And the dream, once again is renewed

I am listening to Carole King. Did you know I love Carole King? Well now you do!

“My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue
An everlasting vision of the ever-changing view
A wondrous, woven magic in bits of blue and gold
A tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold”

Vintage Atelier Inspiration

So I have been thinking lately of the future. Of plans, of dreams. So far 2015 has been a year full of doors open but with EVEN more uncertainty. I have been very hesitant to take certain steps regarding my shop because of this “unknown”. And truth be told a lack of heart.

Image Credits: 1. 1920 Autochrome, 2. Lomasi Wallpaper, 3. Jeanne D’Arc Living

Now, as you might very well have guessed I love that I get to do what I love. Gratitude never escapes me. Sometimes I think look how far this little island girl has come… and yet there is that unsettled feeling inside of wanting MORE. But MORE of WHAT?

So I have been going back and forth, back and forth, and BACK AND FORTH with the idea of opening up an Adored Vintage brick + mortar. I have spoken to so many friends who are also shopkeepers/small business owners, spoken with my husband, and most importantly have been doing a lot of self reflecting. It helps of course that for about 5 months I had the experience of running a shop on a daily basis (the shop I share with my husband, Orn Hansen).

May I be candid with you? We are friends, right?

I really DID NOT LIKE working at the shop.

*clutches heart and feigns shock*

For those that know me in real life, you will know I’m quite introverted. And if given the chance I would probably move to a farmhouse and be okay interacting with humans only on the internet and just having my close friends come and visit. (This is not far from the truth, except I do not live on an acreage)

Interacting with strangers is exhausting. It is not a matter of NOT LIKING talking to people, I have actually made a lot of new friends because I was an Orn Hansen shopgirl. However, after working at the shop I would get home and feel absolutely drained. No inspiration left to work on my shop, Adored Vintage. I found myself getting crabbier, more irritable.

Now the other part which I did not like about being a shopgirl was the large windows of time when no one would walk into the store. I had already dusted everything twice, taken photos for Instagram, pinned posts, scheduled twitter posts… and nothing. The minutes felt like hours. I was bored. I grew restless. I started watching horrible British reality tv shows (with a bit of shame, really enjoyed The Only Way is Essex).

Vintage Atelier InspirationThis past week I had breakfast with my friend Whitney who owns a darling boutique in Los Angeles called Myrtle and she sweetly but frankly said, “Rodellee, I don’t think you should open up a shop. You don’t like retail.” Well she said something like that, but I was picking up what she was putting down.

And so I go back to the drawing board. What IS the dream? And I think back of when I had my vintage studio in Los Angeles and when I had a studio in Long Beach. Yes, yes…THAT is what I want.

But now I know better. I know now not to make such hasty decisions. I know to plan a little better.

Image Credits: 5. Chinoiserie Wallpaper, 6. Beautiful Curtains, 7. Birch Flower Studio, 8. Vintage Inspired Dresses, 9. Parker Fitzgerald, 10. 18th Century Chair

The dream is renewed. I will have an atelier again. And this time my loves, oh it’s going to be all I imagine it to be. However, this time, I will be patient with turning my dream into reality. I will not settle for “OK, I’ll just make it work.”

I have a vision in my head for an Adored Vintage Atelier. I have a vision, albeit a bit blurry at the moment, of what the next 3-5 years will look for AV. It will become more clear to me as time passes.

At this moment my heart feels at ease. I feel lighter. Happier with this dream that is MINE. Not a dream that I think should be mine. Does that make sense at all? Maybe I will explain more later. But henceforth, I am just writing that in one year’s time, this atelier dream will come to fruition!

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It’s Here At Last…Moving In!

After months of waiting, we finally got to move into our new shop space in Portland! It’s been a long time since I’ve really digged into what our shop will be all about. I think last time I wrote about it we didn’t even have a shop name.

So, let’s get through the first round of basics.

The name of the new shop: Ro & Ro General Merchants

Now, perhaps you are wondering where the name stems from. Oh wait, you weren’t? Too bad, I’m telling ya anyway!

My name is Rodellee, my fiancé is Robby. Ro and Ro. I know. SO clever. 

The shop is located in: SE Portland in the Clinton neighborhood. We love this area. Our favorite breakfast place (Cafe Broder) is just across the street!

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Merchants

As you may have read in this post that I am not opening up a vintage shop. I adore vintage (duh, it’s kind of the name I chose for my shop) but I love so much more than just vintage. I love clothes in general, products that make me feel pretty and wares that make my home more cozy and beautiful. I’m not exactly sure what shop to compare Ro & Ro to because I’ve never come across it yet. Similar things yes, I’ve seen plenty of general type stores that also sell vintage. But where’s the bit of fantasy, the whimsy, the bit of dreaminess?

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

We just started moving a few pieces into the shop, so it’s very sparse at the moment. There are some simple build outs to do and then we need to build a dressing room. After that we will just be decorating. My favorite part!

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

I always love before and after photos, so this is why I am sharing so many before pictures! It’s nice to look back and think “My, how far we’ve come, look how we’ve changed!”

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

Holding “Clemence”. I’m hoping a year from now Clemence is thriving and still alive. If not, at least we got a cool picture together.

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

Ta-dah! JAZZ HANDSSSS. Me and my love (aka Ro & Ro) I’m really looking forward to showing this photo to our kids someday and saying “Look, this is when Mom and Dad opened up their dream shop and soon after became bajillionares.

Just kidding.

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

A fresh start. A blank slate. And those gorgeous vintage shop windows and the original exposed wood ceiling. Simple concrete floors. Lots of natural light (there is a skylight on the other side of the shop) And the shop has stairs that lead up to my office. I really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect shop space! I love it so very very much!

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Vintage lingerie & Morning Coffee




I’ll be quite honest, I’ve been stressed lately. And it’s OK. I actually don’t stress out about things that often, but recently, even for me, I’m feeling a lot on my plate.

So, naturally, I retreat into pretty beautiful things. It relaxes me. It calms me down. It allows me to make sense of chaos I can’t quite grapple right now.

A desire to minimize, clean, and organize is bubbling up within me. And Spring still seems so far away but it will be here very soon (but not soon enough!)

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It Begins…

It’s official!!!

An Adored Vintage and Orn Hansen combo brick & mortar is coming to Portland, Oregon! 30 Days from today…oh boy, oh boy!

Today we went to our weekly breakfast spot in Portland, Broder (which will be a hop, skip, and jump away from our new shop!)

Now the fun really begins of opening up a shop. The fun and all the real blood, sweat, and tears. Actually, it’s all been quite real even up to know. It will just be MORE of it.

Adored Vintage Outfit | 1.2.15

After breakfast Robby and I went to Schoolhouse Electric (what a neat place!) to go look at lighting fixtures for the new store. Since we are combining our shops together, we want to make sure the aesthetic of the future store isn’t TOO feminine or TOO masculine. It will lean more on the feminine side of course (shhh don’t tell Robby this, we can keep this between us, mmmkay?)

Then we went to Monticello Antiques to look for more shop fixtures. We have a few pieces already, but there are just a couple other big statement pieces we are looking for. We saw something we liked, but it’s already out of our budget.

And our store opening budget is really small. Like really small.

Adored Vintage

But you know what? We are going to do it. Because I refuse to allow a small detail such as lack of funds to open up a shop! Or rather lack of ENOUGH funds to make our dream shop come about.

You know what I find so absolutely, incredibly inspiring? When I see individual shopgirls (and guys) do before and after photos of their shops. This gives me so much hope! Sometimes I feel a little bit down that when the shop opens it won’t exactly be how we want it to be and we won’t have all the products we want…but then I think…

IT’S STILL GOING TO BE BEAUTIFUL! (you think so, right?!)

I talk and worry myself round the bend about all these things that at the end of the day no one notices (or probably cares) except me.

The bit of trouble is, I have gotten so used to this heightened sense of curation and design. I follow too many design blogs, instagram accounts, and Pinterest boards that my brain is now programmed to think only certain elements are deemed Instagram or Pinterest worthy.

Like LITERALLY part of my thought process is “Will people want to take a picture of this and share it with their friends?

Will someone PIN this?!

Hunting for Antique Shop Fixtures | Adored Vintage Hunting for Antique Shop Fixtures | Adored Vintage Hunting for Antique Shop Fixtures | Adored Vintage


You can follow @adoredvintage or @ornhansen on Instagram for the journey! Our shop will actually have an umbrella name which we will share soon enough!

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Inspiration for Photographing Vintage Shoes

There are a few things I dislike photographing for the shop.

VELVET Especially black velvet. (no matter what it always looks flatttt) 

HATS Mostly because I can’t decide how I want to shoot them. Mannequin head, by itself, on a hat stand. I go back and forth.

and last and probably my least favorite to photograph…

SHOES (as if you didn’t guess from the blog title)

I love how vintage shoe advertisements look so I’m using them as inspiration for photographing vintage shoes in the future. These look a bit like they’re doing a little dance step. J’adore!

1939-41 shoe ads

1939-41 shoe ads

These are charming standing poses. It reminds me of when I was on Drill Team (back in good ole Texas) and we would have to stand like this when we were in “relaxed” position.

1939-41 shoe ads

These are great sitting poses. I tried to do this but my feet just do not look as elegant when in this position which is such a shame because this is one of my favorites. They’re feet look like they’re wearing point shoes….pooooint.

1939-41 shoe ads

These are my absolute favorite. Pointed and posed with just a little flick of the heel. I feel like if I stand like this I would have to say “Ta-Da!” when I snap the photo. Or “Oh-la-LA!”

Image credits for above pictures from American Duchess

I love this sitting one too… but how to make it modern and relevant to now? (source)

Vintage Shoe Advertisement

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