In Which I’ve Become Fashion Irrelevant?

Maybe because I adore vintage and vintage inspired style, I’m finding myself irrelevant to current fashion trends. As a new season approaches (mmm, Autumn, YOU’RE my favorite, all the other seasons are super jealous) I get into extreme MUST-REEVALUATE-LIFE-WORK mode. This of course extends to my wardrobe.

C'est Moi, Rodellee

I also just finished up some headache stuff involving owning a small business (it ain’t just finding pretty things to sell folks!) so I have to be pragmatic about running my business. Do I love what I do? Yes. Have my feelings changed towards the (vintage) industry? Yes, yes it has. Do I think the vintage industry has changed since I started schlepping vintage clothing on the internet. UM, YEAH. 

So, one has to ponder…how do I grow? How do I change? How do I adapt my business as my own tastes change?

I have been scouring Pinterest, Tumblr, even old school sites like We Heart It for inspiration on which direction to go next. Which flower laden path shall I traverse down? (Because, duh, OF COURSE there are flowers!) And I gotta tell you… what is currently trending and in style right now, I just CANNOT get down with. Of course if you are reading this and you have been following AV for awhile and perhaps even bought a few things… then you know very well that Adored Vintage isn’t about what’s currently trending at all. You are also clever enough to realize modern day trends all stem from vintage (helloooo…cold shoulder tops & dresses? So 1930s!)

All right, I’m not really sure where I’m going with this. It’s been so hot lately you guys. My brain cannot think when it’s this hot.

Perhaps the point of this post is to let you know some changes are going to be happening at Adored Vintage. But you’ll notice them when you notice them. (Ooo, so cryptic of me, I know.)

My goal for Adored Vintage is to provide clothing for women who have a penchant for romantic, pretty, and kind of folk-y styles. I just haven’t found anywhere online that has the exact aesthetic I’m looking for.

There are some close contenders (Anthropologie, duh) but in the past years, Anthropologie has really lost its charm for me. And there are other online retailers like Modcloth and ASOS (dress I’m wearing in this picture is from them) and Shop Ruche (which closed by the way, but then reopened under new management I believe) have some things that are close to what I like, but I haven’t found a single shop where I’ve thought “HOLY CATS! They’re inside my head!!!

Oh…side note. I’m not throwing shade at any of the shops I mentioned above! They’re great for their respective audiences.

I think it goes back to the whole finding your fashion tribe thing. Is my fashion tribe just non existent? If I wear a 1970s floral inspired bohemian dress do I HAVE TO look like I haven’t showered in 3 days and have that glazed dazed I’m cooler than thou look on my face? Whenever I see fashion editorials featuring girls in pretty bohemian dresses they always look so damn bored. Does vintage inspired HAVE TO BE those icky ice cream parlor pastel colors? Does vintage inspired HAVE TO BE cheesy novelty prints?

I find vintage novelty prints to be charming, clever, and quite witty. Modern day novelty prints I just think look cheap.

Oh, back to modern day fashions. Why do gals in fashion always look so miserable? And what’s with all the weird poses? And weird props? Is it just about making a statement?

Seriously, you guys! I don’t get it! Am I clueless when it comes to what’s trending and what’s in style? Is it because I’m old(er) now? And I’m just fashion irrelevant? All these shapeless silhouettes. What’s up with those? I don’t get it! *throws hands up in air in perplexed state of fashion turmoil*

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  1. I think I know how you feel. Vintage-“inspired” clothing at places like ModCloth and Ruche was always overly cutesy and the proportions were off — and the biggest travesty to me was that the standards of craftsmanship and materials were obviously so far below the vintage they were mimicking, One of the reasons — maybe the biggest reason — I love vintage is because of how well-made it is (some of it). I love turning a dress inside out and admiring its guts.
    As for Anthro, they used to have my heart but I returned almost everything I bought last year and haven’t purchased this year, the magic is gone. Everything feels over-designed and tacky. And half of it looks like it might as well be F21.
    And the shapeless silhouettes – I don’t get it either, like okay, if you want to buy like one caftan go for it, but why do you need multiples for each season? Also, WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH ACE & JIG?! I DON’T GET IT!
    The store that currently has my heart is, surprisingly, Aritzia — I avoid the brands that are obviously targeted at the junior high crowd, and I can always find unique and well-made pieces in linen, silk and cashmere for reasonable (comparatively speaking) prices (plus I LOVE to “game” the system and see what’s likely to make it to sale and what’s not, and when my scrupulous monitoring of stock pays off and I can get something for 30% off, it’s not a bad price at all. The aesthetic of the store is totally at odds with what my “ethereal and whimsical” vintage brand is about, though.

  2. Oh and I see these gals online who look like Disney characters or catalogue models from whichever decade and I just can’t wear vintage that way; it doesn’t work on me.
    Another shop I found recently and love is Ovate, although the miserable-looking models will probably put you off, haha!

  3. I think your issue is that despite being all about everything vintage, you are, in fact ahead of the crowd. You can’t find anything that mirrors what you want to see because no one is doing it yet. YOU have to be the change. Then your tribe will follow you.

    Think Bowie – every time he did something, everyone was all wtf?! But then everyone would jump on board. And by that time he’d have moved on in an entirely new direction with everyone else always two steps behind.

    You can totally pull this off, I’ve been following your blog for about two years now and you have a phenomenal eye. Forget about your tribe, you could create a fashion empire!

    Can’t wait to see what’s in store!

  4. I’m going to go look up those other shops you just mentioned just to check it out! I feel the same about Anthropologie. I literally just went WHAT?!? when I saw a POLYESTER dress for over $200. Or was it a blouse? I don’t remember. Anyhow, the fashion company I used to work for would do a couple private labels for Anthropologie…and yeah, a lot of those clothes pretty much come from the same place! As always, love your input Wendy!

  5. I love vintage and current styles. I am trying to buy less clothes that are in fashion and focus on clothes that will last, are timeless, and unique. I have no problem standing out and automatically tend to hate trends that are overly popular. I love finding vintage items that work with current styles. The laced look is big and I have a seventies green mini sweater dress that is laced at the neck which I cannot wait to wear in the fall! Side note: I love Ulyana Sergeenko’s vintage inspirations in her clothes!

  6. Hi! I’ve been following your blog/website/Instagram for years and this is the first time I’m commenting: This blog post is pretty much me right now. I’m having a complete change of seasons life overhaul and it has led me to question a lot of pieces in my wardrobe. I’ve never had the money to buy a lot of vintage, so I try to find more classic styles in good fabrics that won’t hurt my budget tooooo much, and right now, it feels virtually impossible! I also agree with the comment above about David Bowie and being a trendsetter rather than follower, you’re just ahead of the game!

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