content about things. I’m sure it will change, but one can’t be content always and forever. If one was, then one is dead. And in Heaven, is my assumption.

To finish off this ramble of a personal post, a list of activities I plan on doing this summer.

  1. Sew a skirt from a vintage 1950s pattern I just purchased on eBay
  2. Frame my pressed flowers from our time in Aveyron
  3. Embroider a few 1920s dresses that are a bit too plain
  4. Sew something recycling old curtains (no, not the 1940s silk ones I posted on Instagram)
  5. Hang up curtain room dividers in the studio (slowly gathering inspiration and DIY instructions in Pinterest)
  6. Begin seedling project with flower seeds I purchased in France (I have nothing to declare!)

All right, that was quite short. But, really, I can’t be too fastidious or overly ambitious. 6 things is plenty and to be honest, the sewing projects will probably take me all summer to complete.

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A Mini Break at the Cape

Monday was mine and my husband’s 1 year wedding anniversary (you can see our wedding photos here) and he surprised me with a stay at a delightful bed & breakfast in Astoria, Oregon. We visit Astoria fairly often, so this time we decided to explore the Washington coastline just across the bridge over the Columbia river.

Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse

We stopped at a few antique shops along the way (I got an amazing late 1800s hand sewn gown and another Edwardian top to add to my collection) and then traveled along the coastline to visit Cape Disappointment. We happened upon this incredible lighthouse that was built in the 1880s and I was freaking out over these painted plaques on the side of the lighthouse.

Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse

If a warrant for my arrest would not be issued for stealing public property, you can bet I would have tried to pry these off with a crowbar. Or whatever you use to pry off old plaques with. (I’m totally joking, you know that right? I highly frown upon stealing, let alone defacement of public property ESPECIALLY such a beauty as this!)

Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse
Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse

We hiked around a bit (and I was not wearing the proper footwear!) and we happened upon the light keeper’s house and the captain’s house which much to our surprise and joy is available to rent as a vacation home! I was so thrilled by this prospect! I immediately envisioned my birthday party happening on the lawn, sunbathing by the water, and eating lots and lots of fresh seafood. Wouldn’t you want to do all these things at this house?

Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse

Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse

Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse

Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse

Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse

Vintage Clothing | Weekend at the Cape

Inspired by the hues of Cape Disappointment (funny name, isn’t it?) of navy blue, white, and cream… you can shop these vintage pieces over at Adored Vintage! Click here to shop Cape Weekend Collection!

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A Little Faye Dunaway

Channeling Faye Dunaway

I was channeling Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker for this outfit. I’ve always adored scarves and berets and I don’t really know why they’re not en vogue like ALL THE TIME. You know as a vintage seller I really do not own that many clothes. I tend to wear the same things over and over again. Kind of and odd thing, I think!

Channeling Faye Dunaway

Channeling Faye Dunaway

Also, I never thought this day would come, but I’m not wearing any make-up. Which isn’t that uncommon. I rarely wear make-up, but usually if I know I’m getting my picture taken I “fix my face” somewhat. I think I’ve just gotten older and more comfortable with my looks. Or lazier. I don’t know.


Top: Thrifted J.Crew cardigan
Skirt: Vintage 1950s (it’s one of my favorites, a very dark navy blue)
Peacoat: From Nordstroms. I bought it about 12 years ago, LOL!
Scarf: Vintage, 1980s I believe
Beret: Vintage, 1950s/1960s
Belt: Vintage, not sure of era
Shoes (not pictured): Thrifted 1980s loafers

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