In the New House I will…

Take lots and lots of bubble baths.

Hang clothes on a line like I did back when I was a child growing up in the Philippines.

Cook lots of soup.

Get this to happen…

Climbing roses

Paint a room that most wondrous illustrious French blue grey.

Have lots and lots of cuddle time with Redford. Oh wait, I already do this.

Have a gallery wall of all my collected artworks.

Do my darnest to make sure my kitchen looks just like this when it’s MESSY.

Kitchen inspiration

Have a basket of cozy blankets in the living room.

Have a room dedicated to creating and quiet time.

Host lots of brunches, dinner parties, and get togethers as I really dislike going out anyway and I’m not that social. So come hang at my house instead! *edit* Small intimate gatherings rather.

Bake lots and lots and especially try this Chocolate Lavender Cake from Local Milk blog.

Chocolate Lavender Cake

Have a wall of antique mirrors.

Use an antique lace table cloth as a shower curtain cover.

Have plants in the bathroom because I’ll finally have a bathroom with a window again!

Antique mirrors and plants in the bathroom

Have lots of plants in general.

Play Ella Fitzgerald on rainy days.

Hell, play Ella Fitzgerald on sunny days!

Have a stash of pretty stationery where I will write letters of correspondence to far away friends. OK, I know this isn’t going to happen, but the thought is nice!

Arrange pretty flowers around the house dressed like Keira Knightley from Atonement. Duh.

Keira Knightley Atonement

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