Memories in Marseille | A Shop Update

This coming weekend my gal pals and I are getting all dressed up in 1920s and 1930s Jazz Age styles for the New Deal Weekend Prohibition Picnic in Portland. So, naturally, the recent shop updates are all vintage 1920s and 1930s since thats where my mind is at right now.

So to begin, some VINTAGE DRESSES from the 1920s and 1930s and one antique top!


vintage 1930s JADE POSIES dress


vintage 1920s BELLE OF HONFLEUR dress


vintage 1930s FOLLY OF THE SEA knit set


vintage 1990s 30s revival SORELLA CANYON dress


antique 1910s/20s ERNESTINE blouse

Some up close details… because they’re just so very pretty!

vintageclothindetails-721And some VINTAGE ACCESSORIES to finish off your Jazz Age Lawn Party, Prohibition Picnic, Gatsby Afternoon…whatever wonderful vintage themed party you are attending this summer!


vintage 1920s MEMORIES IN MARSEILLE cloche


vintage 1930s LACED ANEMONE hat


vintage 1930s CASULON HILL hat


vintage 1930s POMPION ARC clutch


vintage 1930s DERRY MANOR bag

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July in Dordogne | A Shop Update

I’m getting back into the doing regular shop updates again! Meaning somewhat themed shop updates because you know I love to color code and I love telling a narrative through clothing. So without further ado, here are some new arrivals in the shop!


vintage 1940s MANNERS MATTER dress


vintage 1950s JULY IN DORDOGNE dress


vintage 1980s SOUTHERN COASTS dress


Here are some new TOPS in the shop!


vintage 1950s CLEAR AS DAY blousevintage 1970s BEULL LAKE topvintage inspired POEM FOR ADELAIDE top

And here are a few VINTAGE SKIRTS in the shop!

Vintage Skirts at Adored Vintage

vintage 1940s PRAGUE DISTRICTS skirtvintage 1970s PEACH MOSELLE skirtvintage 1980s PICKERING ROWS skirt

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New Arrivals | Vintage Swimwear


As the summer days get longer and hotter, all we want to do is frolic on the beach. Whether we are surfing or just soaking up the sun, we love doing it with our friends. There is nothing better than the sound of the waves crashing and sand between our toes.

And, of course, it is best to do it in style. The bright colors of our new vintage swimsuits really invoke this sense of summer fun.

Here are two other styles:


Image Credits:

1.] Fashion Forward: 1950s Swimsuits | Little Gold Pixel via Pinterest
2.] vintage 1960s purple polka dot bikini from Adored Vintage
3.] vintage 1990s neon coral ruffle swimsuit from Adored Vintage
4.] Jean Patchet and friend, 1950s | via Pinterest
5.] Jantzen Swimwear 1965 | via Pinterest
6.] vintage 1950s green polka dot bathing suit from Adored Vintage
7.] Frolicking on the beach 1960s | via Pinterest

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Vintage lingerie & Morning Coffee




I’ll be quite honest, I’ve been stressed lately. And it’s OK. I actually don’t stress out about things that often, but recently, even for me, I’m feeling a lot on my plate.

So, naturally, I retreat into pretty beautiful things. It relaxes me. It calms me down. It allows me to make sense of chaos I can’t quite grapple right now.

A desire to minimize, clean, and organize is bubbling up within me. And Spring still seems so far away but it will be here very soon (but not soon enough!)

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Simple Pleasures | A Shop Update

➸ new 1940s vintage SIMPLE PLEASURE blouse |

➸ new 1940s vintage SIMPLE PLEASURE blouse |

I am still quite in disbelief the end of 2014 is so fast approaching! It seems just like yesterday I was packing up and getting ready to go to Arizona for Christmas (and came across a super amazing vintage haul in the process). The past few weeks have gone by in a bit of a blur. I’ve been working non-stop and lately feeling like I’m running on fumes.

I am sure many independent shopkeepers can attest to this…working on all cylinders and then suddenly having to crash and needing a major weekend of rejuvenation to reinvigorate the spirits.

Said weekend is coming up for me. Maybe. I’ll take some real time off and enjoy some more simple things. Like finishing up a couple of books I’ve started, practicing my embroidery, and starting up on calligraphy!

Vintage Clothing from Adored Vintage

➸ new 1940s vintage INDIGO MOONBEAMS dress |

Vintage Clothing from Adored Vintage

➸ new 1940s vintage SCALLOP LITERATURE dress |

Vintage Clothing from Adored Vintage

➸ new 1950s vintage ONYX PETALS necklace |

Vintage Clothing from Adored Vintage

➸ new 1970s vintage BLACKMOOR GARDEN dress |

Vintage Clothing from Adored Vintage

➸ new 1990s vintage COMMON SLATE skirt |

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