In Which I Seek My Inner Minimalist

When I was younger, the concept of minimalism was an odd idea. It seemed so cold, so austere. And in some ways it still is IF you do not actually DESIRE for it.

The past couple of weeks leading up to the New Year I have made small acts towards becoming more of a minimalist in my life. While part of the process has been decluttering areas of my home, there has been a freeing sensation when a once cluttered corner is now free of stale energy. Suddenly the energy can flow again. 


For me minimalism isn’t about just the absence of objects. It is the absence of objects and ideas that I no longer want to give energy to or does not energize me. When this new energy is flowing, the processes of life become streamlined. The daily “I must do, I have to do” is given a smaller amount of my energy.

Instead I am more aware and more focused on life itself. The process will be ongoing, this I know. I am human and I have a tendency to gather clutter, to let things go a little here and a little there, to make a mess.

I will not create a to-do list or a schedule for myself for this process of achieving minimalism. The reason is because I know I will not stick to the schedule or the list. If I don’t stick to the schedule I will berate myself for it and it’s a waste of time to be so hard on oneself.

So, HOW will I achieve this minimalism? 

By intentionally clearing and cleaning. Taking a few cues from the Magical Art of Tidying Book… asking myself “Does this object bring me joy? Does it spark happiness? Is it still useful?”

And of course referring to images of a life I desire to cultivate for our home, for my business, and for myself. Mister Rogers always looked for ways to improve himself. That is my purpose. To be a better version of myself today than I was yesterday. This is NOT about achieving perfection (perfection is a MYTH!), but rather to become more truly and fully who I know I am at my core.

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