At last! Pinstripe Overalls for Spring/Summer!

YOU GUYS! My collaboration design piece with Jill Yee is finally here! So naturally as soon as I received the sample I channeled my inner Land Girl and we shot photos out in a field (because where ELSE would I shoot photos…)


I present to you the Adored Vintage x Jill Yee FIELD OVERALLS!

So about A YEAR ago…yes, that long ago, I was chatting with my super cool L.A. based designer friend Jill Aiko Yee about collaborating on a design together. This has been a slow process since in the midst of this collaborating LIFE happened. Ahh, that sounds like an excuse, I know, but C’est La Vie and all that so the project got put on the back burner.



About a month ago we got back on the train again to get our collaborating design ready to go! We talked about fit, fabrics, function…



OK, can I just tell you how much I LOVE these pants? (And not just because I helped design them) They are so cute, so comfy, and can be worn a lot of different ways!

click here to PRE-ORDER your FIELD OVERALLS!


Through the design process I had told Jill I really wanted to be able to cuff the hems but not have so much fabric that the cuffs pool around my ankles. It was also important that the straps be not only adjustable, but removable. I have always appreciated when vintage garments had adjustable AND removable straps, so this was an important design element. You have the option to wear as overalls or as just classic pinstriped trousers.


The next bit was the waist band! Why an elastic waist band in front? Because it’s comfortable! And I like to eat! I normally wear all defined waistbands with skirts and dresses, but truth be told, sometimes you just want to be COMFY. The back of the waist band is defined though, which is great because then you don’t get that weird gap when you bend down or something. Also, it’s more flattering on the tush.


These pants are also in super soft pinstriped cotton. So perfect for spring. And they have POCKETS! So good!! Now, before you pre-order yours (they’ll be ready in about 2 weeks!) I leave you with this beautiful last picture which I am sure if you haven’t been convinced that you need these adorable pants in your life, this picture will be what SEALS THE DEAL!


You can PRE-ORDER them HERE!

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Welcome to Adored Vintage HQ

We confess!! We’ve gotten so lazy since Instagram and I-phones. I remember when I use to take pictures with a real camera and edit them and create collages in Photoshop to share on our blog.


I miss the days of beautiful large photos and story telling through series of images. But today, you ain’t getting that! You’re getting i-phone pics of the Adored Vintage Atelier via our phone cameras and VSCO filters!


Our studio is in the NW industrial area of Portland and we literally are right next to the St. John’s bridge (which is my favorite bridge possibly in all the world).

The building use to be the Portland Woolen Mills building but has gone through several owners since then and several renovations. LUCKILY, our studio is one of a few units that retains it’s original look and character! Most of the spaces are big blank white boxes.

No French mint green beams! No exposed brick! No 10ft arched windows!



The studio is a dream to be in. It’s really everything I’ve always dreamt of. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that this is where we get to work!


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new arrivals & some behind the scenes at the studio

Happy Friday lovelies! We have so many new goodies in the shop this week from vintage blouses and skirts to a lovely black lace vintage inspired dress and not to mention a plethora of vintage inspired decor and home goods for your vintage abode!


As we roll into the New Year, we are being even more intentional about the products we offer at Adored Vintage. Does it fit into our core ideals of being classic, feminine, folk, or romantic? If it does, then into the shop it goes! If not, then well, it is left for another vintage seller to find and offer up to you!

Anyhow, enough with the prattling on, here are some of this week’s new arrivals at Adored Vintage!


Here are some super pretty vintage blouses for your wardrobe! In all of our favorite colors. J’adore!


Here I am being a good old fashioned dork! When we posted this photo on Instagram there were a couple people that exclaimed how tiny I am! Indeed! I am a mere 5’0 tall!


Adored Vintage now offers a selection of found vintage and modern goods for your home! We are so excited to be offering our beautiful finds for your home! We sell homewares at our vintage booth at Grand Marketplace in Portland, so we thought why not offer them online as well?

Here are some more behind the scenes from our instagram! Do you follow Adored Vintage on Instagram? Well if you don’t, perhaps consider it? If you like pretty things, you’ll probably like our Instagram. Blush, cream, and grey threw up all over it!!!



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Defining Vintage Modern

The past week I have really been digging deep into my head about the future of Adored Vintage. How the shop will grow and shift as I grow and shift alongside it. Adored Vintage will always be so very near and dear to my heart and as my company grows and reaches a wider audience a lot of questions have been swirling inside my head.

Where does Adored Vintage fit in? While the beginning of it all was vintage clothing, we’ve since expanded to selling vintage inspired clothing. Which, happily enough, has been received so well by the gals who shop on my website (THANK YOU, seriously, it means so much!)


When I first started wearing vintage clothing it was for one main reason. I could emulate the current fashion trends at a much lower price point and personalize it to suit my taste.

Of course that quickly lead into a deep appreciation for vintage and fashion history. I’ve always had a taste for it, just never knew how much I would ADORE vintage! That was then of course and now everyone and their mother own a vintage shop. Just search the hashtag #vintageshop on Instagram and a plethora of vintage will swarm your feed.

I am not hating, not at all by any means. It’s just several years ago it seemed special to be a vintage seller. I know it sounds corny, but I felt like I was doing something good for “mankind” (OK, FASHION mankind) by resurrecting these old threads and reviving them and sending them around the world to new homes to be loved.

What once felt like something of my own doing and something unique just feels watered down now. Oversaturated. Mute. You Get the Point. 

So, where do we go from here my loves?

Adored Vintage will always sell vintage clothing but will move forward with offering even more vintage inspired clothes in 2016. The big question is… what does Adored Vintage for the modern girl look like?

It’s not cutesy, it’s not retro, it’s not mod, it’s not high fashion, and it’s not exactly “on trend” … Adored Vintage Modern is…

Feminine? Yes, but not too overly feminine.

Classic? Yes, but not boring or basic.

Romantic? Oh absolutely, but it can’t get too fussy.

Bohemian? Maybe, just a touch here and there. More folk though than bohemian.

Whimsical? No, probably not. I’m really not a novelty anything kind of person.

Anyhow, as I navigate these new waters I will be sharing all the current fashion and vintage inspirations that will help me decide what vintage modern clothing will appear in the shop (like the inspirations above). If you would like to chime in with inspirations and ideas, leave us a comment!

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Adored Vintage at Grand Marketplace in Portland

All of our projects at Adored Vintage have been steadily steaming along and I wanted to take some time to update you guys on some great news! I feel there is so much to catch you up on, so let’s begin with the latest news that Adored Vintage has now a booth space at Grand Marketplace in Portland, Oregon!


I have been a big fan of Grand Marketplace antique mall so I was excited to have the opportunity to become a vendor there. This is officially our first step into someday having an actual brick + mortar shop for Adored Vintage!

In a couple of years my goal is to have an Adored Vintage shop selling of vintage and antique clothing, vintage inspired clothes, vintage and new decor, apothecary goods, and of course have a flower shop within my shop. I do adore flowers so very, so it is without question flowers will be involved in any brick + mortar endeavor I will take on.


Dreaming big, I know! I’m all about dreaming big then taking it one small step at a time to get there. So if you are ever in Portland, OR and would like to see some of our vintage and vintage inspired wares as well as a sampling of housewares and vintage decor items and bouquets of flowers… be sure to visit Adored Vintage at Grand Marketplace in Portland!

Grand Marketplace | Open Daily 10-6PM | 1005 SE Grand Ave • Portland, OR 97214

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