Vintage Shop Update | Holiday Soiree

This week’s vintage shop update, the Holiday Soiree Collection, features all the elegant, classic, and festive wears for all the parties you’ll be attending.

It’s snowing here in Portland at the moment, so that means the whole city is shutting down. Roads are closed, children are sledding on the street instead of at school, and we’re working from home. There’s a fire going in my fireplace and my partner is putting candy canes on our Christmas tree as snow falls outside and wind whistles around the house.

The holidays are here. I can’t stop repeating that in my head. They’re here! Finally! It truly is one of the most wonderful times of the year. I love seeing red noses, everyone bundled up, and baking materials on the end of every isle.

It’s a time of the year about cheer, gathering, and getting all dolled up for a night out to celebrate the year, family, and love by sipping some bubbly champagne, what more can one ask for? vintage 1960s green silk plaid dress | Dear December Dress

2. vintage 1950s navy layered silk chiffon party dress | Air of Mystery Dress

3. vintage 1950s brown fur stole cape | Era of Decadence Cape

4. vintage 1950s black felt dots tulle party dress | Amusement Follies Dress

5. vintage 1960s red rhinestone studded skater dress | Holiday Lights Dress

6. vintage 1940s black velvet skirt with appliqués | Lights Over the City Skirt

7. vintage 1970s Lilli Diamond gown with rhinestone accents | Frosted Champagne Dress

8. vintage 1940s navy star print day dress | Starry Eyed Dress

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Adored Vintage Black Friday Weekend Sale

Adored Vintage | Black Friday Weekend Sale

Instead of doing the same old, same old for the biggest shopping days of the year, we thought it would be more fun to do a scavenger hunt around the website for discounts!

Discounts range from 10% OFF to 40% OFF your entire purchase, so try to find them all!

Black Friday Sale at Adored Vintage goes through Cyber Monday…and each code can be used ONCE per customer… except the 40% OFF. There are only FIVE OF THOSE, so be speedy!

Happy Hunting! And MOST OF ALL Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

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Vintage Shop Arrivals | Ladylike Autumn


Where did November go you guys? I literally felt like it was JUST Halloween and I was dressed up like Eliza Doolittle and dancing around the studio with “dirt” on my face.

Ahh well, life moves on. And the Presidential election happened. Yep. THAT happened. However, this is not the place, nor will it really ever be, to discuss politics, so, let’s press on, shall we?

We have been adding so many new arrivals in the shop, both vintage clothing and accessories and modern vintage inspired clothing from our recent buying trip in L.A. If we listed ALL the new arrivals here, it would take too long, so here are just the most recent ones!

vintage 1970s Lilli Diamond gown with rhinestone accents | Frosted Champagne Dress


antique 1910s filet lace shirtwaist blouse | Verviers Society Blouse


vintage 1980s charccoal grey pleat skirt | Forever True Skirt


vintage yellow large floral print haori robe | Drifting Garlands Robe


vintage 1950s floral coat with hood | Scattered Rosehips Coat

antique 1910s lace midi petticoat skirt

antique 1910s lace midi petticoat skirt | De Volange Skirt

And I also shot a WHOLE BUNCH of vintage shoes most from the 1930s and 1940s, so here is just a sampling. So many more in the shop!

Vintage Shoes

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Vintage Shop Update | The Turning of the Leaves

adoredvintage_newarrivals_10-24-16As the leave continue to turn, so do our wardrobes. Today’s shop update includes a mix of cotton, wool, and silk! Pieces great for the in betweens of warmer and cooler weather. We have lots of vintage pieces, with a touch of a vintage inspired modern piece! Here are some of our favorites, and click here to see more.


  1. Vintage 1930s Ukrainian Gauze Boho Top

  2. Vintage Inspired Dusty Rose Faux Suede Cardigan

  3. Vintage 1950s Ivory Sequined Beaded Shell Knit Top

  4. Antique 1910s White Cotton Eyelet Rows Skirt

  5. Vintage 1970s Ecru Lace Robe

  6. Vintage Inspired Saffron Yellow Embroidered Top

  7. Vintage 1950s Curled Wool Fur Collar Coat

  8. Antique 1920s Sky Blue Embroidered Blouse

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Coming Soon! Vintage Inspired Jewelry at Adored Vintage

I’m expanding the collection of vintage inspired wares from just pretty vintage inspired dresses to vintage inspired jewelry!

Of course, this is my first real go at this, so I’m hoping it’s well received. Personally, I am in love with every piece! I love how delicate and minimal these pieces are. I’m not one for statement jewelry, so I wanted to bring in vintage inspired jewelry that is light and feminine to go with the vintage inspired clothing now at Adored Vintage.


Admittedly, vintage inspired jewelry is kind of a loaded statement. What exactly is vintage inspired jewelry anyway? I suppose there are certain pieces from the past that define an era for jewelry. Most notably long beaded necklaces immediately make you think of the 1920s and a string of pearls makes you think of the 1950s.

I think for me, vintage inspired jewelry is more about encapsulating a feeling of vintage. Classic, timeless, and a little whimsical.


The vintage inspired locket necklaces have their obvious references. A bit of Art Deco details, filigree, and they have an antiqued finish.

Minimal Hammered Golden Ring - Adored Vintage

Vintage inspired rings will be a bit more challenging. I haven’t been able to find a lot of pretty ones I like. Perhaps it is because the rings I tend to gravitate towards are those from the 1930s and earlier… ahh well, I will continue searching high and low for you vintage loving gals!

Shop Vintage & Vintage Inspired Jewelry at Adored Vintage

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