Vintage Inspired Fashion | Luisa Beccaria Spring 2016 RTW


I recently started following designer Luisa Beccaria’s Instagram account and I just need to spend some time and really gush over how absolutely beautiful it all is. Feminine, dreamlike, and oh so romantic. As you know, I don’t really give a fig about modern day fashion so I never keep up with it. However, when I do find something I like, I tend to dive full in, obsess a bit, and I’m a fan for life.

The runway looks from Luisa Beccaria Spring 2016 RTW just had me all goo goo eyed! It’s so very, very girlie! I was actually a little surprised how drawn I was to this collection because the colors are much brighter than I usually prefer.

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Make Do & Mend

In the good old days clothing was rarely thrown away and garments were mended, repaired, and repurposed. Now we live in a time of fast fashion, we consume and discard. Rinse and repeat. I’m not wagging a finger at fast fashion, I’ve occasionally purchased a thing or two at Forever 21 and H&M because let’s be honest, we all like cheap thrills every once in awhile. You know, I have a crewneck knit top from Forever 21 that I have had for nearly SIX years. And it’s still holding up. I can scarcely believe it myself!

Adored Vintage | Make Do & Mend

Anyhow, this post is meant to be about one of my summer projects that I briefly outlined in this post. No. 3: Embroider a few 1920s dresses that are a bit too plain. However, in this case it is a 1920s slip.

I posted it over on Snapchat, which I have yet to figure out how to navigate and use. I am constantly accidentally shutting it off or swiping the wrong way. Have I just hit my “glass ceiling of technology“? Like, I could figure out Instagram…but what is this newfangled Snapchat you whipper snappers are talking about? Je suis vieux? 

Adored Vintage | Make Do & Mend

Adored Vintage | Make Do & Mend

Adored Vintage | Make Do & Mend

The mess I made while doing this little project (no, it is not complete, I will post progress photos!) was so pretty so thus, it had to be documented.

After I spent about 40 minutes finding inspiration and sketching a rough outline of the embroidery work I want to do, I realized my initial stitches are way too large! I studied a few embroidered vintage lingerie pieces I already own, and next to those…my own stitches look like a cavewoman did them.

Ahh, woe is me mes amis! Shall I undo them or leave them be? The stitches on the bottom stem are a bit too taught. The thing is, there was a large tear here and I needed to stitch it up! Embroidering something lovely over a tear or hole is much more becoming than just plain stitches.

Adored Vintage | Make Do & Mend

Adored Vintage | Make Do & Mend

Adored Vintage | Make Do & Mend

I’ve only done one side, so on Sunday perhaps I will make more petite stitches on the other side. Then on to the leaves. I really enjoy embroidering leaves!

It was a very moody day at the studio today and I quite enjoyed milling about, taking a few product photos, doing a few mends on my very large collection of “vintage-that-needs-rescuing” and watching copious amounts of my favorite Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot!

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Style Inspiration: Pastoral Paintings

I often look to paintings from the 19th century depicting pastoral, peasant, and farm life for outfit inspiration. I love the muted tones, the worn in cloth, and the simple patterns. Most of the ideas I get for my Autumn and Winter wardrobe are borrowed from paintings of shepherd and farm girls by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (French).


Style Inspiration | Pastoral

The wonderful thing about these looks are they are very easy to recreate and they are forever classics! A long a-line skirt, a simple blouse, a shawl, and (HUZZAH) bare feet!

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Vintage Inspiration | To Be a Bride

I love looking at old photos of brides. The photographs themselves were fairly simple back then. Just a full length portrait of the bride wearing her dress, sometimes with a bouquet or her man next to her. Although the photographs were no fuss, the dresses, accessories and even flowers were so lavishly decadent.


Look at the lace on this dress! Holy moly. I could stare at this photo for hours. The sleeves are so beautiful, and the light hits it so perfectly. I love how her hair is up with adornments. It reminds me of the work of our sister bridal adornment company, Esther Jean. If you love this vintage bride look, you would love her work.

IMG_6958Finishing Touch Pins | Bacchanele Hair Combs

IMG_6957Poema Cava Wedding Dress


Look at these huge calla lillies! And this veil! Goodness.

IMG_6956Wondrous Place Dress


Although this dress looks simple and white, if you look close enough you can see it has lace throughout. I love the high neck on it. Vintage bridal bouquets were so beautiful. I love how they cascade with greens and blooms. I’m glad that natural look is coming back. Another one of Adored Vintage’s sister companies is RUE ANAFEL. They specialize in old world and vintage inspired floral design.


To shop out bridal page on our website!

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Vintage Shop Update | 1970s Folklore

bohominstrels-29This week’s shop arrival is inspired by being able to spend time outside in the warmer weather and the flowers blooming all around us (flowers are involved, always!). Many of our new arrivals have been very 70s folklore, pieces that make us want to prance around a meadow, play ukulele by the river, and lounge comfortably in cotton and floral prints.


Endearing Spring SkirtWandering Spirit DressPaisley Shore Scarf | A Bit Of Blue Blouse

Lady Nevells Top | Asters Everywhere TopThe Meadow Florist Dress | Bonds Of Friendship Top

Great Lengths DressKeukenhof Gardens Dress | Embroidered Fables Top | Valse-Musette Skirt

bohominstrels-4 bohominstrels-59 bohominstrels-83

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