Heat Wave Calamity | An Outfit Post


You would never guess I grew up on an island and spent most of my pre-teen and teen years in the South when you hear HOW OFTEN I bemoan hot weather. Is it apparent in my photos how absolutely gross and sweaty I am? I hate sweating. I hate feeling damp and uncomfortable. I do not know how I survived three years in Orlando where most of the year my hair was just matted to my forehead. Such a pretty picture, right?

july19-vintageoutfitpost-1 july19-vintageoutfitpost

I didn’t post any front on pictures showing my face because seriously you guys, I look like I want to hurt someone. I have never looked so annoyed and pissed off in my life! Apparently I am not great at looking pleasant if physically I feel miserable. ALSO, you’re ONLY¬†suppose to think I’m Miss Sunshine and Pleasantries ALL THE TIME.



| outfit details |

Polka dot top | Thrifted many years ago, I think its BCBG?

Cotton Skirt | Vintage, Thrifted

Vintage Straw Hat | Antique Mall

Vintage Pressed Leaf Neckclace | Antique Mall

Vintage Coach Bag | Dear Golden

Vintage 1970s Shoes (not pictured obviously) | Long Beach Flea Market

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