Of Lingerie & Learning

Vintage Lingerie PreviewHere’s a little preview of vintage lingerie and loungewear arriving in the shop soon! There are a few kimonos in this bunch which are so glamorous to lounge around your home in. I’ll be honest, I am no kimono expert. But, I sort of figure you’re probably not either and you just like kimonos because, well, they’re so pretty!

Actually, I was informed by my friend Ashleigh who lived in Japan for a few years, that kimonos are always made of silk and any “kimono” made of cotton is called a YUKATA which is usually worn in the summer and is considered casual wear.


You know, I have to say, I don’t ever consider myself an expert in vintage clothing. I was actually thinking about this while I photographed this rack of vintage this afternoon. I don’t think anyone could be an EXPERT on VINTAGE clothes. There is just SO DAMN MUCH to know!

Every single day I learn something new about vintage and I get so excited about being able to store away that knowledge. Does it always stick, noooo… but then I relearn them. And sometimes relearn AGAIN.





Do I know more about vintage than the average gal, obviously. This IS what I do for a living. Do I know as much as say, Doris Raymond owner of The Way We Wore? No, not at all. Would I like to know how much she knows, HELL TO THE YEAH I do. But, I am also aware she’s been doing this for many decades longer than I have.

I am also quite aware that the best way for me to learn is to TEACH. So, I think I’ll probably start posting some things on this blog all about the things I am learning about vintage so you can learn along with me. Or better yet, TEACH¬†ME something. Also, I am open to being corrected. Just don’t be a dick about it. ūüôā



Which HAS happened and thou shall not be named. But COME ON, we can all learn a little something new everyday and NO ONE knows EVERYTHING, and if you claim you do, then good for you!

OH, and if you are curious: Learn more about the different types of Japanese Kimonos. I know I will be referencing this page when writing my product descriptions for the vintage kimonos available in the shop soon!


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A Shop Update | A Bit Like Spring


antique Victorian white lace high collar blouse


vintage 1920s yellow sheer crepe lace flapper dress

I’ve been in Portland for almost a whole week! And may I just say, I am in LOVE with her.¬†This morning I walked to¬†Bipartisan Cafe¬†and spent a good long while admiring the tree lined streets, the abundance and variety of flowers in my neighbors’ yards, how blue the sky was. I snapped photos to send to some of my friends back in California and I really wanted to write “Aren’t you so super jealous that I am walking around here?!”

Last night I tried to go see Mood Indigo in downtown Portland. I am talented at very many things, but¬†using my iPhone to navigate is not one of my best skills. In fact I’m still old school and look up directions to places before I go so I have some sort of idea as to where I am going. I don’t know WHAT was happening downtown, but it was MADNESS and I missed the movie because I spent 25 minutes driving around trying to find a parking spot.

But I didn’t even get annoyed! I was just like OH WELL, I guess I’ll drive around and get lost a bit and maybe will discover new places to try. See what I mean? I wasn’t¬†even mad at Portland for not having any parking to go see a movie at the dinner theater. If this were in Los Angeles a stream of obscenities would have flowed out of my mouth as I shook my fist at the sky shrieking “DAMN YOU LA! Damn you!!”

I warmed myself up a biscuit from Bob’s Red Mill, set out some butter and honey, and read a couple chapters of Louisa May Alcott’s “Eight Cousins.” The curtains were lightly dancing with the morning breeze, Redford was curled up by my feet…life is good.

This is one of the things I absolutely looked forward to the most about getting out of California… a slower paced life, taking time to enjoy the little things. After breakfast I did a bit of unpacking then¬†started the work day. Then did more unpacking… this will probably be what my days will be like for the next few weeks.


antique 1910s white cotton lace over jacket


vintage 1920s yellow green celluloid deco necklace


vintage 1930s celluloid yellow bow brooch


vintage 1930s cream plastic floral cluster brooch


vintage 1950s blue blossoms pleat sundress


vintage 1970s lace crochet button up blouse


vintage 1970s muted pastel floral wrap dress


vintage 1970s yellow indian cotton boho blouse


vintage 1980s silk dolman sleeve lingerie robe

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The last flea market

longbeachfleamarket-1 longbeachfleamarket-2 longbeachfleamarket-4 longbeachfleamarket-5

This past Sunday was the Long Beach Flea Market¬†which is one of my favorite flea markets in Southern California. It’s a smaller more doable version of the Rose Bowl flea market and quite frankly not as expensive! I’ve scored many a vintage deals at the Long Beach flea and when I am in Portland I will miss attending this monthly event!

The flea market is always a great source for vintage! There have been times I’ve gone and I have scored an entire rack of amazingness! Of course there have been times I’ve gone and it’s slim pickings and I just shrug it off and try again the next month.

Not only is the flea market a great source for vintage clothes, it is also wonderful for antique decor and furniture! The antique screen divider pictured above I had a short love affair with, but since I am moving, I am not so keen on buying more furniture to load up into a truck that I have a feeling will already be quite overpacked!


longbeachfleamarket-7 longbeachfleamarket-8


The two dresses pictured above I didn’t pick up, but perhaps another vintage seller/collector picked them up! Upon closer inspection the 1930s polka dot maxi dress had too many flaws including holes and tears along the hem and up to the knees and color bleeding. Too bad too, it is such a lovely dress otherwise! The ruffled dress had several oil spots on the skirt. I think these would have come out with a good cleaning, but the seller wanted $100 for this dress and I couldn’t quite risk that price tag if those oil stains weren’t going to come out!

However, I did come home with PLENTY of other goodies… which will all be in the shop soon!


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What’s left

adoredvintage-whatsleft-studio-1 adoredvintage-whatsleft-studio-2 adoredvintage-whatsleft-studio-4 adoredvintage-whatsleft-studio-5 adoredvintage-whatsleft-studio-3 adoredvintage-whatsleft-studio

Most of the back stock vintage clothes have been packed away and neatly labeled for the new home. I was trying to get motivated enough to photograph some new vintage arrivals but instead I walked around and photographed the studio in it’s current state. It still feels very, very full and¬†there is still plenty to do! However, seeing the sparse blank spaces allows me to let out a sigh of relief because the end is in sight.

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