Inspiration du Jour: Vintage Seed Packets

Last week I picked up several packets of seeds to germinate this summer (see my summer project lest in the sidebar?) and it made me realize how absolutely delightful I find seed packet design. I have a particular fondness for seed packet designs that have varied little since their first conception. These vintage seed packets are so lovely, aren’t they? My favorite is probably the Verbena design. So beautiful!

Vintage Floral Seed Packet Inspiration

While we were in France I purchased a couple seed packets from a little village that boasted a most magnificent herb garden. The village had been around since the 1300s I believe! C’est merveilleux! The seeds I got to germinate for planting later this summer season (or I may pot them before I transfer them next Spring…) include Bachelor Buttons, Savory, Larkspur, Dill, English Thyme, and a Peony Poppy.  I’ve never germinated seeds before, so hopefully it all goes well!

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