Inspiration for Photographing Vintage Shoes

There are a few things I dislike photographing for the shop.

VELVET Especially black velvet. (no matter what it always looks flatttt) 

HATS Mostly because I can’t decide how I want to shoot them. Mannequin head, by itself, on a hat stand. I go back and forth.

and last and probably my least favorite to photograph…

SHOES (as if you didn’t guess from the blog title)

I love how vintage shoe advertisements look so I’m using them as inspiration for photographing vintage shoes in the future. These look a bit like they’re doing a little dance step. J’adore!

1939-41 shoe ads

1939-41 shoe ads

These are charming standing poses. It reminds me of when I was on Drill Team (back in good ole Texas) and we would have to stand like this when we were in “relaxed” position.

1939-41 shoe ads

These are great sitting poses. I tried to do this but my feet just do not look as elegant when in this position which is such a shame because this is one of my favorites. They’re feet look like they’re wearing point shoes….pooooint.

1939-41 shoe ads

These are my absolute favorite. Pointed and posed with just a little flick of the heel. I feel like if I stand like this I would have to say “Ta-Da!” when I snap the photo. Or “Oh-la-LA!”

Image credits for above pictures from American Duchess

I love this sitting one too… but how to make it modern and relevant to now? (source)

Vintage Shoe Advertisement

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Feminine, romantic, and super fancy: The Edwardian Era

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

I adore the Edwardian era. Absolutely ADORE it. BTW, for definition sake, the Edwardian era was the period between 1901-1910 when King Edward VII of England ruled. But a lot of historians and vintage sellers extend the Edwardian era into the 1910s. So for this blog post, I’m considering into the teens still Edwardian.

Moving on…

I see images of women from the 1900s-1910s and just find them all to be so beautiful, ethereal, and idyllic. While I sometimes wish we could go back to wearing such beautiful romantic styles, it’s not very realistic. I imagine when you’re dressed as dreamily as this the only thing you can do is needlework, drink copious amounts of tea, write letters using quill and ink, and sit around trying not to damage your delicate frock.

It sure is lovely to look at though.

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

This is what I would wear if I was a gentlewoman of considerable means and it’s Saturday.

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

 Oh goodness, look at this gown! This gown of silk and lace dates to  early 1900s. The color is so stunning, like a sage gold! And the lace work with the pink on the roses. And don’t get me started on those sheer scalloped sleeves with the bead trim! I just imagine how one would have to walk in this dress. I suppose you would just have to slowly glide about imagining you’re a fairy of some sort. I know I would.

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

Oh God! Look at that LACE! Do you SEE that LACE?! I don’t even know what kind of lace that is. Battenburg? Who knows. Who really cares. It’s stunnnnnnning. (source)

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

Halloween costumes of the Edwardian era? Or just your typical weekend garb to a themed dinner party? Doesn’t matter. I want to wear it. (source)

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

Silk satin gown in one of my favorite colors ever. And look at the fur trim. It’s basically your winter dress. You will freeze to death. BUT you will look splendid. (source)

Edwardian shoes

Even the shoes were super fancy and girly. Gold metallic thread on silk with gold ribbon laces. OBVIOUSLY. (source)

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

We so fancy! (source)

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

The BOWLING PIN skirt. Hehe! Now I know what this is called! And checkout that embroidery. Also, did you realize this is for a dress PATTERN. That means gals sewed these for themselves. I can’t even… (source)

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

Oh jeez. Oh man. Where do I even begin on how much I adore this dress. Lace, roses, sequins, silk, my favorite skirt silhouette ever… this is what I imagine the Queen Fairy of some magical mythical garden in Britain wears. And she has a euphonious name that rolls off your tongue like honey. (source)

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

This is the detail of her other dress. (source)

 Lily Elsie

I’m wrapping up this Edwardian fashion inspiration post with a colorized photo of the beautiful Lily Elsie. She’s my Edwardian girl crush. Lily Elsie was an English singer and actress during the Edwardian era. She wore a Lucile gown on her wedding day (which she actually hated, LOL). I’ll do a more in depth blog post on Lily Elsie some other time. She’s pretty wonderful. (source)

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Antique Embroidery & Sample Books


I’ve been wanting to learn how to embroider for several months now and I remember before moving to Portland I had promised myself to make time to do all these things I’ve been wanting to do.

Like learn flower arranging (check), learn how to use a pottery wheel (working on this), and learn how to embroider (on it!)

Last week I went to Fabric Depot and picked up several embroidery threads based on a 1940s pressed flower art piece I have. I’ll have to post photos of my progress on my current vintage dress revitalization progress… but for now I wanted to share some really stunning antique and vintage embroidery samples that just have me swooning.

The art of embroidery I feel has long been forgotten by most women. I’ve always thought the idea of it was so romantic and pleasant. I think of being tucked away in a garden cottage with a hot cup of tea nearby and passing a rainy day away with my needle and thread.

Have you ever taken up embroidery? Do you think it’s really old fashioned?


Detail Waistcoat embroidery, suit, 1774-1793, French, silk (source)


Samples of stitches (source)


Antique embroidery from 1797, isn’t this just so exquisite? I adore the colors. (source)

0f771a6672721fa4f9d7e7552586258e 81b029f41982dec75c7020a1f742876cThese two samples are just so amazing! I’ll have to give ribbon work a try eventually! I just think these would be so lovely embroidered along a vintage skirt hem, don’t you think? (source)


Embroidery on a jacket from 1775-1780. Isn’t this just so simple and lovely? I love the touch of the sequins too. (source)



I think my next project will be a monotone embroidery piece. I love how this looks. Would be terrific on a 1920s dress or an Edwardian dress that has a few spots that need to be disguised.

c93de3ef40897c03fb606ac67b0dabacOh my gosh, this is just so gorgeous! Look at the ribbon work, it looks like it’s liquid! (source)


Antique tambour embroidery work on an 18th century satin waistcoat. (source)


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Adoring Grace Kelly on her 85th Birthday


Today would have been vintage style icon Grace Kelly’s 85th birthday. I’ve always admired Grace Kelly’s pulled together collegiate style. I love wearing vintage 1950s shirt dresses but I don’t think I quite embody them the same way Grace Kelly did.

Now, I’ll be honest. I don’t really GET why a lot of women freak out over Grace Kelly (don’t throw tomatoes!) I think she has great style, but what else? There’s not much else known about her. She always appears cold and a bit of an ice queen to me. So distant. Perhaps that has something to do with her affluent Catholic upbringing?



There are is a biography out there that paints the virginal Grace Kelly in a completely different light. Like she was known to sleep with men on first dates (remember, this is the 50s!), she had affairs with many men in Hollywood all much older than her, apparently because she had Daddy issues.

Now, I don’t know about you, but it just seems a little hard to believe. I mean, she just looks like the perfect image of politeness and properness. Doesn’t she?

And besides, I’d rather believe that she was kind and good but very reserved.

Happy 85th birthday Grace Kelly!





If you would like to read more about Grace Kelly, the not so pristine side of things, there is an article here Scandalous Women: Grace Kelly – America’s Princess

All these images are from this Grace Kelly pinterest board (which has over 1,000 Grace Kelly photos…)


I really adore the suit Grace Kelly wore during her 16 minute long civil wedding ceremony. Of course I always admire a woman who wears mostly neutral colors, and Grace Kelly loved her muted hues! But I do have to say, she looked absolutely stunning in red.



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from the archives: Adored Vintage Autumn Lookbook 2012

Adored Vintage Lookbook Autumn 2012

It’s Throwback Thursday! I never know what to post for #tbt because I have ZERO baby photos of me and maybe a handful of adolescent photos all of which I can’t locate. So while  I perused through ye olde computer files I came across the first lookbook I styled and photographed for Adored Vintage when I decided to take this full time 2 years ago!

I really love that this Autumn Vintage lookbook is still relevant to what Adored Vintage looks like today. It’s nice to know that the feeling of Adored Vintage hasn’t changed much. It’s romantic, pretty, inspired by flowers, and unfussy.

Adored Vintage Lookbook 2012 Adored Vintage Lookbook 2012

Adored Vintage Lookbook 2012 Adored Vintage Lookbook 2012

Adored Vintage Lookbook 2012 Adored Vintage Lookbook 2012

Adored Vintage Lookbook 2012 Adored Vintage Lookbook 2012 Adored Vintage Lookbook 2012

Adored Vintage Lookbook 2012 Adored Vintage Lookbook 2012 Adored Vintage Lookbook 2012

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