Inspiration Du Jour: Victorian Calling Cards

I adore Victorian calling cards and surprisingly I have not started collecting them. I have a few in my collection of vintage and antique ephemera, but a concentrated effort in the gathering of these pretty little paper tokens of visits is not something I’ve started.

One must rectify the situation at once! No?

Anyhow, for today’s Inspiration Du Jour… Victorian calling cards! These started off in France in the 1800s then quickly spread all across all of Europe and eventually made it’s way to the United States around the 1840s.

Victorian calling cards were little cards the more well-to-do of society carried around and left at their friends or neighbors’ homes to let them know they had come around a calling.

Victorian Calling Cards

Sometimes they were a bit cheeky…a little flirty. Most of the time they were just absolutely beautiful! In the beginning calling cards were mostly created by a talented calligrapher with motifs of wheat, birds, and flourishes and the visitor’s name beautifully written in the center. As time progressed the cards became more colorful and more vibrant motifs were used of flowers, birds, scrolls, and hands.

So, now you know a little more about Victorian calling cards! I’m off to go hunt for some on the interwebs…

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