In Which I Time Traveled to 1912

Adored Vintage | A Day at the Coast

Last week a friend came to visit from Ohio and it was his first time in Oregon so naturally we took him to some of our favorite places. Brent had never been to the Oregon coast so my husband and I were anxious to show off Astoria and Cannon Beach.

I was particularly excited because I knew exactly what I was going to wear that day! I’ve had this 1910s (perhaps early 1920s) navy knit cardigan with the attached lace collar for months now and I just completed the mending about 2 weeks ago although it hasn’t been cold enough to wear it. The forecast called for rain, clouds, and fog and this antique sweater needed no invitation to accompany me to the coast on such a moody day.

Adored Vintage | A Day at the Coast
Adored Vintage | A Day at the Coast

I never tire of these grey skies. I love when the sky and sea are almost the same color and the horizon blurs in this hazy fog of silver. I adore this very much. I am hypnotized and transfixed watching the waves rush to shore with soft peals of white.

Adored Vintage | A Day at the Coast
Adored Vintage | A Day at the Coast

I found this delightful photo of a woman in an antique shop in Astoria called Astoria Hardware and I ended up chatting with the owner, Becky, who coincidentally follows me on Instagram! What a small world!

Adored Vintage | A Day at the Coast
Adored Vintage | A Day at the Coast

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  1. Hi, I’ve been a fan off your shop and blog for a long time now! and i just want to say hello.
    The photography is beautiful and oh my I just adore your vintage finds. And always when I visit your blog, i’m thinking: why couldn’t I find something similar here in the Netherlands. Would love to do something like this. Imagine not to go to a dull office every day and starring at two computers for 8 hours! Lol.

    Have a lovely week!

  2. Thank you so much Audrey! The Netherlands is so lovely though! I have only visited once and I thought it was marvelous! I am usually working in my office (which only has one window that has a view of an old fence, hardly pretty) so I make plans to make small little travels.

  3. I’m such a fan of your blog and all of your photography. Seriously, what camera do you use for your photo shoots. These are amazing. Also, do you have a subscribe button for your blog? I always seem to miss your new posts.

  4. Those pictures are absolutely stunning! Oh how I wish I was there… in your clothes (hopefully that doesn’t sound too creepy, but that cardigan is just out of this world, if you know what I mean). 😉


  5. this very well could be a photo series from the 1900s. you do the era So well 🙂

    oh to live in oregon. it must be soooo dreamy.

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