In Which I Set Intent With A Full Moon

I have very simple dreams and they are not at all unique.


I would like to have a nice house, not too big. Preferably in the countryside and built prior to the 1940s. It would be lovely to have enough room to have a flower garden and where my future kiddos can run around with the dogs. / IMG SRC: Dining Outdoors in the Country

I would like a flower garden where I can snip fresh blooms to make arrangements for our cozy home.


I would like to make enough money so that we can live comfortably and be able to travel around the world every few years. / IMG SRC: Our Food Stories

I have no desire for fancy cars, fancy jewelry, or fancy clothes. I’ve never desired labels or anything of grandeur.

Life is not simple. I think because we create chaos. Actually, not because I think. I know. 


I am keenly aware that all the things that have happened in my life are a result of my own decisions. Good ones, bad ones, great ones, terrible ones. I am equally aware that it is within my own power to change the course of my life. I never quite understood miserable people who remain in the places that make them miserable. Life is short. Will you look back on your life and think “Damn, what a great life I had! I gave it a real go!” I know I will. / IMG SRC: Sweet Couple (this picture makes me think of my husband and I)


I have had a lot of really crappy days. Like seriously shitty days. But life moves on and I must move on with it. One of the things I really admire about myself is how resilient I am and how each year I become more and more the woman I want to become and see myself as. Warm hearted, silly, hard working, and a little sassy. / IMG SRC: Summer Drizzle on Cornish Fields


I like that I don’t claim to be an expert on anything. I’m OK telling people “I don’t know. I didn’t know that. I don’t know what that is.” (which in the vintage industry can result in some snorting behind your back…pleassse) / IMG SRC: Standing in a field of daisies

I like that I easily love people although I don’t love being around people. I like my quiet time. My alone time. Me time. Haha. That’s funny. I love interesting people but not people who are interesting for the sake of being interesting.


I’m not even sure what this post is turning into. My friend Rich texted me and told me his sister said it was going to be a full moon tonight so I should be really intentional so I get a good start for the next lunar cycle. Anyway, she said something like that. / IMG SRC: Street Kiss (Another photo that makes me think of my husband and I)

Oh, I must tell you about my drive home this evening. My studio is right below the St. Johns Bridge in Portland. (It is my favorite bridge in the entire world!) As I was leaving this evening, the moon was full and casting a beautiful silver glow atop the bridge and lighting the evergreens on the hills. You know, ridiculously pretty movie magic stuff.


And as I’m crossing this bridge there’s a misty cloud ON THE BRIDGE. Like RIGHT THERE. And it doesn’t even look real! It’s like a cloud from a Miyazaki movie! And I think “Oh my God I’m going to drive through this cloud and would’t it be amazing if I transformed into something cool?/ IMG SRC: St Johns Bridge

Full silver moon, misty cloud on a Gothic bridge, me driving through it thinking all these positive thoughts?! It could be the start of a new novel series…


My smile was ear to ear as I approached this wispy cloud curtain. I made some weird noise. I don’t know, like a “herp yip yip” sound. And I realized I was holding my breath and smiling like a total dope as I drove through this cloud on my favorite bridge in the entire world and the moon was silver bright and so full of promise. / IMG SRC: Quote for the Month

Freakin magic I tell you! M-A-G-I-C!

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  1. oh man, are people in the vintage world really that judgemental of those who admit they don’t know something? There is just so much to learn that I think even people with advanced degrees in textile conservation would have trouble knowing all of it. I respect and admire those who will admit that they just aren’t sure of something. I mean, in any field. We’re all learning! (And I have never tried to test whether a fibre was cotton or wool by burning it — I have to draw the line somewhere! ;-))

  2. Unfortunately some are and a few have have called me out on wrong fabrics or wrong eras on Instagram. I’m on the same boat as you! We’re all learning and should always strive to learn more!

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