Country Mouse in Chippewa Boots


It has almost been TWO full weeks of living in Portland and guess how many people I have visited/met up with?!

Did you guess ZERO?

Then cookies for you because you’re right!

I’m not exactly “shy” nor am I really the “quiet” sort. However, when I meet new people I get really nervous and anxious therefore I end up chattering about a whole lot of nonsense giving off the impression that I am extroverted and enjoy being around people.

Ahh sorry that makes me sound kind of rude. It’s not that I don’t ENJOY being around people. It’s just being around people (especially new people) makes me kind of fret and I overcompensate with really stupid jokes (THANK YOU in advance for laughing at them when we DO meet up by the way), asking you banal things like “Did you enjoy yesterday’s weather?” and goodness knows what else.

Any of you other gals like me? Talkative introverted types? The sort that once you DO get me in my comfy zone (you’ll know I’m in “comfy mode” because I sit indian style in public *gasp*) I just DON’T SHUT UP.


Anyhow, I don’t know where ALL THAT came from, I was going to focus this post mostly on my beautiful new Chippewa boots! Aren’t they just the most gorgeous pair of boots you have ever seen?!

OK, back story.

I have been in search for a pair of vintage lace up leather boots from the 1900s, maybe late 1800s for FOREVER and a day. Do you know how often I go to flea markets? How often I go to antique shops? How often I troll Etsy and Ebay for these magnificent boots?

I haven’t been able to find them! And if I do find a pair they are either WAY too narrow (seriously, what kind of feet did women at the turn of the century have?! So skinny!) or the leather is cracked, or they’re super gorgeous but also super expensive. Or, the boots are so damn skinny I can’t fit my calves into them and I don’t even have FAT calves! They’re quite normal sized!




So when we (my fiancé and I) found out Chippewa was releasing a women’s line of boots based on antique and vintage ropers I about peed my pants when I saw the line up. This was LAST WINTER you guys! I’ve been waiting for these damn boots for almost 3 THREE seasons!!!

Now these babies are all mine. If you want to get yourself a pair, my fiancé’s shop ORN HANSEN has a few pairs left! Isn’t it snazzy that his shop is the only retail shop in America to carry these!? That’s like VIP STATUS, right? Or VIB…Very Important Boots. The only other place you can get them is a few retail shops in Japan. So… 



OOO GAaahhh…isn’t the color just so gorgeous? And these are going to break in so so so beautifully! I’ve actually been wearing them around the house and around the yard to break em in a bit more before it’s really boot season in Portland. They’re sitting right next to me. I keep looking at them.


Hello boots. Yes, yes, you’re very pretty. Yes, of course, of course… you’re my favorite.

| outfit details |

Vintage 90s Button up knit top | Thrifted
Vintage 90s Skirt | Consignment Shop
Vintage 1930s Necklace | Antique Shop
Socks | Richer Poorer from Orn Hansen
Chippewa 8″ Lace Up Roper Boots | Orn Hansen

*** I kept thinking this outfit was missing something… a HAT! But since I wear hats in nearly every outfit photo, I went without and just added it in my snazzy still life shot.

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