of hats & lavender


Quite some time ago I came across this photo of a very large straw hat that was traditionally worn by women who harvested lavender in Provence (here is the pic). And my heart just soared! You must know by now dear friend how much I adore hats and this was like the MOTHER of all straw hats. So then began my many months of searching for a large floppy straw hat with a black ribbon.

My search finally came to a fruitful end when my friends at Urban Americana (an antique mall in Long Beach, CA…please do visit them, they are so wonderful!) had just the sort of hat I was searching for! And how very fitting that next weekend (June 28th) I will be popping up at Shop Summer Camp in Ojai, California during the annual Ojai Lavender Festival! Isn’t this so serendipitous? Gosh, I love when things like this just work out without meaning to!

So here I am, wearing my very large straw hat for a promo picture for the vintage pop-up in Ojai!




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