Looking Forward, Begin Again

Packing up Adored Vintage

This past week I have spent packing up not only my apartment but the Adored Vintage studio in preparation for our move to the Pacific Northwest. I’ve had some friends offer to help me pack which I have kindly refused  for a couple of reasons.

I am packing up my life and starting over. The last time I did an out of state move I was moving from Florida to California with hopes that life would be better and unfortunately it all came to a spectacular mess in the end. However, the most wonderful things came out of it and I have never been happier with who I am as a person, who I am with, and where we are going.

I am thoughtfully packing for this new home, this new life. This new everything. I am letting go of a lot of things that once held meaning to me which is bittersweet. The process of packing is definitely slower this time around, but I want to move to the new home with only the things I really want and without any history attached to it that isn’t happy.

I won’t ever forget those murky dark days anyway, so no need to have objects to bring them up to the surface.

I am looking forward to a fresh new start.

The new home is large enough for me to have my office for work there too. This was an interesting decision to make as Adored Vintage has grown so much in the almost two years I’ve been doing it full time. But I found the quick growth made me feel so detached from it. The core of what it is about vintage I love kind of got lost to me in the constant sell, buy, sell, buy cycle.

So, I decided I wanted to bring it back home. Back close to me, my heart. Eventually I’ll probably get a separate office again, but for now, it’s all coming back home.

I have little pictures in my head of this new life and it’s very exciting to imagine it coming all to life. I know I’ll make it happen. Once I have a vision I’ll take whatever steps are necessary to bring it to fruition.

But for now… they’re just lovely images in my mind and I must get back to packing.

Packing up Adored Vintage Packing up Adored Vintage Packing up Adored Vintage

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