Inspiration for Photographing Vintage Shoes

There are a few things I dislike photographing for the shop.

VELVET Especially black velvet. (no matter what it always looks flatttt) 

HATS Mostly because I can’t decide how I want to shoot them. Mannequin head, by itself, on a hat stand. I go back and forth.

and last and probably my least favorite to photograph…

SHOES (as if you didn’t guess from the blog title)

I love how vintage shoe advertisements look so I’m using them as inspiration for photographing vintage shoes in the future. These look a bit like they’re doing a little dance step. J’adore!

1939-41 shoe ads

1939-41 shoe ads

These are charming standing poses. It reminds me of when I was on Drill Team (back in good ole Texas) and we would have to stand like this when we were in “relaxed” position.

1939-41 shoe ads

These are great sitting poses. I tried to do this but my feet just do not look as elegant when in this position which is such a shame because this is one of my favorites. They’re feet look like they’re wearing point shoes….pooooint.

1939-41 shoe ads

These are my absolute favorite. Pointed and posed with just a little flick of the heel. I feel like if I stand like this I would have to say “Ta-Da!” when I snap the photo. Or “Oh-la-LA!”

Image credits for above pictures from American Duchess

I love this sitting one too… but how to make it modern and relevant to now? (source)

Vintage Shoe Advertisement

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