In Which I Finally Post Our Wedding Photos

Happy Valentine’s Day! Since it is the official day of LOVE, I thought I would share our wedding photos!

We got married last April in a small wedding chapel built in the 1800s nestled on a small hill with white wildflowers growing on it. A forest of evergreens and trees heavy with moss is the backdrop to this idyllic scene. Everything about our wedding was what we hoped for. Lovely, intentional, and understated.


There was of course some stress that came along with wedding planning. I won’t get into that, because every wedding has stress. However, I was a little heartbroken I had no one in my immediate family present for our wedding day.


Initially we were going to have the big hoopla wedding. The big white tent on the lawn, the picnic tables decked out in vintage lace and swags of greenery. Our wedding was suppose to be in May. We switched up the plans last minute and got married in April telling only close friends and family.




My florist friends Ponderosa & Thyme created the most simple and lovely English countryside inspired garlands. They also created my all white floral bouquet using the Victorian language of flowers. I wanted all white blooms because I’ve always found classic English wedding bouquets to be so lovely. My inspiration of course came from Princess Diana and Duchess Kate Middleton.





The ceremony was performed by Robby’s grandfather who is a pastor and has officiated almost all the weddings in the family. About two months before our wedding, Robby’s grandfather suffered a mild stroke so we felt beyond blessed that he was able to marry us.





After we were pronounced Man and Wife we got to ring the wedding bells! As you can see, pure joy here! It was official, we are M-A-R-R-I-E-D!



Our photographer, Jess Hunter, did such a wonderful job capturing the day! Here are some more wedding portraits of mine and Robby’s wedding day!






I’ll eventually do a blog post about my wedding dress and my veil, I promise! I think because I worked on my dress and made my wedding veil, my bridal ensemble meant so much more to me. Everything I wore was vintage/antique. Except my shoes. Those were just an old pair I had at home… but that’s for another day to tell.

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