Fields and Meadows

It is of course no secret how much I adore flowers. I daydream about having an English countryside garden or frolicking through a meadow of wildflowers. I have (very unsuccessfully) tried to talk my husband into buying a farmhouse out in the country so I can live out my pastoral dreams.

He is NOT into it.

I know. I know! So selfish! Doesn’t he know the EPICNESS that will be of living in a white farmhouse surrounded by a field of Queen Anne’s lace and ruffly pale blue cosmos, and purple headed thistles, and deep pink clovers?

backyardmeadowflowersAnd I, of course, will wear only linen and cotton, and antique blue pinstriped aprons and will probably take to wearing Heidi braids all the time.

Since I know we won’t be living in my dream 1800s farmhouse anytime soon, I started researching how to grow my own wildflower field in the backyard. Growing a wildflower garden seems pretty low maintenance.

I mean I ASSUME it will be low maintenance. You throw some seeds here, some seeds there…and VIOLA! Instant Meadow for Frolicking!

Well, as much as you can frolic in a backyard anyway…

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I’m looking to order some flower seeds from Johnny’s Flower Seeds. I’ve never planted flowers from a seed before, so we’ll see how this goes! Also, this image above, I’m pretty sure this is one version of Heaven. // image source

If you’re curious which flower seeds I am ordering for our backyard… I’m starting with a modest 1 packet of each of these…

Nigella, Scabiosa, Larkspur, Lupine, Snapdragon, and Delphinium. So, not exactly meadow flowers, but I’ll just random plant them around the yard as if it were a meadow. More wild, more organic. Probably going to pass on Delphinium though since it’s really toxic for pets…and our dog eats random plants outside all the time…

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  1. We have been dreaming of moving to a white farmhouse in the country too! I don’t know if I could give up the convenience of city living…the trade off would probably be worth it though. Fields of glorious wildflowers! Chickens and tiny goats!

    Those flowers you picked are gorgeous, I’m trying a few things from seed this year too. Have you seen apple blossom hollyhocks? Too dreamy! So many plants are toxic, I’m glad my dog sticks to grass because I don’t know that I could give up delphinium 😉

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