Coming Soon! Vintage Inspired Jewelry at Adored Vintage

I’m expanding the collection of vintage inspired wares from just pretty vintage inspired dresses to vintage inspired jewelry!

Of course, this is my first real go at this, so I’m hoping it’s well received. Personally, I am in love with every piece! I love how delicate and minimal these pieces are. I’m not one for statement jewelry, so I wanted to bring in vintage inspired jewelry that is light and feminine to go with the vintage inspired clothing now at Adored Vintage.


Admittedly, vintage inspired jewelry is kind of a loaded statement. What exactly is vintage inspired jewelry anyway? I suppose there are certain pieces from the past that define an era for jewelry. Most notably long beaded necklaces immediately make you think of the 1920s and a string of pearls makes you think of the 1950s.

I think for me, vintage inspired jewelry is more about encapsulating a feeling of vintage. Classic, timeless, and a little whimsical.


The vintage inspired locket necklaces have their obvious references. A bit of Art Deco details, filigree, and they have an antiqued finish.

Minimal Hammered Golden Ring - Adored Vintage

Vintage inspired rings will be a bit more challenging. I haven’t been able to find a lot of pretty ones I like. Perhaps it is because the rings I tend to gravitate towards are those from the 1930s and earlier… ahh well, I will continue searching high and low for you vintage loving gals!

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