home should be an inspiring space

Inspiring vintage inspired home living

Having been born under the sign of Cancer, it means I am a homebody and I don’t like to leave my cozy little shelter that often. This is very true to me as I much prefer to be at home than to be out and about and my idea of a party is a couple of friends over for good conversation and coffee.

With that being said, my little home loving self has not really felt like I’ve had a place to call home for a couple of years now. Sure, there is my apartment. But, see that’s not home. Home is where one should feel at peace, inspired, invigorated… all those warm fuzzy wuzzy feelings! Home to me is looking outside a window and seeing lots of trees or flowers. Home is a lovingly cared for old house. A bright sunny kitchen. Wood floors. And a claw foot tub.

You know, I’ve not had a tub in two years! Woe is me! When I am traveling for a vintage buying trip I always look forward to taking a bath at the hotel. And I don’t even like publicly shared bathing spaces (auugh, same reason I strongly dislike water parks, augggh) but gosh dangit, I like my baths and if it has to be in a hotel bathroom, so be it!

So, for fun, I want to share the latest homes on Pinterest that have really been tugging at my heartstrings. As silly as it sounds, I long for that little space I can call home and these images just have me pining for it!

Inspiring vintage inspired home living

How cozy and warm does this little desk nook look? It looks like a place Mr. Darcy would pen down his feelings of growing adoration for Elizabeth Bennett. I’ll have a little corner like this with old vintage books, a vase of “I just picked these this morning” flowers, and that cage pendant lamp. And this paint color, but more green/blue. I do love a good dark wall.  // source

Country inspired living

See that paint color in the background. YES. I am ALL ABOUT IT. // source

Vintage inspired country kitchen

You’ve got to be kidding me with this kitchen! I mean look at this LIGHT! I am soothing my jealous heart with the thought that this place must feel like an oven in the summer time. But, I doubt it. I bet it’s perfectly breezy in there all the time. // source


natural light and lots of plants

country living inspired interiors

OF COURSE I will have random bits of greenery strewn about! // source


Ever since I was a wee little girl…ok, actually, to be more accurate, ever since I knew claw foot bathtubs existed (I grew up in the Philippine islands, remember, I had never even seen a tub until I moved to America!) I wanted one. Hasn’t happened yet, but by golly, by my 31st year of life I will have one! A girl can dream! // source

Botanical prints all over the walls

Vintage Outdoor Living

You totally want to come over and hang with me in my little dream space, right? Come on, you know you do! You want to come over and drink Earl Grey tea with lavender honey and eat little poppyseed scones with berry medley jam. I’ll provide the tea, scones, and jam. You provide the witty and engaging conversation. Also, it would be nice if you helped me fold my just dried in the sun vintage and antique linens.

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