In Which Attempts Are Made to Keep From Melting

Currently, I am sprawled on the floor with a fan blowing directly at me as the heat wave that has come to torment the Northwest region of Oregon continues to rage on. (And for the next 2 days it continues, AUGH!)


The past couple of days it has taken much effort on my part to peel myself off furniture and attempt some semblance of a social life. I can’t even think about work. A warehouse with no AC in continuous 100F weather is no place to be when one has the capacity of movement as a snail. I’ve pondered in my heat induced stupor if it’s possible for me to spontaneously combust.

The other day, we ventured out places unknown and discovered this Korean restaurant inside of a nondescript grocery store. After a delicious meal of Bibimbap (always a favorite, and perfect for a sweltering hot day) we stopped into an antique mall I haven’t ventured into for awhile. A good long while, perhaps 6 months.

Hurrah! A bit of good luck! I found several floral gauzy bohemian dresses (coming soon to the shop as they’re not quite my size, lucky you!), a couple of antique tops, a beautiful rose peach knitted 40s set (will be wonderful for an Autumnal shop update), and the creme de la creme of vintage finds… a nearly complete collection of Victoria Magazine from the late 80s to the late 90s. All for a song! (You can read my ode to Victoria Magazine in this post)

Oh happy day! Happy day! I was beaming from ear to ear! $3 for sets of 6!

I will be honest, since we have left France I’ve been feeling a little depressed. Well not quite depressed, but other things are going on in my life and so I am wistfully thinking of the beautiful mornings I woke up in Trebosc to escape a little.

Our little window in our bedroom looking out over 15th century rooftops, farm lands and fields. A misty fog cloaking the early morning sun. The light crowing of a rooster. The happy twittering of birds tucked into the trees below. Somewhere a light yelp of a farm dog. Downstairs the smell of hot coffee and fresh bread, a promise of a wonderful day about to begin.

I miss these simple things so very much.

Tomorrow it is back to work. (Actually VERY MUCH looking forward to being back in my home away from home) and time to sow some seeds of inspiration I’ve had tucked away for the past few weeks.

Despite my constant complaint of the heat and swearing I will melt at any given moment, dare I say I am a little thankful for it? It has forced me to slow down, way down. And actually rest. I didn’t realize how much and how fast I’ve been going for so long.

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