French mint and oregano

French Mint and Oregano | Adored Vintage

Oooohhh goodness. Hello muffins! 3 more days! THREE MORE DAYS. I feel like from the point of deciding we were moving to Portland to 3 days from now when we’re actually driving up…it will be 4 weeks exactly and I cannot begin to tell you how these 4 weeks have felt like the longest 4 weeks of my life.

It has been a ceaseless amount of packing, sorting, putting things in “donate” piles… they always say the last 20% of packing is the absolute worst because well, you just want it to be all DONE!

One of the days I was packing and getting ready for the studio sale that happened this past weekend, my friend Theresa who owns Petals and Pop in Seal Beach, came by to drop off four bouquets of blooms to decorate the sale and a special little bouquet of oregano for me wrapped with pretty peach ribbon. Oh that darling Theresa, she knows my heart so well!

So, of course, I took a break from “work work” to snap some photos of a 1930s mint green dress next to these pretty blooms as Theresa and I were chatting about wedding flowers and nuptials in general. This pretty French mint green frock with the lovely lace sleeves will be a rehearsal dinner option…it pairs so well with the muted violet of the oregano leaves, don’t you think?

And it smells soooo lovely. And lavender! Oh, there is of course lavender!

French Mint and Oregano | Adored Vintage

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