In Which I Confess I’m A Little Nuts

I don’t deny I have a mild case of OCD. The cogs in my brain are constantly turning. Spinning, whirring, overheating a lot of times. When someone suggests to me that I should relax and take it easy my initial reaction is to roll my eyes. Like how could I possibly relax? Don’t you realize how many things there are to be done and how many things I want to do, and of course the have to be done and need to be done?


Ok, I’m going to be candid and honest for a bit. And give me a brief moment to inflate my ego (I very rarely pat myself in the back, so even writing this out is kind of a knee jerk for me)

I KNOW I’m good at what I do. I know my product photography is great and the way I present the vintage wares on my site looks like a professional team did them. I know for a vintage e-commerce shop, Adored Vintage is one of the best.

I say this with pride but also with a funny taste in my mouth. I am my hardest critic. If you find 1 flaw on my website, trust me, I’ve found 50. I don’t know if other people go through my website and grumble about how some photos are better than others.

Or the fact that all the vintage necklaces are photographed so many different ways. (OMG, this drives me nuts!)

Or in some photos the colors are off. Or the dress form is kind of crooked. Or I started cropping product photos at a slightly different dimension so some of them don’t line up. I’m getting all antsy just thinking about it. Arg.

I’ve accepted that I like things to be a certain way and get irritated when they’re not. It’s what makes me good at what I do, but also something that really annoys me about myself because it takes me twice as long to get things done sometimes.

When I was younger I would rewrite my school notes because my handwriting was too terrible in the notes. I mean, what if someone wanted to borrow them and they would think:

Jeez Louise, I can’t even read this! Who wrote this? A caveman?

Sometimes when I’m critical of others I am aware that its stemming from my own self critiques. It’s exhausting to be in a constant state of “Get better, get better, get better.

I am realizing I can’t take on too much. I can’t do it all at once, and it’s always going to be a process. Organizing the vintage studio by decade was a huge undertaking this week and I’m still working on the last bits of it. Now of course I’m working on slowly (but surely) rephotographing the vintage jewelry so it’s all cohesive WHILE ALSO updating the shop with new products.

It thrills me to no end to see everything photographed exactly the same way. I’m literally grinning right now at the thought of them all on the website looking the same way. EEeek… why does that make me so excited? (Because I am a weirdo!)

Oh jeez, I hope you didn’t just waste 10 minutes of your life reading this super boring post. But, you know, if you really wanted to know some of the inner workings of my brain as a vintage seller, then well here it was!

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  1. Your product photography is phenomenal and although I don’t know you personally, I’m happy that you were able to turn off your inner critic and appreciate that. It is so hard to.

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