It’s Here At Last…Moving In!

After months of waiting, we finally got to move into our new shop space in Portland! It’s been a long time since I’ve really digged into what our shop will be all about. I think last time I wrote about it we didn’t even have a shop name.

So, let’s get through the first round of basics.

The name of the new shop: Ro & Ro General Merchants

Now, perhaps you are wondering where the name stems from. Oh wait, you weren’t? Too bad, I’m telling ya anyway!

My name is Rodellee, my fiancé is Robby. Ro and Ro. I know. SO clever. 

The shop is located in: SE Portland in the Clinton neighborhood. We love this area. Our favorite breakfast place (Cafe Broder) is just across the street!

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Merchants

As you may have read in this post that I am not opening up a vintage shop. I adore vintage (duh, it’s kind of the name I chose for my shop) but I love so much more than just vintage. I love clothes in general, products that make me feel pretty and wares that make my home more cozy and beautiful. I’m not exactly sure what shop to compare Ro & Ro to because I’ve never come across it yet. Similar things yes, I’ve seen plenty of general type stores that also sell vintage. But where’s the bit of fantasy, the whimsy, the bit of dreaminess?

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

We just started moving a few pieces into the shop, so it’s very sparse at the moment. There are some simple build outs to do and then we need to build a dressing room. After that we will just be decorating. My favorite part!

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

I always love before and after photos, so this is why I am sharing so many before pictures! It’s nice to look back and think “My, how far we’ve come, look how we’ve changed!”

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

Holding “Clemence”. I’m hoping a year from now Clemence is thriving and still alive. If not, at least we got a cool picture together.

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

Ta-dah! JAZZ HANDSSSS. Me and my love (aka Ro & Ro) I’m really looking forward to showing this photo to our kids someday and saying “Look, this is when Mom and Dad opened up their dream shop and soon after became bajillionares.

Just kidding.

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

A fresh start. A blank slate. And those gorgeous vintage shop windows and the original exposed wood ceiling. Simple concrete floors. Lots of natural light (there is a skylight on the other side of the shop) And the shop has stairs that lead up to my office. I really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect shop space! I love it so very very much!

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