Maison Inspiration for the Weekend

Home has been on my mind a lot lately, making a home, curating a home, cleaning a home. And of course (very obvious) the newly added category of Vintage Home Goods in my shop!


So to kick off the weekend, I wanted to share some home interior inspirations from Pinterest to inspired the couple house projects I will be doing this weekend.

  1. Painting the (dreaded) yellow hallway between the bedrooms. It is a very odd pale egg yolk yellow. Soon it will be a warm white.
  2. Purging/Minimizing/Cleaning the Guest Room. Usually the guest room is quite nice, but lately it’s become more of our catch all room.

image credits / all images from our Home, Bedroom, and Kitchen board on Pinterest

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  1. I wish my room looked like any of these pictures. At the moment it rather looks like my closet has been exploded. Skirts, shirts, dresses, shoes, bags (don’t forget the bags)… I’m lucky if I’ll ever reach my bed again… ­čśë

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