A Shop Update | Ode to August




It has been over 3 weeks since I have moved to Portland and it really hasn’t sunk in yet. Perhaps it is because I don’t live right in the thick of things. When we would visit here we always went to the very touristy places off Division, 23rd, Burnside… and now that I am a resident of Portland… I’ve been spending more time at the farmer’s market, Home Depot, and TRYING to navigate WITHOUT my GPS. Without success.

The other day I went downtown and drove by the Portland, Oregon sign. You know the one, the one with the deer on it! The first time I saw it was during November and the city had put a red light on its nose. So, literally, up until…I saw it again, the Summer after, I just thought it was Rudolf.

Ha ha ha. I am easily gullible. And easily amused. Obviously. 

adoredvintage-shopupdate-dresses-01 adoredvintage-shopupdate-dresses-02 adoredvintage-shopupdate-dresses-03 adoredvintage-shopupdate-dresses


I’m waiting for the weather to hurry up and cool down already! And everyone keeps telling me “OH it’s COMING!” But seriouslyyyy… I have not seen an Autumn…like a REAL Autumn in over a decade!!! The anticipation of Fall is making me dislike summer very much.

See, August, this shop update is dedicated to you! An ODE to you, so hurry on up and be over, and let’s get to the pretty changing of leaves already!

By the way, let me just slip on my VINTAGE-PRODUCT-PHOTOGRAPHER hat so I can whine about how annoying it is to redo and get used to a whole new way of shooting product photos when you move somewhere new.

Perhaps it was because last year I moved SO MUCH and had to do this process SO OFTEN, that this time around I was nearly in tears trying to get the lighting right.

The plus side of the new house is that it has lots of beautiful natural light. Unfortunately most of that natural beautiful light is not in the room I had originally dedicated to be the “photo taking” room.

So, in a Tim Gunn “make-it-work” moment, I shuffled off to Ikea to pick up some makeshift studio supplies then drove downtown to a camera supply store to get a couple more supplies.


adoredvintage-vintageshopupdate-aug_02 adoredvintage-vintageshopupdate-aug-01 adoredvintage-vintageshopupdate-aug-03


The truth is, I know most of you wouldn’t even notice the things I get the most antsy about. I’m quite a hard critic on myself and hold myself up to impossible standards on a low budget and without formal training.

I’m a perfectionist to the point where I annoy myself. Well, actually, I’m a perfectionist about CERTAIN things. My desk is never ever tidy. And it will be a cold day in Hell when I can actually keep a manicure for at least 24 hours.



THIS shop update, if you DIDN’T NOTICE, and now I am going to POINT OUT, is shot in two different rooms at different times of the day because I was trying to see which lighting I liked better.

But after redoing several dresses, I finally threw my hands up in the air and possibly yanked some hairs out of my head (just kidding, I’m not CRAZY you guys!) and just posted the shop update with two different tones.

I hope you didn’t notice. But now you will because I TOLD YOU. Le siggghhhh.

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A Shop Update | Rest On Your Laurels


On Sunday I had gone to an estate sale in SW Portland, way up in the hills. I had gone on the last day of the estate sale knowing that most of the really amazing things would be gone, but I just wasn’t in the mood to get up really early and hoist myself up to the sale at 8 in the morning on Friday.

And besides, I decided to go on a wee little vintage hunting expedition on Friday instead!

Which was WONDERFUL.

antique1910sedwardiancreamlaceblouse_etsyantique 1910s Edwardian cream silk crepe lace blouse

The vintage finds on this trip… pretty great although slim pickings, not gonna lie. (If you follow Adored Vintage on Instagram, there are some peeks there!) I drove many, many hours to net the catch I got and every piece was worth it!

vintage1930sblacksilkvelveteveningdress_etsyvintage 1930s black silk velvet ruched evening dress

vintage1930smintgreenblackprintdaydress_etsyvintage 1930s mint green black print day dress

vintage1930syellowrayondresswithleaves_etsyvintage 1930s yellow rayon belted dress with leaves

The drive…oh I felt as if I were driving through a picture book of some sort! To me there is something so exciting about exploring new territories on your own accord. To just have a general idea of where you’re going to go then just drive and go with the flow. I re-listened to some of my favorite The History Chicks podcasts, sang along to my “Sing IT Girl” playlist (catchy pop songs up the wazoo!), and drove like a grandma so I could enjoy the green green green all around me.

One of the shops I stopped I remember walking in and feeling a sense of magic all around. Have you ever done that? You walk in somewhere and just inherently know “Yes…yessss. You GET me.” It was in an old building with large front windows and an arched window above the doors. And all the walls were painted white even the brick. And large pieces of antique dark wood furniture about and marble top tables and perfectly worn in velvet chairs. And this ONE tufted floral chair that I would have happily paid top dollar for but the shop owner gave me that little smile and I knew what that smile said.

Isn’t it lovely? And she’s miiiine. Not for sale dearie.

vintage1940sblacksheersilkchiffondress_etsyvintage 1940s black sheer silk chiffon dress

vintage1940shuntergreensheerbeadeddress_etsyvintage 1940s hunter green sheer beaded party dress

I remember being in this shop and just feeling like it was MY shop. I mean, I KNOW it wasn’t MINE, but that someday I would have a shop just like it. Lots and lots of light, a beautiful sparseness about it, antiques and vintage paired off together that looks inviting and beckons you to “come, sit a spell, try me on, let’s talk awhile.” There was a messiness and a neatness I liked about it. It just felt like home.

I had every intention of stopping at one of the local small town eateries. There definitely were plenty of mom and pop cafes I encountered, but I kept thinking… there IS treasure out there and I MUST get to it before someone else does!

So I shushed my hungry stomach, drank more coffee, and forged on. It wasn’t until 6:30 PM that I realized I hadn’t had anything to eat but toast and two cups of coffee so I was famished and well, I succumbed to eating McDonalds because it was convenient and I was starting to get lightheaded.

vintage1960spastellaceminidress_etsyvintage 1960s pastel lace mini dress

vintage1970svividfloralcottonsummerskirt_etsyvintage 1970s vivid floral cotton summer skirt

vintage1980screamcardiganwithtulips_etsyvintage 1980s cream cardigan with tulip detail

Dammit! When I think of those pressed paninis and fresh baked pies I passed up! I’m stuffing my face with salty french fries (oh WHY Whyyy do you have to be so good french fries?) and head on back to Portland, the trunk of my car happily filled with lots of antique and vintage goodies which will be unveiled to all soon enough!

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