Vintage Shop Update | Storybook Touch

I’ve been on a vintage shop update roll! It has actually been a personal goal of mine to get 200 (or slightly more than that) new arrivals in the shop this month and so far I’m at 80+. I’ve been regularly adding a lot of vintage accessories and vintage jewelry lately as I have quite a lot of these things, but I oddly enough don’t add them to the shop too often! And so… I am working on remedying this!

Vintage Shop Arrivals | Storybook Touch

I haven’t done a themed shop update in awhile, so I decided to do one today. Here are the shop links! The stockings are a rare find from the 1940s by Beautiful Bryans Hosiery and in the 40s, Salvador Dali did the ad campaign! Isn’t that amazing?

  1. vintage 1950s celery green pleated nylon blouse
  2. vintage 1990s romantic battenburg lace duster jacket
  3. vintage 1950s cream cardigan with pastel floral beading
  4. vintage 1950s pale pink velvet flocked floral skirt
  5. antique 1910s crochet yoke drawstring camisole top
  6. vintage 1940s peach stitched brassiere
  7. vintage 1940s ivory silk lace trimmed tap shorts
  8. vintage 1940s Bryans black footed seamed nylon stockings
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Vintage Shop Update | Verse on Etiquette

This week’s vintage shop update features some of my favorite themes. Muted soft hues, romantic silhouettes, and florals! The darling tan polka dot Suzy Perette dress has been in my possession for quite some time as it required some mends here and there and finally I have mended it enough for it to be passed on to the next lucky gal! Doesn’t it remind you a bit of the dress Julia Roberts wears in Pretty Woman to the horse races? Well, the color and polk dots anyway.

Adored Vintage - Vintage Shop Update

  1. vintage 1990s pale green floral maxi dress | Dovecote Cottage Dress
  2. vintage 1950s cream beaded floral cardigan | Delight in Flowers Cardigan
  3. vintage 1950s tan polka dot Suzy Perette dress | Verse on Etiquette Dress
  4. vintage 1930s scenic ancient ruins tapestry purse | Temple Views Purse
  5. vintage 1930s silver moss agate deco ring | Token of Enchantment Ring
  6. vintage 1930s Hungarian embroidered peasant blouse | Applied Arts Blouse
  7. vintage 1950s light peach rhinestone studded lace dress | Rose Verite Dress
  8. vintage 1980s light brown suede peep toe heels | Edge of Reason Heels
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Vintage Shop Update | Romance of Glenrothes

This week’s vintage shop update reminds me of late summer and early autumn. Which is a bit interesting since the summer season just began! Anyhow, I thought there are people in the Southern Hemisphere who are experiencing Fall and Winter so why not cater to their seasons as much as my current season…


  1. vintage 1960s camel tan margay fur trimmed coat | The Otherwyld Coat
  2. vintage 1970s brown knit I. Magnin dress | Turkish Coffee Dress
  3. vintage 1940s buttercream rayon lace insert blouse | Les Marguerites Blouse
  4. vintage 1930s rose pink knit ensemble set | Romance of Glenrothes Set
  5. vintage 1960s brown orange leaf print cotton skirt | Hemlock and Laurel Skirt
  6. vintage 1960s Vera orange novelty animal print scarf | Autumn Menagerie Scarf
  7. vintage 1930s molded celluloid cameos necklace | Fortune Charms Necklace
  8. vintage 1960s Henry Pollack ribboned cloche hat | Popular Opinion Cloche
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Vintage Shop Update | Step to It!

It has been quite a long time since I have added new shoes to the shop. Do you care to know why? Well, wether you care or not I will tell you! It is because photographing shoes has always been something I hated doing. However, I have finally found a way of photographing shoes that works for me. VOILA!

Adored Vintage | Vintage Shoes

After trying several different ways of photographing the vintage shoes in the shop, I have settled on this style. While it’s not all together special, it’s quicker than shooting them on my feet or against multiple different backdrops. And so, long live the white backdrop!


The one thing I do like about photographing vintage shoes this way is that it looks entirely my own. I mean, I know other online stores shoot shoes in a similar fashion, but I don’t know of any other online vintage shops! So, a project for Adored Vintage will be to eventually rephotographing all the shoes in the shop so they all look the same. I adore consistency!

Adored Vintage | Vintage Shop Update | Step to It!

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Eastpointe Garden | A Vintage Shop Update

Lots of new pretty spring and summer pieces in the shop this month! We have some 90 degree weather coming at us here in Portland, what’s your spring looking like in your part of the world? We’ve updated our home goods and accessories as well, so skip over to our shop and take a look!

tweet_antique1910sembroideredpleatedcollarblouseantique 1910s Edwardian butterfly embroidered top

tweet_antique1910sirisembroideredpeplumtopantique 1910s Edwardin iris embroidered peplum blouse

tweet_vintagebasketvintage basket with hinge handles

tweet_vintage1940sivorysilkembroideredblousevintage 1940s light ivory silk embroidered blouse

tweet_vintage1960svibrantjonathanlogandressvintage 1960s vibrant print Jonathan Logan dress

tweet_vintagecutoutsuedehellsvintage 1970s blush pink cut out suede heels

tweet_vintagewireeiffeltowervintage wire eiffel tower

tweet_vintage1970screamfloralgunnesaxdressvintage 1970s cream floral Gunne Sax boho dress

tweet_vintage1960syellowstripedsummerseparatesvintage 1950s yellow striped summer separates


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