In Which One Says “à bientôt ma amie”

Tomorrow my assistant, Saria, leaves for Europe for ALL of summer. I will miss her so! Since we’ve started working together, Saria has become more of a friend and sometimes I think of her as another little sister. (Saria and my little sister are a year apart in age. I think. I’m so terrible with numbers, dates, punctuality and things relating to time in general)


Anyhow, at the risk of coming off like an absolute sap (I really dislike people seeing me cry, partially because I have probably THE ugliest cry face in the world) I’ll keep this short and sweet and not too sappy. It does not help that I am listening to Yiruma.

Back in October, Saria shared that she wanted to someday open up a floral design company. I think she had said she wanted to do it in a couple of years. At which of course I nonchalantly asked “Why then, and not now?” Meanwhile visions of a flower shop with baskets of lavender, weathered metal pails of pale pink roses, and garlands of dried flowers dance to and fro across my eyes.

Fast forward to perhaps a week later and little baby floral company Rue Anafel was born. And so began a journey of vintage and flowers. Two of my absolute favorite things.

You know, my mother was a florist? As well as a seamstress. I however did not really acquire the trait of becoming une artiste when it comes to floral arranging. I know what I like and what I don’t like. I know what colors go well together, which shapes and silhouttes pair nicely. But if you gave me a vessel, some foam, some florist tape, and a bunch of flowers… my brain would not quite know how to put it all together.

On the other hand, Saria creates the most beautiful arrangements in a matter of minutes. It is quite a wonder to see her put together an arrangement in front of you! We will go forage for flowers near our atelier and I of course will throw flowers into a haphazard arrangement. And it is lovely because flowers themselves are lovely. But a true florist will arrange it in a way that you will just want to keep looking at it. Study it. Touch it. Smell it. Be one with it.

No gross, that’s creepy. Did we cross the line?

Yes, yes perhaps we have.

Anyhow, my little florist friend who shares my abiding love for neutral colored clothing and woven baskets is off to Europe and I am sad her sunny spirit won’t be around the studio this summer. But goodness, I am so very happy for her and all the wonderful life adventures she is going to experience! Also, I’m a bit jealous. Even though I was just in Europe myself…le sigh. Why can’t I own a vacation home in the South of France already?! Why did life deal me out such an unfair hand of cards?!

I jest! I jest! I know full well how lucky I am!

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